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OPERATOR in a KPE harbour radio station

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: European1

Height: ~170cm

Weight: ~60kg

Birthplace: Unknown/France2

Date of Birth: 1950s

Enlistment Date: 1980s

Education History:

  • Le Collège-Lycée de Ain (????-1967)

Occupational History:

  • Radio operator for KPE in Seattle, USA (1968-1972)
    • Contract termination following unspecified workplace injury.
  • US Navy Radioman (1972-1984)
    • Inbound/Outbound Traffic Checker (1972-1980)
    • MAINCOMM Supervisor (1980-1984)
      • Member of joint NAVNETWARCOM/DEP-022 "Black Whale" Operation (1982)

Operational History:

  • INTRACOMM Supervisor of the Radio and Cryptography Component (1982-1991)
  • Department of Communications' co-founder following RCC disbandment (1991)
    • Designer of the Trans-Atlantic "Webster" Authority Radio Relay System
    • CENTCOMM Operator (1991-Present)


Codename "OPERATOR" has always been an elusive figure; an urban legend amongst the lower ranks of the Containment Division. From a reference to the Authority's central radio relay (OPERATOR STATION) to an all-hearing boogieman used to scare newbies straight, the OPERATOR title has come to be associated with the Authority's ever-present gaze on internal affairs. For those greying department heads in-the-know, such title conveys only respect. For decades, OPERATOR has been a looming shadow hanging over every call in the network, however secure one may think it is. A deterrent for any type of fraud or subversion inside the Authority, else Union jackets, Meatheads and the Cabal may come knocking down at their doors with bats in their hands. While few can claim to have seen the man himself, his strides to maintain order across the ever-volatile Containment division are clear for everyone to see.

Since the inception of the Department of Communications, he has served for decades as the middle-man for all interdivisional conflicts in Containment. From the Union Rebellion of '94 to the April Strikes following 2021's Budget Cuts, all department heads have turned to him for advice in trying times, regardless of their own hubris and pride. And he answered, establishing all the necessary connections that were needed not only to stabilize a current issue, but to sow seeds of further growth and development between the many callers. In time, and with rising political infighting within Containment, those same leaders turned to OPERATOR once again for aid — not in their own endeavours, but to request he step up and act as the voice of Containment moving forwards.

Just as OPERATOR STATION acts as a beacon of hope for those far away from the Authority network, its monolithic supervisor has sought to provide the same level of stability to the organization as a whole during his time in office. With agents as far-reaching as the Webster relay itself, OPERATOR has continued his mission to maintain order across the Authority and nip the bad apples within the network as soon as they reach his ears. His tendency for secrecy has caused distrust of his person amongst the Directorate, with Silent Surfer and The Humanitarian denouncing his unorthodox management of Containment and the Webster relay to be borderline draconic. Veterans and former Containment staff in the Board such as Pimpirev and Yeta, however, continue to hold respect for the man they've known their entire career, and in his ability to lead in times of chaos.

Further Information

  • Believed to reside at OPERATOR STATION.3
  • Has thus far only communicated through voice calls to Containment officials.
  • Possible voice sample for the DoC's Automatic Radio Response System.

Previous directors of Containment:
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