Do Not Read This Document While Wearing RPC-231

They don't want you to know the truth

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Original instance of RPC-231

Registered Phenomena Code: 231

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Visual, Ideological

Containment Protocols: All discovered instances of RPC-231 are to be kept in S-3 ACUs1. ACUs are to be kept inside an L-3 ACU, which is to be kept in a secure storage locker with a tri-lock security system. Due to the risk of researchers learning too much, any and all testing of RPC-231 is strictly prohibited.

Due to the potential risk of our web of lies being exposed, all uncontained instances of RPC-231 must be secured as soon as possible.

Description: RPC-231 are a series of spectacles. The lenses are tinted purple, and the Hebrew phrase "פקח את עיניך לאמת2" is embossed on the inside of the temples.

Wearing a pair of RPC-231 causes the truth to reveal itself in the form of glowing symbols and words written on various surfaces. Prolonged exposure reveals how little the Authority can be trusted, with wearers discovering that the Authority use a sentient cloud to make people complacent, plan to take over all governments, and have a Global Director trying to bring about the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Discovery: The first instance of RPC-231 was discovered on 02/24/1804, in the possession of Benjamin Franklin, a known member of the GOI known as "The Union,” and inventor of RPC-231, although he had the foresight to mail his notes on the creation of RPC-231 to a trusted colleague for replication and distribution among Union members. While there were initially plans to use RPC-231 to uncover anomalies, this avenue of research was quickly abandoned upon discovering that RPC-231 revealed their own secrets and lies.

Addendum: An additional instance of RPC-231 was discovered on 10/15/1938. The owner was interrogated on where they had acquired the instance, and if there were more. Howeber, the owner knew not to trust us so he was killed. Acquisition of remaining RPC-231 instances and determining the identities of the manufacturers was given maximum level importance by the Global Council, for fear that the Union would use them to identify Authority sites and personnel, or mass produce them and distribute them throughout the US.

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