Registered Phenomena Code: 001

Item Type: Other

Hazard Types: N/A

Lethality Rating: White

Abstract: A research initiative endorsed by The Department of Anti-Memetics into the field's theoretical equivalent of a black hole, or, the event horizon of our perception threshold.

Safe Handling and Usage: N/A


RPC-001 is the designation given to the antimeme whose only available data is its existence.

By definition, no further description of RPC-001 is possible.


A total antimeme has long been a hypothetical curiosity of researchers.1 In previous decades, a total antimeme was an intellectual and academic novelty that was merely assumed impossible by virtue of it being conceivable. This represented the limit of the subject for several years.


Hans Kalper's 8th memeticry cohort, 1949. Donald Schoenberg sits at the far right; Kalper stands at the center.

The frontier for RPC-001's legitimate study was reinvigorated by the German-Austrian mathematician Dr. Kurt Gödel PhD2 in 1974 in a series of lectures given at Site-074 during the annual Research World's Fair; just three years after the doctor's recruitment into the Authority. These lectures, to follow, were the result of his and his team's pioneering study of the intersection between the fields of mathematics, modal logic, and antimemetics. The subspecialty of near-total antimemeticry was founded from the flurry of interest and research that resulted.

The findings of this research propelled numerous initiatives within the Authority, including the dedication of new facilities to additional avenues of application, and even rumored discussions of a new branch within the Research Division. However, these plans were abruptly ceased for as-of-yet unclear, or undisclosed reasons.

Despite this logistical impediment, the study of near-antimemeticry continued unabated due to its purely theoretical nature, and continues to this day in isolated pockets of anomalous academia.

The following have been established as primary laws of total and near-total antimemetics:

  1. The idea of a total antimeme is inherently self-contradictory.
  2. The most fundamental quality of anything is its existence.
  3. The near-total, "Omega-class" antimeme is the fundamental unit of memetics.
  4. There is only one Omega-class antimeme.
  5. The Omega-class antimeme is designated RPC-001.


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