Outside the Inside

Registered Phenomena Code: 123

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazardous Properties: Sentient Hazard

Reality Hazards: Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Cognitive Hazards: Mind Control Hazard, Mind Regression Hazard (Temporary)

Containment Protocols: RPC-123 is to be kept inside a standard low-hazard anomaly containment locker inside of Site-XXX. Aside from a regular weekly check for possible signs of property manifestations or possible burglary, the anomaly is to remain locked. All necessary methods of containment are to be conducted through this file which is accessible to any RPC Authority member, regardless of clearance or position.

Description: RPC-123 is a memotic pseudo-ground that manifests itself as a single “HELLO My name is” sticker.


Scan of RPC-123

The sticker is physically identical to any non-anomalous instance, meaning staff should exercise care when handling it due to the possibility of damage. The only notable physical property of RPC-123 is the inability to be drawn on. Pens, pencils, markers, brushes and similar items leave behind no trace (including dents in the paper itself). It should be noted that the material used for writing1 will be spent despite not appearing on RPC-123. It is uncertain whether the anomaly absorbs the writing material, automatically destroys it before it touches its surface, or iin some other way disposes of it.

RPC-123’s main property manifests itself at an irregular rate, with pauses lasting from half a week to three months between events. During the event, over a single day, the name and surname of an Authority employee will appear within the blank space of the sticker. The handwriting of the letters will initially be the same for each name but will morph throughout the day into the targeted subject’s. Once the text is completed, the subject will enter a mentally regressive state.

The subject will appear partially sentient, showing an extremely limited knowledge of the world around him. He will be confused and disoriented, remaining in that state for the duration of the event. He will be unable to speak, find difficulty in locomotion and show no basic understanding of the purposes of objects around him. The subject also shows a loss of possessing object permanence, immediately forgetting any item that it is not able to see. It is confirmed that subjects remain somewhat conscious during this period, describing the period as a lucid dream. Once the event is over, subjects will remain in a confused, at times alarmed state, for a period between fifteen minutes to two hours. Afterwards, they will show complete recollection of everything that transpired as described above. There have been no signs of any lasting effects.

At the time of writing, RPC-123 is defined as a pseudo-ground that acts as a result from the formation of an infoplanar theoretical singularity. In other words, RPC-123 theoretically acts as a minor conduit for the influence of the infoplane.2 The reason for labeling it as theoretical, despite its properties, is due to there currently being a single confirmed singularity in the entirety of the solar system, as well as the dangers of the implications of labeling it as such. Within the infoplane, Memotic Singularities are infinitely dense vectors which attract smaller vectors (independent thoughts and memories within the infoplane) and inject them through the pseudo-ground into our reality. With RPC-123 acting as such pseudo-ground, it allows the manifestation of the concentrated independent vectors within specific Memotic Grounds3 in the Physical. An issue arises due to the current belief that such a process is always catastrophic in its nature, which contrasts with the admittedly benign nature of RPC-123. If this anomaly is officially classified as a manifestation of a singularity that is different to the currently known one, then it would automatically confirm the possibility of the existence of similar anomalies with comparable properties – along raising the question whether the claim of singularities being incapable of expansion or fusion is truthful. RPC-123 has been confirmed as a pseudo-ground, but it is not confirmable whether there is a singularity behind it or another, yet undefined phenomenon.

The reason behind RPC-123’s properties is attributed due to the nature of its physical appearance and the human perception of it. In the general populace, a "HELLO My name is" sticker is a method of identification and physical storage of memory and data, or more specifically someone’s identity. When manifested, vectors will attempt to utilize the data RPC-123 gathered. But, due to this being nothing more than the name and surname of a single subject the vectors will become unable to fully form, becoming stuck within a “tabula rasa”, a completely empty personality that will overtake the consciousness of the targeted subject.

The only method of breaking the mental state is for the targeted subject to find the anomaly irritating or feel any form of negativity towards it. This includes, but is not limited to boredom, anger, frustration, sadness and disgust. The negative emotion needs to be directed at either RPC-123 or through the idea of an individual being responsible for the “possession” for the state to be rendered completely ineffective. Once the subject has a negative thought about the anomaly, he will be rendered completely immune to its properties for the foreseeable future. Multiple subjects were able to end their states due to becoming bored with or frustrated at the anomaly they perceived was controlling them.

It should be noted the negative thought does not need to be aimed directly at either RPC-123 or RPC-123-1. It can be directed through any form of informative proxy, such as an image of the anomaly, an oral description of it or its properties, or even a written description of it. It should be noted that the description does not need to be completely accurate or truthful – if whoever is attaining the knowledge of the anomaly is aware that the piece of information is somehow related to it, any negative thought will render him immune. If the event is halted, the name on the sticker will immediately disappear and the anomaly will enter an inert state.

Negative emotion being the trigger for the release of the state caused by RPC-123 is believed to be connected to it physical appearance. With regular stickers, subjects are capable of easily disposing the “identity” written on it when they feel it has been used to its fullest – in other words, they “reject” that specific identity that is written on the card but are still able to keep their name due to the low level of value and influence the sticker has over their names.

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