Head Researcher,

I have heard of the developments with RPC-365. I had my suspicions that the forest was not the full picture, and now we know that it was not. However, reading the reports coming from the research teams, I am gaining, perhaps, a different perspective on what this thing is.

It is obviously not a mythical monster like we would normally encounter. It seems to be just a regular child, from what the reports state. Well, apart from the eyes. I have several theories that I hope to test (with your blessing, of course) as a result of this data.

We know, for a fact, that those who stare into RPC-365-1’s eyes enter a pseudo-catatonic state, and then forget completely RPC-365-1 even exists afterwards. This makes research near impossible, yes? But we have only been using research teams that can see. I know that it sounds like a layman’s solution to a rocket scientist’s problem, but the best solution is often the easiest, as they say.

My son is a junior agent within the Authority. He is currently stationed in the Himalayas, but he is still a child and he has been blind since birth. He was a blessing to the Authority and my wife and I, but I will leave the endless praising you can soon expect from me for when (if) he arrives!

The main problem with RPC-365-1 seems to be that it is actively seeking out people, but fleeing when it actually makes contact. But of course someone will run when you are pointing guns at them! I suspect that RPC-365-1 does not know of the existence of the Authority, but regardless, sees masked men with weapons enter its roaming grounds and makes the very rational choice of running for its life. If we wish to find out more about it, we must interview it. And to interview it, we need to make it trust one of our own. As an extra blessing, RPC-365-1 has been approximated to be around 15 years old, and ██████ just turned 15 this September! It was meant to be.

I won’t try to push you any further. The decision is up to you, after all. You know my opinion. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So they say!

Warmest regards,
- Researcher Saicho

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