A still image taken from inside RPC-001 during Expedition-001-1 by the original members of MST Alpha-4 "Void Raiders" in 19██


Registered Phenomena Code: 001-2

Object Class: Omega-Black

Containment Protocols: At this time there is no efficient method to adequately contain RPC-001. Periodic research indicates that an inevitable containment failure will occur within the next ██ years. All efforts to permanently impede RPC-001's expanding radius have thus far proven ineffective. All containment resources should be redirected into keeping the true nature of RPC-001 hidden from any Authority personnel below OL rank. Failure to keep subordinates blind to the truth may create widespread discord and loss of morale among the ranks of the organization. This will be accomplished by creating an illusion of control through the establishment of a faux operation and the implementation of a false containment protocol file which will be distributed to all Site OL-██ staff.

In the mean time, MST Alpha-4 ("Void Raiders") will be used to explore the depths of RPC-001 in order to gather as much data as possible. Due to the inherent nature of RPC-001, members of MST-4 are not expected to survive recurring expeditions into its depths. A pool of backup recruits for MST Alpha-4 is to be kept in order to effectively replace deceased operatives without delay.

Description: RPC-001 refers to an alternate dimension that has exhibited both sentient and sapient properties. The primary point of entry into RPC-001 exists as a black spherical mass comprised of ethereal energy that continues to expand outward at an irreversible rate of 1.2 km per year. Documented analysis by surviving members of MST Alpha-4 has revealed that the inner landscape of RPC-001 appears to be comprised of a pulsing, organic substance similar to visceral tissue. Furthermore, mapping the inner depths of RPC-001 has thus far proven impossible due to the fact that RPC-001's interior is in a perpetual state of chaos. The only constant factor is a dim translucent glow emitting from a humanoid shape seen in the distance which has been reported in all documented cases. To this date, no member of MST Alpha has been able to directly engage this potential entity.

RPC-001 has made numerous attempts to communicate with The Authority, though it is currently unknown what RPC-001's true motives are. Thus far, RPC-001 has exhibited a variety of anomalous traits which can directly effect baseline reality, including but not limited to:

  1. The ability to create discrepancies in time and space within its 32 km² radius, this usually manifests in the form of compasses and clocks ceasing to function in the presence of RPC-001.
  2. The ability to negate the effects of gravity at seemingly random intervals within its 32 km² radius.
  3. The ability to absorb all forms of matter, including light and sound. This has lead to RPC-001 being used by The Authority to dispose of uncontainable anomalies.
  4. The ability to manipulate electronic devices, including messaging applications on computers and mobile phones as a means of communication.
  5. The ability to create miniature instances of itself that lead into its native dimension. These portals last for approximately two minutes at a time and have appeared at various locations across the world. Furthermore, a variety of known entities currently under Authority containment are believed to have emerged from these portals, including RPC-███.

Further research is imperative to understanding RPC-001. See Addendum-001-A for additional information.

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