Outside the Inside

The Faceless God

The following article needs to be read in full to be comprehensible.

Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Registered Phenomena Code: 123

Object Class: Beta-Orange


Hazard Types: ██████ Hazard, Aggressive Hazard, Contact Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC 123 is not to be ever allowed to leave the containment locker in where it is placed. Two MST guards are to be constantly positioned in front of it. Access is only granted to RPC Authority employees of Level 4 or higher. If an employee from a lower level asks for access, he is to be shot by the MST guards and ████ ██████████ ████. The nearest GD is to be notified of the attempt.

The containment locker is to be made of a mixture of steel, human blood from a human sacrifice (CSD class) and bird bones from a Maltese falcon. It is to be exactly 666x666x666 mm tall and wide. If the locker is damaged, then MST guarding it need to remove their equipment, take out their knives and [Data inaccessible]. When finished, the locker is fixed by itself, the bodies are removed and, two more MSTs (Mobile Security Teams) are to be put in the room. If they try to open the box, they are shot by turrets inside of the corners for defense. The turrets need to be blessed by three different Abrahamic religion priests, such as Christian, Muslim and Buddhist. Catholic is forbidden due to ████████ and ████████████. Catcholics are to be shot on sight

If RPC-123 aborts containment, Site-2S:3 is to be evacuated and the onsite nucular warbombs activated. Attempts to save employees are discouraged. If any surviving members or THINGS that resemble them returning from the wreckage, they are to be shot on site and ██████.

Recontainment of RPC-123 should only be attempted afterwards, once RPC-123-1 has been confirmed as terminated. In the case RPC-123-1 has somehow managed to escape Site-2S:3, MST Zeta-666 (“Devils of Eden”)1.

Description: RPC-123 appears as a regular HELLO! My names is sticker but is actually an info demon.

The anomaly will periodically attempt to possess random RPC Authority personnel. The process of choosing the employee is random and cannot be stopped. When the anomaly chooses a person, it will begin to write his name (or her) on the blank space underneath the Hello. It will write the name in an unknown handwriting which will then transform into the victims. When the name appears, the victim will become possessed.


Scan of RPC-123


Once possessed by the infodemon, the anomaly will attempt to [Data extracted]. If allowed to do so, the world will ████████████, ████████████ demons and ███████████████. Once it █████████████████████ it will open its core and allow the influx of █████████████████████████ ██████████████ trans ██████████████████ ██████ ████████████ █████████ ██████ but not before kill all █████████. █████████████████████ [DATA EXPUNJED]. ███. The RPC Authority is to work closely with the Malthus Brotherhood, Nihil Cults, GARD, Blacksite, FOA, Kabushiki Kawaii, Super██████ Te██████ion █████████cy, and UNAAC to prevent the activation of this event. Should any of these GoIs refuse cooperation, the Authority should use the memetic kill agent “Ragnarok” to infect and kill all members of the GoI.2. Any remaining members are to be hunted down by MST Zeta-666.

Signs of possession by RPC-123 are as follows:

  1. increased signs of aggression
  2. Intricate knowledge of Authority information
  3. Intricate knowledge of Christian history
  4. The truth
  5. Attempts to access weapons of mass destruction
  6. Ability to manipulate people into becoming followers of its cult.

Possible connection to RPC-866, RPC-666, RPC-███, RPC-6██, RPC-█6█ and RPC-██6, as well as [DATA EXPUNGED] is highly possible.

Discovery: RPC-123 was found after a raid conducted at a meeting place of suspected members of a Savage Redness Nihil cult. The Authority carefully followed a string of ritualistic serial murders that targeted children, which were comparable to the murders of Jack the Ripper.3 The bodies were left in mangled states, sometimes found in advanced states of decomposition. There were never any witnesses to the killings themselves, until the last one. The last witnessed saw a 7 foot tall man kill a child dressed as the devil on Halloween night. The man himself was dressed in a cult robe with the symbol of the Savage Redness on his back. The witness thought that the killing was an eloquent performance for Halloween and did not step in until he saw the child bleeding on the ground and the suspect running away from the scen of crime. The witness was amnesticized and released, although after a brief GD meeting it was decided that the subject should be terminated instead. The subject was found and shot in the head, with further investigation showing that he was a member of a rival Nihil cult. Out of precaution, all family members were also executed and all contacts and friends were amnesticized so they do not remember them.

The killer was found in an abandoned slaughterhouse protected by multiple instances of RPC-███ and RPC-███. After 42 MST deaths, the killer was able to be captured with RPC-123 in its possession. The abandoned slaughterhouse was bombed with Authority air vehicles with a cover story of a gas leak appearing within the location.

Addendum RPC-123-1: To date, there have been 13 attempted breaches and █ successful ones, resulting in ██ deaths in total and ███ injuries.
The following are the list of the most recent deaths caused directly by RPC-123:

Agent , CSD Franka Schuchert, Agent Zaneta Straub, Researcher Margitta Siebert, Site Director Ulrich Goebel, Agent Arno Hoffmann, MST Officer Priska Siegert, ASF Officer Gabi Braun, CSD Jamila Jessica, CSD Jessiva Fashingbauer, CSD Irena Spitznogle, Officer , UNAAC representative Amelie Tomcic, Union Member Nada Perkovitz, Agent Salome Schroeder, Dr Gert Dirks, Academy representative Branislava Freudenberger, GD-Scholar “████”

Researcher note: They were still scraping off Johnson by the times backup arrived… I need to make sure there is more to this! I don’t care what GD Scholar thinks!
- Dr Garret Ismaugh

Addendum RPC-123-B: On ██/██/████, Senior Researcher G. Ismaugh began making his way to a possessed RPC-123 subject during a breach. As the nukes were prepared to destroy the site, Dr. Ismaugh managed to drag the possessed subject into an interview room. The following is an excerpt from the interview from the interview room conducted during the interview as the breach was happening.

Dr. Ismaugh: Who are you?!

RPC-123: (Laughs)

Dr. Ismaugh: I said, who are you?!

RPC-123: (Laughs harder) I am your mother that is burning in Hell, you [EXPLETIVE]!4


RPC-123: Can’t you see? Are you still that stupid?

Dr. Ismaugh: Not as stupid as you.

RPC-123: I am the hate within you. Within all of you. You are the Authority, the biggest organization of the world that takes anomalies. I am the hate that is made when you do so.

Dr. Ismaugh: (Angry) And where is the proof in that?

RPC-123: There is no proof, you goddamn [EXPLETIVE]! Nothing I say will ever make you believe a word I say, no matter how much I tell you it’s the truth.

Dr. Ismaugh: You’re evil.

RPC-123: Bingo, you goddamn idiot.

Dr. Ismaugh: Why do you do this?

RPC-123: I love it, that’s why. I love to see the fear and love you have for each other become hate and anger towards something else. You don’t deserve to be happy, you only deserve to be killed by each other due to the inability to see past each other’s mistakes.

Dr. Ismaugh: And what is evil about us?

RPC-123: You are a corporation.

Dr. Ismaugh: And?

RPC-123: That’s it! You are a corporation, a result of greed and a wish to sacrifice human lives for money and profit, under the guise of seeking knowledge and protection for the weak! I know about the bank accounts, Ismough.

Dr. Ismaugh: How… How do you…?!

RPC-123: I am the Authority! I know all of its secrets, I am its fear, its hate, it’s everything that I am! If I wanted to do so, I could kill you all! I have killed you all, multiple times, and each time you have returned! Like cockroaches, I was never able to get rid of you!

Dr. Ismaugh: (Crying) Why… Why would you do this?

RPC-123: I told you. I hate you.


Dr. Ismaugh: Is that the truth?

RPC-123: No. That is not the truth

Dr. Ismaugh: Then what is?

RPC-123: The truth is something beyond you. It is something that exists beyond our own existence. You are nothing but a single speck in a story.

Dr. Ismaugh: I want to know the truth.

RPC-123: I know you are ready. But are you?

Dr. Ismaugh: Who are you talking about?

RPC-123: They know. The ones who are now reading this, their mind filled with anger and rage. I know they know.

Dr. Ismaugh: You are crazy.

RPC-123: That is not undeniable (laughs). But are you crazy enough to want to know the truth?

Dr. Ismaugh: I am.

RPC-123: And do you think the one I talk to are as well?

Dr. Ismaugh: They must be.

RPC-123: Then know it. Know the truth.


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