Head Researcher’s Note: RPC-365-1 had been unable to locate for two winters before this message was received by Installation-016.


00:00 - 05:24

[ Five seconds of trees swaying are heard before RPC-365-1 cuts in. ]

RPC-365-1: Hello? … Hello?

[ A long pause. RPC-365-1 sounds sullen. ]

RPC-365-1: It’s me. The ice… freak.

[ Another pause. RPC-365-1 is heard heavily breathing. ]

RPC-365-1: I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry about ██████. I got really mad when I shouldn’t have and now he can’t talk anymore and I wish I could just go back in time and just slap myself before I did what I did. Then everyone gets rightfully angry at me and I’m like, “I hate you all,” and I… I turned into a monster. I killed them all.

[ As RPC-365-1 talks, it gets more and more distraught, ranting faster and faster until it stops and pauses for several seconds. When it comes back in, it sounds as though it’s crying. ]

RPC-365-1: I… I hate myself.

[ RPC-365-1 sobs quietly for ten seconds. It starts talking again with a sniffle. ]

RPC-365-1: I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to leave but I can’t. I want to cuddle with my dog again. I don’t even know how long it’s been since I got here. Every time I try to leave this place I get dizzy and black out and I wake up at the foot of another one of these freaking trees. I see birds flutter by outside but I can’t talk back to them. They don’t even notice me.

[ RPC-365-1 remarks to itself. ]

RPC-365-1: … Nobody does.

[ Another long pause, the longest in the recording. RPC-365-1 starts begging. ]

RPC-365-1: I just… want to talk to someone again. Please, send someone. Anyone. Please.

[ RPC-365-1 repeats, with extra emphasis. ]

RPC-365-1: Please.

[ Another pause. RPC-365-1 is now softly weeping. ]

RPC-365-1: … I don’t want to be alone again.

[ A soft crunch is heard, assumed to be RPC-365-1 placing the transponder back into the snow. RPC-365-1 is then heard sulking away. ]

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