Registered Phenomena Code: 922

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Secondary Class: Utility1

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-ballistic.png Ballistic h-climatological.png Climatological h-electromagnetic-force.png Electromagnetic Force h-radiation.png Radiation h-gravitational.png Gravitational h-mechanical.png Mechanical

Containment Protocols:


Fig 1.0: Computer-generated image showing the approximate changes in Earth's magnetic field within the solar winds following the use of RPC-922.

RPC-922 is not currently contained by the Authority and is instead primarily housed within the NATO liaised Blue Book facility: Intra Terra.2 The Authority has appointed a diplomatic consultant team to directly negotiate with RPC-922's firing team on behalf of the AEDF and other uninformed space agencies.

In the event that RPC-922 is fired, all extra-planetary operations within the hemisphere of the beam's epicenter must be cleared due to the resultant gravitational and electromagnetic interference. MST Alpha-03 "Scavengers," and Protectorate quick reaction teams3 are to respond to the radiological, climatological, and gravitational fallouts caused by the use of RPC-922. All atmospheric hazards associated with the weapon's use are to be attributed to non-anomalous natural disasters.

NATO has assured the Directorate that RPC-922 will not be utilized unless confronted with an otherwise unavoidable Black-level anomalous threat in accordance with the Brussels Convention of 1907. Additionally, they have guaranteed the Authority that the device can only target objects beyond the Kármán line.4 However, given the history of Blue Book's overzealous nature and the Authority's explicitly denied access to RPC-922's targeting and operation specifications, these claims are considered unsubstantiated.


RPC-922 is a Project Blue Book-controlled planetary defense system comprised of multiple tower arrays interlinked to a null-gravity manipulation device housed within the Earth's crust. The device is believed to incorporate elements of a reverse-engineered Authority-constructed Null-gravity Generator (NG) augmented with Howler nootechnology, recovered from destroyed Authority and Howler vessels following the New Swabia Conflict.5

The device generates and then amplifies, through a series of electromagnetic refractory pulses within the Earth's magnetic field and the corresponding surface tower arrays, rapidly oscillating gravitational forces. This shifting gravitational force is then released outwardly from the base of the thermosphere through an unknown process simply referred to as the "Heavenly Bodies Targeting System" by Blue Book's Xeno Defense Bureau. [See Addendum 92212-01]


The process by which RPC-922 produces its gravitational force is derived from the inverse generation of Null-gravity propulsion originally purposed by Otto Lilienthal in 1893. In terms related to Newton's law of universal gravitation, Null-gravity cancels out the gravitational constant expressed by G to ██████ ████ ██████ ██, resulting in ████████ ████████.6

RPC-922's ability to amplify localized gravitational fields is the subject of much debate among Authority researchers. Several theses for the process by which RPC-922 could "break" the law of universal gravitation (pictured above) have been developed in attempts to explain the anomaly's extremely high levels of gravitational force output. The three most prominent hypotheses are:

  • The device superficially overlays the Earth's mass over several possible alternate reality versions of itself which in turn nullifies the distance between the mass of two or more objects.
  • The device synthetically reduces the Earth's mass and gravitational parameter (μ=GM) to zero then channels the temporally displaced energy into a single point inside the atmosphere.
  • The device harvests and stores gravitational force from realities with higher ACS values through the use of repurposed nootechnology. Little is currently understood about the physics of high ACS realities and how they might differ from our own.

None of these theories, moreover, account for RPC-922's ability to be targeted effectively, its ability to maintain its oscillations once fired, or the intense fallouts observed from its use.

Addendum 92212-01: Discovery

On ██/██/20██, the Authority and several other AoIs received a direct communication from Blue Book's Intra Terra facility. The entirety of the message is transcribed below.

From the desk of the Director of Project Blue Book's Xeno Defense Bureau:


To all NATO-affiliated aware Agencies.

The Authority no longer rules the stars unchallenged. Too long have we, the chosen people of Earth, had to tolerate the AEDF's monopoly on extra-terrestrial supremacy. Their harboring and hoarding of xenocentric artifacts under the guise of protection through containment will be cast out as a new era of defense through overwhelming offense takes hold.

Momentarily, we will be firing our recently completed Gravity Terra Defense Cannon at an encroaching alien adversary. The weapon has been set to the lowest possible power deemed necessary for this threat. Our Heavenly Bodies Targeting System will place the weapon's gravitational discharge origin above 3°18′57.6″N, 95°51′14.4″E. All interplanetary objects, be it satellites or manned spacecraft, within a 2000 kilometre radius of the blast's epicenter will be lost. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. We are the safeguard for humanity. We will defend our Home from all foreign invasion. Homines Principatus, Terra Invicta!

Dryden Volkshardt


Fig 2.0: Image captured by AEDF probe prior to RPC-922's firing.

AEDF sensory satellite probes actively monitoring RPC-███'s approach, stationed in orbit near the coordinates provided, detected a significant drop in barometric pressure7 resulting in the near-immediate formation of a tropical cyclone. Along the low-pressure eyewall of the storm, the probes observed high amounts of ionizing radiation consistent with Null-Gravity generator use. [See Fig 2.0] Forty-five minutes after the storm's formation, RPC-922 was fired. The gravitational discharge was observed fluctuating between 0-300,000 Gs at an interval of ~1000 nsecs. The resulting 'gravity projectile' neutralized everything above the firing zone. No traces of RPC-███, the unmanned AEDF probes, or commercial satellite near the blast could be located following the incident. Higher than normal amounts of small space debris, less than 10cm in diameter, were noticed in the area by the AEDF search teams attempting to locate the anomaly.

Site-038, the largest Authority facility within the weapon's recoil radius, detected transient electromagnetic disturbances resulting in several minor atmospheric EMPs throughout Southern Asia seconds after the weapon's use. The resulting voltage surges damaged the Site's primary power system as other major metropolitan areas within the region also lost power.

Despite the expulsion of the blast outwards, the meteorological events within the atmosphere experienced rapid intensification immediately following the event. Several major earthquakes formed directly beneath the blast's source as the NG radiation began to rapidly dissipate by unknown means. All available ASIACOM and OCEACOM assets were tasked with relief and aid operations following the resulting compounding disasters. While inside the affected regions, the teams noticed various notable increases in anomalous gravitational shifts within the non-anomalous storms.

Due to the catastrophic nature of the event, PCAAO leadership and the available GD delegates demanded an immediate UNAAC liaised NATO response. The Secretary General, in an emergency committee hearing, claimed that the device was legal in regards to all current agreements and treaties on weaponized anomalies. However, the level of inter-atmospheric destruction the weapon's 'recoil' caused was completely unknown prior to its use.

"This was an applied weapon's test of the Null-Gravity Canon. Which, I must remind the rest of the delegates, was a complete success. The workers at Blue Book's Engineering and Manufacturing Bureau had no way of knowing the device's untested capabilities, especially pertaining to the aftermath of its use."

— The Secretary General's explanation post-incident

NATO accepted partial responsibility for the event and along with The Authority helped rebuild the greater event area during the following months. The PCAAO has withdrawn from several future aware agencies NATO summits following this event, and after several concurrent meetings post-incident, The Authority has agreed to take no aggressive action against RPC-922 or PBB. As such, RPC-922 is now considered an allied Authority asset.

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