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Part of an instance of RPC-748.


Registered Phenomena Code: 748

Object Class: Gamma-White

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: As RPC-748 is self-containing, no containment procedures are necessary in regards to both direct containment and information suppression. Instances of RPC-748-1 are to be documented and placed within Site-016.

Description: RPC-748 is the designation given to a phenomenon involving the manifestation of a series of documents, hereby designated RPC-748-1, within 5m of Authority personnel possessing Level 3 or above security clearance. Instances of RPC-748-1 vary greatly in intervals of manifestation.

Documents manifested through RPC-748 always revolve around the assessment of organizations formed to preserve normalcy. Organizations featured within the document usually have no documented history within our baseline universe; organizations referenced in RPC-748-1 that feature history within baseline reality have been defunct for no less than 500 years.

All RPC-748-1 instances utilize a clinical tone, and have been written in a relatively modern version of English with certain deviations. For examples, see Addendum 748.1.

As of this writing, 2152 instances of RPC-748-1 have been documented.

Discovery: While the exact records regarding the existence of RPC-748 are incomplete, it is known that RPC-748 was one of the first anomalies placed under Authority custody during the formation of the First Directorate on 12/05/1834, and possibly predates the Auctoritas Imperata1.

Addendum 748.1:
Documented below are excerpts of RPC-748-1 instances. For specific instances, please contact Head Researcher Nicky Chang.






— Assess the ability of His Holy Solar Association regarding its service to Sol and the prime directives, defined as:

  • Maintaining control over available anomalies
  • Ensuring the spread of the Taiyeungism3 throughout foreign individuals4


Power usage: 56.7 ExaJoules per year.5
Awareness of anomalies: Aware (certain anomalies form part of religion)
Anomalies contained: 16,000+
Anomaly usage: Very high
Technology level: Inter-system travel, Fusion power

Crisis Overview

Awakening and subsequent movement of Object 08654
Immediate Effects: Change in behavior of all sapients within the vicinity of 08654. Behavior resembles rodents.


Poor. The outbreak of a class-3 crisis resulted in irreversible questioning in Holy Solar religious system, subsequently damaging His Holy Solar Association's ability to contain anomalies and maintain inter-system travel. Complete collapse of prime directives within 13 years6.
Factors: Containment methods of His Holy Solar Association overreliant on the faith of population. Loss of faith causes an irreversible chain reaction.

Status: [FAILED]

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The formation of The Unified Whole Against the Disunified Confusion(hereby referred to as the Unified Whole) was due to the abrupt threat posed by Object 156 and Object 157 on 11/14/2309/0202, with its founding principles being the preservation of normalcy and the combat of anomalous forces attempting to destabilize Planet7.

Crisis Overview

Manifestation of Object 156 and subsequently an estimated 160 million instances of Object 157 near the Southern Polar Areas8(hereby referred to as the SPA) of Planet.
Immediate Effects: Object 157 attacked all sapient beings within visual range, regardless of species. The indiscriminate attack forced the Unified Whole's creation between the many sapient species on Planet.

After Action Report

Shortly after the formation of the United Whole, the militaries of the nations were assembled and redeployed to the SPA of Planet. Unfortunately, due to suspicion between the nations, no more than 20% of the nations' military capabilities were deployed. This resulted in a limited containment of Object 157 and the destruction of most deployed forces. The lack of cooperation between agencies also limited the scientific understanding of Object 157.

The lack of strong centralized leadership and high levels of autonomy also meant that the Unified Whole constantly lacked a direction in its actions, often contradicting itself. One example was the Wallonia Behörde attempting to establish a diplomatic understanding of Object 156 and 157 while the Chuiluidan utilized nuclear fission weaponry against Object 157. As a result, by 15/23/2309/0202, Object 157 had fully controlled the SPA and caused the destruction of the Nitup Vladi Viet. The United Whole subsequently faced dissolution as Object 157 could not effectively cross water.

On 01/19/2311/0202, two more instances of Object 156 manifested, this time in Xianggang and Sonchya9. As a result of this increased threat, the United Whole was reformed into a more centralized apparatus, with a unified armed force and research group. As a result, the different groups were willing to deploy more than 95% of their forces in combatting Object 157 and were willing to loan certain anomalies to combat Object 157, including (vitally) Object 4410, which was the only object within the United Whole's arsenal capable of destroying Object 156.

The utilization of Object 44 in destroying Object 156, impossible to operate without inter-species control, marked the success of The Unified Whole against the anomalous. While the Unified Whole is currently still eradicating groups of Object 157, the crisis faced by The United Whole has been mostly neutralized.


Satisfactory. While The United Whole was successful in securing the normalcy of Planet eventually, the initial lack of cooperation and subsequent failures cannot be disregarded. However, as a relatively low level of technology11 was possessed by The United Whole as well as limited experiences in anomalies12, the efforts by The United Whole have been judged accordingly.

Status: [SUCCESS]

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The Righteous Centralized Protection Authority(hereby referred to as the RCPA) was reformed from the RPC Authority on 14/01/3059 after witnessing the devastation inflicted upon several major nation-states during a major local conflict. The objective of the RCPA is to accelerate the development of the human race on Earth and the utilization of anomalies for this purpose.

Crisis Overview


Major Incidents (As of 08/13/3108)

3064 - First deployment of RCPA personnel to assist in small-scale conflicts between two nation-states.
3067 - The RCPA accidentally gains control over a major nation, boosting its power usage significantly.
3070 - A conflict between two nation-states is joined by the RCPA. The RCPA's widespread use of anomalies result in a victory, but also reveal the RCPA to the public of Earth.
3074 - The RCPA establishes contact with an alternate universe version of itself, one where the RCPA did not reform itself in 3059. Due to ideological differences and [DATA EXPUNGED], contact is broken off soon.
3084 - First inter-universal travel of humans is established by the RCPA. Individuals travel to the aforementioned universe where the RCPA did not reform in 3059.
3087 - First combat between RCPA forces and forces of an alternate universe.
3092 - The RCPA attempts to clandestinely control one of the three major nation-states on Earth. This attempt fails and the RCPA faces a second major conflict from all three nation-states. Results in limited RCPA control over one of the aforementioned nation-states and a temporary peace between the RCPA and the remaining nation-states.
3100 - The RCPA overtakes the remaining nation-states combined in terms of energy consumed.
3107 - An attempt to contain several deities cause tension between the RCPA and certain "divine" entities. The RCPA eventually prove successful in evicting and/or containing the aforementioned entities.

Potential Threats)

  • Frequent use of misunderstood anomalies cause unexpected consequences. Class-2 crisis expected on the RCPA universe within 10 years.
  • Frequent incursions into the aforementioned alternate universe may cause frequent defections within RCPA operatives.
  • Inability to suppress local resistance entirely and/or integrate territory.
  • Increasing interests, from a non-governmental organization in 3059 to a major nation-state causes unnecessary strain on resources and administration.

Status: [[N/A]]

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The Greater Centaurral Union was an anomalous organization after the attack of Entity Alpha on Prime and subsequent amnestication of all sapient life on Prime through Entity 1. Due to the amnestication of all sapient life, leading scientists on Prime established the GCU during the reconstruction of Prime as an attempt to investigate the attack on Prime and methods of avoiding Entity Alpha.


Power usage: 130 PetaJoules
Awareness of anomalies: Unaware
Anomalies contained: 5I0o+
Anomaly u$Age: Non

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