5:54:34 - 6:10:14

[ Agent Saicho is returning from a bath at the waterfall. RPC-365-1 is standing motionless above his stuff. ]

Saicho: ████? Something wrong?

[ RPC-365-1 turns to face Saicho. There is a look of shock and confusion on its face. ]

RPC-365-1: ██████… what is this?

[ It holds up Saicho’s notebook, containing all of his exploration logs. Saicho starts to sweat. ]

Saicho: Okay… uh… look—

RPC-365-1: I thought reading through your diary would give me some ideas while you were away, but I start reading this… What is this RPC-365-1 thing? What is “the Authority?”

Saicho: –Let me explain, ████–

[ A look of fear forms on RPC-365-1’s face. ]

RPC-365-1: You’re one of them.

Saicho: … What?

RPC-365-1: Those crazy people with the guns. The lumberjacks. It says it RIGHT here.

Saicho: Look, ████, I’m sorry, it’s just—

RPC-365-1: Just what?

Saicho: You wouldn’t have interacted with me if you knew.

[ RPC-365-1 leans back, aggravated, placing its hand on its forehead. ]

RPC-365-1: What do they call me?

Saicho: What?

RPC-365-1: You guys. What do you call me?

Saicho: … RPC-365-1.

[ RPC-365-1 painfully moans and covers its face with its hands. ]

RPC-365-1: I… what does that even freaking mean?!

Saicho: It’s a designation. You’re not the only anomalous thing in the world.

RPC-365-1: Am I like a guinea pig? You promised me you’d help me escape, you PROMISED!

[ RPC-365-1 points accusingly at Saicho as it says this. ]

Saicho: That was all genuine. RPC-XX—I mean ████, I’m sorry. I truly am. Please. I’m still your friend. Will you forgive me?

[ RPC-365-1 has become unresponsive, hunched over with its back turned to Saicho. ]

RPC-365-1: You… you were lying to me all along…

Saicho: I know. I’m so sorry.

[ RPC-365-1’s voice is starting to quiver. Saicho signals MST Alpha-09 “Ghosts of Gaia” Squadron 2C “Caves” to move in. ]

RPC-365-1: I TRUSTED you.

[ Tears are falling into the snow now. RPC-365-1 is clenching its fists. Saicho grows visibly worried. ]

Saicho: … ████?

[ RPC-365-1 suddenly spins around. Tears are in its eyes, but it is visibly furious. It lunges directly at Saicho. ]

RPC-365-1: You ASSHOLE!

[ RPC-365-1 slaps Saicho in the face hard. Saicho’s body temperature immediately drops to below zero. The frozen muscle tissue around his mouth snaps, and his lower jaw flies into the snow. Blood is everywhere on the ground. RPC-365-1 recoils with horrified shock. Its face turns a pale white with the realization of what it’s done, and it covers its mouth in terror as Saicho falls over backwards onto his back, dead from hypothermia. ]


NOTE: Retrieval of Junior Agent Saicho’s body was further complicated by the anonymous tree that had inexplicably appeared on the spot, its roots enveloping the lower half of the corpse.

Head Researcher’s Note: Reclassify as Beta-Red. NOW.

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