Report №7714


Name & Rank: █████ ██████
Unit: DEP-010/DEP-028
Date: June 18, 20██

Authorized By: Dr. Stannum Yeung
Site: 038
Reason: Historical Documentation/Threat Assessment

Relevant Phenomena Composure: On ██/██/20██, GOI-07 "Project Blue Book" launched an unsanctioned attack on a yet to be classified inter-planetary abnormality. The device used to engage the anomaly, now designated as RPC-922, displayed destructive capabilities not previously thought possible by agencies outside of the Authority's direct influence. Take our rather nonchalant mock-up file with a grain of salt, as it has been altered for the benefit of our allies; this is indeed a black-level threat. The following report will divulge the Authority's contingency plan for dealing with its feasible use with hostile intent by Project Blue Book, as well as the possible origins and history of the device in question.

DEP-010: Historical Document

The possible origins of RPC-922 date back to 1929 C.E. when Hermann Oberth2 began developing plans for a concave mirrored space station capable of reflecting the Sun's focused thermal energy at the Earth: the first modern example of an interplanetary weapon system.


Several members of the SS/GARD Sonnengewehr development team circa 1941, Hillersleben Germany.

Following the outbreak of WWII, Oberth's student, Wernher von Braun3 began designing several rocket-based weapons for The National Socialist German Workers' Party. During this period it is also believed he expanded on Oberth's initial idea, which was adopted by GARD's Ahnenerbe Division and titled the Sonnengewehr project. Work on the Sonnengewehr was tedious as the NSDAP, and to a greater effect, the German Authority defectors did not have access to the Null-Gravity tech employed by the Authority. To overcome this, GARD attempted in various forms to mimic null-gravity propulsion based solely on Braun's work and various defectors' previous dealings with the systems. Due to their limited success, most of the resources for the project were funneled into Braun's V series rockets in order to catch up to the Authority's spatial superiority. The actual specifications of the Sonnengewehr project are unknown as the main GARD forces dissolved near the end of the war.

GD-WAR4 oversaw the dissolution of information taken from GARD facilities throughout the years following the war. It is now believed that during this period, GD-WAR seized control of the smaller fringe GARD facilities, repositioned several key Ahnenerbe researchers through provisioned escape routes,5 and withheld several documents he found "key to the protection of humanity." Evidence suggests that GD-WAR personally oversaw the relocation of several members of the Sonnengewehr team and hid the files on the project in an off-the-grid South American facility. Alongside this, he diverted the wreckages of several nootech and Authority Null-gravity ships from the Austral War to his personal facilities. The power GD-WAR's temporary position afforded him led to a critical lack of oversight by the other Directors of the time. Intrinsically, GD-WAR acted autonomously against the Authority to varying degrees. The motivation behind his betrayal, his staunch belief in the Deus Mortalis doctrine,6 was not supported by the Authority on the whole after the war.

GD-WAR's collection of assets remained hidden for several years until the mid-1950's when the GD-SOUTH of the time began to take issue with his varied suspicious dealings within their region. GD-WAR had already alienated himself from several other members of the Directorate by abusing various bureaucratic loopholes in his position's description to remain in power; this along with his stellar record and recent successes with the conflicts of the era allowed him to keep some form of absolution from scrutiny until this point.


A high-frequency phased relay station located near ████, Alaska - circa 1993. The construction of this facility and others like it are thought to coincide with the completion of RPC-922.

Now, with the rest of the Directorate's focus on him, GD-WAR was forced into action. He first placed the Sonnengewehr team under the protection of his personal friend, Charles P. Cabell.7 However, GD-WAR only transferred the assets pertaining to his planetary defense designs to Cabell. All other known concurrent projects were destroyed, reallocated to smaller untraceable facilities, or lost entirely. At this point, the team was suspected to have completed the early blueprints for RPC-922 per GD-WAR's specifications.

Shortly thereafter, Cabell's newly formed Project Blue Book continued passively working on their auspicious project per the technological and monetary limitations presented to them. Not much is known about the weapon's development at this time, as PBB was considered a lesser AoI by ACI personnel and not deemed worth further investigation. However, following the "discovery" of Project: RED SCYTHE,8 NATO began pushing Blue Book to finish the project as soon as possible. The exact year the device became operational is not currently known, although it is theorized to be no earlier than the 1990s.

DEP-028: Weapon Specifications


A multi-satellite array, such as the one shown here, is believed to be part of PBB's Heavenly Bodies targeting system. This system is comprised of various satellites and the aforementioned surface tower arrays working in tandem to target objects both above and below the Kármán line.

The observational specifications given in the official document are all believed to be accurate: the weapon is capable of firing a rapidly oscillating high-gravity projectile that forms through unknown means within the Kármán line. In contrast to this, the lofty promises given by the NATO liaison group have been confirmed to either be misinformation fed to them by Project Blue Book - as officially postured by the Directorate - or part of a larger scheme based on a growing anti-Authority sentiment among the united an-orgs.

The most crucial aspect of the weapon in terms of the Authority's concerns, and the least quantifiable outside of conjecture, is its power output. ACI operatives, inside PBB's Intra Terra facility at the time of the firing event, were able to confirm Blue Book's claim that the device was calibrated in such a way to only destroy the approaching anomaly. This is further reinforced by changes in the electromagnetic fields around the Earth rapidly destabilizing before plateauing into a stable gravity form. This in turn reaffirms our belief that the weapon is capable of generating an attack more powerful, if not several times more than that of the one observed on ██/██/20██. Given the theories present in the official document, we do not know the limits of the weapon and it may not have one depending on which theory holds true. Left unchecked, the weapon's recoil alone could result in an end of the world scenario as it could:

  • Destabilize the Earth's magnetic field as evident through the observation of Earth's gravitational decay post ██/██/20██ incident
  • Initiate a gravitational collapse or surge resulting in the formation of a cascading black hole9
  • Generate intense climatological fallouts capable of kickstarting a mass-shift effect
  • Disrupt the flow of time through gravitational time dilation [See Observational Report 92201-49]

This is why we can't sit idly by while this weapon remains operational even at the expense of possibly attacking our allies. With the body count accumulated after a single use of this thing, we are morally obligated to intervene.

The most poorly understood aspect of the weapon is its targeting. During RPC-922's discovery, Authority sensors detected an increase of unusual high-frequency broadcasts10 which were channeled through phased relays. The origins of which spanned from satellites owned by Germany, The UK, and several other less developed unaware NATO-affiliated countries, as well as through ground facilities throughout central Europe. Areas that received and sent these signals all experienced minor climatological abnormalities at the time of their activation. Despite the deluge of information recorded during RPC-922's discovery, none of it has assisted Authority personnel in their study of the device as these signals acted independently of the aforementioned electromagnetic refractory pulses. In fact, it has only raised more questions on the weapon's general operating parameters as HF broadcasts have never been observed raising AC values (~1.2) nor affecting widespread weather patterns. Even more perplexing, none of the signals were even sent to the projectile's point of origin.

Following up on reports of unknown gravitational anomalies observed within the ███████ Desert, Authority personnel believe they may have located various test fire sites, which in turn proves that the device is capable of firing at the Earth's surface. Transcribed below is a section of the ACI operatives' observations of a suspected testing location. NOTE: This field observation was performed prior to the discovery of RPC-922.

Following the discovery of RPC-922 and its ties to null-gravity, ACI and Black-Site personnel quickly concluded that their prior observations had in fact been evidence of the device in question. SiO2 was observed in such high quantities as the less resistant natural proponents of the sand and soil were either burnt away or atomized by the oscillating pressure. The center of the blast site is believed to be the actual impact point of the gravitational pressure projectile, which displayed signs of being subjected to temperatures of ~2000°C or higher. The site was revisited in secret after the subsequent discovery of RPC-922. All gravitational and temporal abnormalities dissipated during this time. High concentrations of Fe (iron), Pb (lead), and C (carbon) have led research personnel to believe that the test-firing was conducted on targets of various types. However, given the level of atomization the device induces, it is impossible to ascertain what materials or objects the device was tested on.11

Post-incident, embedded ACI operatives inside PBB's various facilities were instructed to locate any official documentation or records they could on RPC-922's systems. The agents were unable to recover almost anything of value as the majority of the device's operating components and records are housed within its firing facility on a closed network. Moreover, the following file was recovered from a classified PBB terminal before it was able to be deleted properly.

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