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Registered Phenomena Code: 748

Object Class: Gamma-White

Hazard Types: (Well, this isn't a hazard right?)

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-748-1 are to be documented and placed within Site-016. Instances of RPC-748 are to be throughly analysed in order to learn from them.

Description: RPC-748 is the designation given to a phenomenon involving the manifestation of a series of documents, hereby designated RPC-748-1, within 5m of high-ranking Authority personnel by Dr. Erasmus Cheung. Highly variable intervals between RPC-748 has been recorded.

Documents manifested through RPC-748 always revolve around the assessment of an organization formed to preserve normalcy. All organizations featured within the document usually have no documented history within our baseline universe; remaining groups within RPC-748 have been defunct within the baseline universe for no fewer than 500 years.

All RPC-748-1 instances utilize a clinical tone and have been written in a relatively modern version of English with certain deviations. However, there may be spelling mistakes. Sorry, English isn't my first language. For examples, see Addendum 748.1.

As of this writing, 2152 instances of RPC-748-1 have been provided by Dr. Erasmus Cheung.

Discovery: While the exact records regarding the existence of RPC-748 are incomplete, it is known that RPC-748 was one of the first anomalies placed under Authority custody during the formation of the First Directorate on 12/05/1834, and most likely predates the Auctoritas Imperata1. However, carbon dating suggests that certain instances of RPC-748 were manifested no fewer than 1500 years ago, placing it during the time period of the Vanguard2.

Addendum 748.1:
Documented below are excerpts of RPC-748-1 instances. For specific instances, don't bother contacting me.




— Senior Councilman Erasmus Cheng


— Assess the ability of the RPC Authority regarding its service to humanity, and the prime directives defined as:

  • Research of anomalies and the anomalous
  • Protection of humanity from anomalies
  • Containment of anomalies from public knowledge


Energy consumed:[DATA EXPUNGED]
Awareness of anomalies: Unaware
Anomalies contained: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Anomaly usage: Low
Technology level: Instantanious plantary communication, advanced chemical propulsion, null gravity generation

Crisis Overview

— A sudden increase in the manifestation of [REDACTED], accompanied by mutations in preexisting [REDACTED]. Previously-docile anomalies [REDACTED].
You can't know exactly what happened without me getting fired. -Erasmus


Poor. The outbreak of a Class-1 crisis immediately overwhelmed the Authority's ability to handle situations adequately, as previously-docile anomalies either [REDACTED], or gained sapience entirely. The Class-1 crisis immediately caused the decentralized Authority to lose control over its Sites to a large extent, either from Site Directors acting independently or from Sites being overrun by hostile factions. With one of Earth's major anomalous organizations effectively losing control over a sizeable majority of its anomalies, an estimated loss of 7.8 billion sapient individuals occurred.
Factors: Disorganization from the Authority, added with understaffed, underfunded and undermotivated personnel. Failure preventable.


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