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RPC-316, circa late 1700s.


Registered Phenomena Code: 316

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory, Emotional, Memory Alteration, Sapient, Visual

Containment Protocol: RPC-316 is to be denied entry to all Authority facilities wherever possible, unless entry is to facilitate capture and containment. RPC-316 is not to be engaged or communicated with at all. Any and all requests made by RPC-316 are to be ignored and denied.

Efforts should be made to track down and detain RPC-316. Any personnel who displays resistance to RPC-316's effects are advised to join along in RPC-316's visits regardless and produce recordings of its interactions with affected personnel.

Description: RPC-316 is a humanoid entity bearing vaguely simian morphological proportions. RPC-316 features dwarfism with a height of 0.8m, disproportionately long arms measuring 0.6m in length, and an extended cranium that protrudes behind its head by 30cm. RPC-316 also shows signs of advanced aging, such as extensive wrinkling and a slight hunch.

RPC-316's primary anomalous trait is that all humans who visually/audibly perceive it directly are memetically compelled to recognize it as a superior. This allows it to effortlessly enter any human territory, with all human staff and residents perceiving it as a VIP of critical importance to their respective organization/community.

RPC-316 has taken a fondness for visiting Authority facilities across Japan, where it compels all personnel to perceive it as a vital figurehead of the Authority. Imaginary titles accorded to it by affected personnel range from the simple (Our Grand Director) to the outlandish (Grand Director of all Global Directors) to the comical (His One-And-Only Researching Protecting and Containing Eminence) and the questionable (Sole True Founder of the RPC Authority).

When visiting an RPC facility, RPC-316 will bask in praise showered upon it by attending personnel, then proceed to the VIP lounge to consume stocked foods while entertaining its hosts. RPC-316 will discuss plans to travel abroad and visit overseas Authority facilities, produce requests for additional specific luxury foods and drinks, and/or commission the ordering and creation of expensive items such as personalized transportation (this includes a limousine, jet and yacht) that Site Administration is compelled to order and purchase, either via site funding or by passing a requisition form to higher administration for clearance.

Once RPC-316 has eaten its fill it wanders the site to inspect and observe various occurrences of routine daily tasks as performed by personnel. Once it is sufficiently entertained RPC-316 leaves. It usually does so without notifying staff, who are nevertheless required by protocol to organize search parties to search for it that universally end in failure.

Once RPC-316 has left, personnel usually report a confused sensation, with several recalling having met an incredibly important VIP whose appearance that they cannot remember.

RPC-316 possesses a jovial personality and is primarily driven by a desire for entertainment. It shows no other remarkable traits and is not unlike an active elderly male in behaviour. It has a tendency for lacking tact and occasionally produces offensive dialogue and behaviour, but enthralled personnel will either not notice, or will readily dismiss/forgive these offensive remarks/gestures.

Discovery Log: RPC-316 initially appeared at Site-███ during ██/██/2019, causing personnel to regard it in the highest manner. Ever since then, RPC-316 has made several journeys across Japan on its own, visiting each Authority site.

It is believed that RPC-316 originated from RPC-[REDACTED].

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