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Videric Departement's Branch for Statistics and Analysis.
22th of July, 1993


RPC-377-2’s composition was found to be related to a class of LSD derivatives analogous in effect to resin extract from certain species1 of mistletoe found in Central-Northern Europe, particularly the Swiss Alps. Pharmacologically, it displays related symptoms upon intake similar to L- prosectide Videric2 drug, including but not limited to: headaches, nausea, visual clarity, mild confusion, and in some subjects, extra-spatial awareness. Unlike L- prosectide, RPC-377-2 is highly addictive, and continual use can lead to liver failure, and in some cases — coma.

Here, we will explain what kinds of spectrography have been used to achieve our results, and what said results demonstrate about the potency of RPC-377-2.

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Ever since RPC-377-2’s retrieval, it has been strongly suspected based on a variety of correlations that this particular compound was likely extracted in some form from the carcass of RPC-377. Upon further inspection under anomaly experimentation teams led by Dr. Alfred Brennan within the molecular biology wing in OL-Site-███, it has been found that RPC-377’s mammary glands secrete a semi-viscous liquid which is believed to have been chemically altered and fermented, resulting in RPC-377-2.

RPC-377-2 in and of itself is an animated, light-blue to dark-blue3 viscous fluid with a boiling temperature of 35°C and a freezing temperature of -10°C. This closely resembles the boiling and freezing temperatures of L- prosectide.

Further analysis was conducted as shown below.


For the first stage of our experimental design, we used a SWGDRUG4 3-stage test to ascertain the presence of LSD and/or LSD derivatives within the solution, as per Dr. Brennan's personal hypotheses. The second stage involved more specific, reactive tests that have been used to confirm the presence of Videric derivative. Finally, purified samples of RPC-377-2 were tested on several subjects sourced from US prisons as part of the C&D program.

Analysis of chemical sample

Purification of RPC-377-2 was undertaken via UV radiation and subsequently pasteurized in a high-pressure environment. The sample has been subjected to one Category A and two Category B SWGDRUG tests. Liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis have been utilized to confirm a positive test for LSD. However, subsequent NMR Spectroscopy has shown discrepancies which were assumed to be potential evidence of high similarity to L-prosectide. This assumption has now been validated using Monroe-Township reactivity test.5

Pharmacological effects of the sample

Purified samples of RPC-377-2 have been given to 4000 C&Ds sourced from five different US states, those being; Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Each of the subjects have been injected with 30 mcg/kg Intramuscular dose of RPC-377-2 and subsequently subjected to a standardized Celantur Comprehensibility Test.6 The CCT results for individuals under the influence of RPC-377-2 have thusly been compared to a control group composed of CCT results under effects of L- prosectide.



Graph 1: RPC-377-2 Graph


Graph 2: Prosectide Graph.

As you can see, both Graph 1 and Graph 2 show the average trend for CCT results depending on the age of the subject,7 with local maxima being in the youngest participants and local minima in the oldest. There are, however, a number of outliers in both graphs - all proven to be statistically significant through subsequent statistical tests. These outliers are usually the result of injuries (mostly for outliers below the line) and mutations of Anopticin binding sites (mostly for outliers above the line).

We split each of these three groups into three 'sections': "Artio" - the norm, "Bormana" - the upper outliers, and "Melusine" - the lower outliers. Both graphs seem to follow the distribution of Bormana and Melusine within a usual chance percentage, as well as demonstrating an almost perfectly similar effects under RPC-377-2 to L- prosectide. Thirteeen Artio subjects demonstrated an unusually high CQ in our RPC-377-2 case study as can be seen on Graph 3, where the two are comparatively analyzed.


Graph 3: Comparative graph

This discrepancy seems to suggest that these subjects might have prior medical conditions of some form which might explain said abnormal results. These thirteen subjects have been subjected to a secondary analysis to see if said discrepancy was a result of an RPC-377-2-specific effect, or if it was just the result of random variability similar in effect to L- prosectide.

Subject QC under RPC-377-2 QC under L- prosectide
Mrs. ███████ 0.505 0.508
Mr. ████ 0.561 0.565
Mr. ███ ██████ 0.570 0.572
Ms. █████ 0.630 0.633
Mrs. ████ 0.635 0.632
Ms. █████ 0.654 0.658
Mr. █████ 0.661 0.665
Mr. ███████ 0.761 0.763
Mr. ██████ 0.765 0.767
Ms. ██████ 0.766 0.766
Mr. ██████ 0.820 0.825
Mr. ████ ████ 0.882 0.886
Mr. █████ 0.993 0.998

As seen above, both RPC-377-2 and L- prosectide CCT resulted in an unusually high CQ. Further analysis of the brainstem, kidneys, and eyes show no irregularities within the subjects. This lead to comprehensive background checks into subjects' individual histories with regard to substance abuse, medication, and place of birth. Said checks reveal an interesting yet troubling link between all thirteen subjects.8

Of the thirteen, five subjects used to reside in Mt. Faith for more than a year each. Five additional subjects had at least one of their parents born in Mt. Faith. And two had just one ancestor born in Mt. Faith.

Subjects in the second set of Celantur Comprehensibility Tests under the influence of L-prosectide displayed an above-average ability to discern complex numerical sequences and multi-dimensional shapes. Of particular interest here is the fact that the Videric effect sustained for far longer than usual following the test's completion. When interacting with researchers, some of these subjects commented on head researchers' ████ ████ a 'third eye', possibly referring to ████████ that said researchers gained while working under the Graiae Seeker Exploration Team in the upper echelons of the Videric Department. Perception of Graiae Eye is usually only possible under the influence of Leptosiderine Viderics, suggesting that RPC-377-2 might have stronger effects than previously assumed by Viderics Developmental Teams.

Last but not least, one Mr. ██████, with the highest CQ ever recorded with L- prosectide, was indeed born and raised in Mt. Faith.

During the second set of CCT, Mr. ██████ showed an extraordinary ability to not only comprehend, but also fully grasp the workings of multi-dimensional geometry to such an extreme extent that he became aware of the extra-spatial reality around him. Upon his self-titled 'godseeing', he commented on supposed cobwebs in the 'sixth corner' of the square room where said tests took place - after which he attempted to break his restraints, screaming about the cobwebs leading to a 'river of rivers, a tree of trees'. Upon conclusion of CCT, Mr. ██████ gave a short interview with the head researchers, offering condolences to Dr. Brennan on the loss of his daughter in a car accident without having any prior knowledge or connection to Dr. Brennan's family. Mr. ██████ has been moved to Site-074 for further testing of his unprecedented abilities that are, as of yet, outside the scope of any Videric medication currently known.


While our results of RPC-377-2 relation to L- prosectide have been conclusive, it remains to be seen if what is implied here is absolutely true in all cases, or just correlative in origin. For whatever reason, having even the slightest connection to Mt. Faith results in unusually high CQ and therefore an ability to 'see the hide-behind', than any one of us. As to why this is, it is not in our current position to say any such definitives.

It is of our professional opinion that this be taken both with caution and… careful excitement. It is highly possible that RPC-377 is not the only anomalous item waiting to be uncovered within the reaches of Mt. Faith. There is far more to this town than some mere anomalous drug ring scrambling for scraps. I hereby request further action to be taken in regards for the sequestering of a permit for our team to examine RPC-377-1 in-situ.


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