Nurarihyon 5
The following file describes the remains of a deceased Stage IX Cognitohazardous entity and has been cleared for Level 3 access.

Ensure basic cognitohazard safety is being followed before proceeding.


Registered Phenomena Code: 316

Object Class: Alpha-White (Neutralized)

Hazard Types: Emotional, Visual

Containment Protocol: RPC-316's corpse is stored in Site-089's morgue, in a clearly demarcated freezer unit isolated from the other units. Markings upon its locked doors are to include notices that the corpse of RPC-316 bears mild cognitohazardous properties that manifest upon observing it, and that it was never a member of significance within the RPC Authority. Any inquiries for the study of RPC-316's cadaver is to be cleared by Senior Researcher Junichiro.

If cleared for study, RPC-316's corpse is to be examined while under the influence of viderics - only light doses are required. Should foreign medical research personnel of non-Japanese ethnicity be present, they should be prioritized to participate or lead said examination.

Description: RPC-316 is a corpse of a deceased entity that bore the same numbering. Prior to its neutralization, RPC-316 possessed two advanced perception-altering properties: The first allowed it to travel anywhere without being noticed by human senses, while the second caused any human who noticed RPC-316 to perceive it as the utmost leader of said individual's affiliation.

Prior to contact with the RPC Authority, RPC-316 was imprisoned within RPC-2571, reanimating and escaping its anomalous confines during RPC-257's own discovery event.

RPC-316 proceeded use its anomalous powers to great effect, causing disruptions across Japanese Authority Sites. It went on to order and consume exorbitant amounts of high-class food whilst commissioning extravagant goods and services at the severe expense of Authority funding. Authority accountants have so far estimated a grand total of USD $124+ billion in food and commissioned luxuries ordered by RPC-316, with $440k of Authority finances being successfully spent. Attempts to reclaim these expenditures are ongoing, with an estimated writeoff of ██%.

As it further explored what it could do with its influence over the Authority, RPC-316 escalated its abuse of power to attempt a series of disastrous events for its own amusement:

  • Attempting to commission prohibitively expensive custom-built luxury vehicles and site amenities for its own personal use, including a walking stick featuring the British royal crown jewels in its handle,
  • Attempting to order the detonation of on-site nuclear warheads to "enjoy the fireworks",
  • Attempting to order the execution of key personnel as a test of mesmerized personnel's loyalty,
  • Attempting to take direct control of MST movements and command,
  • Attempting to acquire other RPCs for its own personal use and cross-interaction,
  • Attempting to take full control of the RPC Authority by supplanting itself over the Global Directorate,
  • The repeated access of level 4 and 5 information and numerous breaches of their classification in the process of "telling jokes", and more.

While it thankfully did not succeed in the aforementioned attempts above thanks to the Authority's bureaucratic checks and protocols, RPC-316 succeeded in temporarily unsealing RPC-257 by learning the appropriate ritual from surviving archaic documentation kept in Site-089. This resulted in uncountable entities reanimating from RPC-257's temporal stasis effect, successfully escaping the cavern complex.

RPC-316 marshaled a large number of these escapees to begin a parade known in Japanese mythology as a Hyakki-Yakko, bearing the goal of traveling through Japan's urban civilian centers and inciting panic. Through an unknown displacement method involving doorways only visible to these entities, the parade rapidly traveled from the outskirts of Takachiho towards Kyoto within the span of an hour, resurfacing in various settlements and Osaka to loot, vandalize and assault locals. The end-goal within Kyoto was to harass the Japanese Emperor himself, incorrectly believed to be residing within Kyoto Imperial Palace.2

The Hyakki-Yakko would go on to be intercepted by a Project Blue Book exterminator battalion in Kyoto, who responded with lethal force leading to a 99.9% termination rate of anomalies and heavy infrastructural damage about the Kawaramachi-Imadegawa traffic junction. RPC-316 escaped the assault and fled into a nearby alleyway, only to be neutralized at the hands of another anomalous being.

In its current deceased state, RPC-316's anomalous properties appear to have greatly diminished. Personnel who view the corpse perceive fleeting senses of sadness or shock, but recover soon after. A sub-therapeutic dose of low-strength viderics nullifies this effect entirely.

Termination Log: The following is a conjectural step-by-step timeline of RPC-316's neutralization, based on the following: Eyewitness accounts, recordings of Project Blue Book's extermination operation of RPC-316's anomalous congregation, forensics investigation of RPC-316's site of death and an autopsy examination of RPC-316's body and injuries.

  1. RPC-316's gathering is halted by a blockade of Blue Book exterminators organized in a pincer ambush.3
  2. Blue Book opens fire, followed by reinforcements from squads based in separate points around the Imperial Palace.4 RPC-316's right side is caught in a blast radius, sustaining burn, shrapnel and explosion injuries.
  3. RPC-316 abandons its panicking congregation to Blue Book's exterminators. Unnoticed, it is trampled and injured further in the chaos.
  4. RPC-316 escapes into an alleyway shortly before Blue Book command authorizes the usage of an orbital strike to wipe out the remaining escapees in a show of overwhelming force. RPC-486, RPC-886's sister, is waiting for it.
  5. RPC-486 stabs RPC-316 through the back with a knife taken from a nearby restaurant.
  6. RPC-486 follows up by puncturing RPC-316's throat, cutting its neck open while severing its jugulars and vocal cords.
  7. RPC-486 throws RPC-316 to the ground, stabbing it in the chest repeatedly while it attempts to fend RPC-486 off.
  8. RPC-486 issues a final stab into RPC-316's eye, penetrating its brain. RPC-316 is neutralized.

RPC-316's corpse would be found afterwards by a Blue Book cleanup crew, causing confusion and agitation among their ranks as to why the corpse of their "Alpha-Class Founder" was among the neutralized entities. During a heated dispute with Blue Book command over accusations of being manipulated into assassinating said "Founder", Authority infiltrators successfully exit the outpost with RPC-316's corpse. An investigation of the murder site found the discarded knife.

Autopsy report generated: DOWNLOAD

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