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Registered Phenomena Code: 365

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Magnetic, Mechanical, Memory Alteration

Containment Protocols: RPC-365 is stored in the Site-008 anomalous items research wing. RPC-365 has been moved to a standard anomalous item storage unit in the Site-008 containment wing following Incident 365/1. Testing of RPC-365 is limited to personnel of Level 3 4 or higher.

Individuals who have undergone Caduceus Events are to be transferred to Site-008's medical wing and kept constantly monitored. Individuals who have undergone repeated Caduceus Events are to be kept in the research wing for further study.1

Unauthorized access of RPC-365 is to be met with detainment, amnesticization, and possible demotion.

Description: RPC-365 is a modified air displacement plethysmograph (ADP), used to measure body composition.2 RPC-365 is connected to a computer that allows it to function as a standard ADP. In addition to its standard function, RPC-365 is also capable of initializing anomalous events known as Caduceus Events. During a Caduceus Event, RPC-365's window becomes opaque and the following events occur:

  • High magnetic attraction
  • Increased energy usage
  • Visual warping near RPC-365
  • Induction of headaches to nearby individuals
  • Decreased levels of humidity
  • Increased room temperature
  • Long term memory loss in nearby individuals3
  • Stage IV brain cancer in RPC-365-1 and nearby individuals within 20-meters during activation4

Individuals are capable of entering RPC-365 and resting within a seat inside. Near the seat is an emergency cancellation button used to stop RPC-365's standard function. Whether this button is functional or not is unknown, as individuals and items inside are unable to move while RPC-365 is active.

When activated, individuals inside are subjected to a mutation process in which they are transformed into infantile versions of themselves, designated RPC-365-1. RPC-365-1 instances awaken from their comatose state anywhere between two and three weeks following the event. Testing has shown that all prior memories are retained, but RPC-365-1 instances are unable to communicate properly until they reach the age of two.5,6

Shortly after its discovery and transfer, two Class D personnel were tested with RPC-365 in an event known as Caduceus-PRIME. Exact details of this event are undocumented.

Interview Log 365/1:

Addendum 365/1:

Incident 365/1: On 09/2/2012, three researchers across Site-008 collapsed due to the presence of grade IV brain tumors along with seven deceased researchers who were found across the site. The origin of these events was unknown until it was discovered that the ten total researchers were present within or near RPC-365's room during Caduceus-PRIME and its subsequent output of RPC-365-1-1 and RPC-365-1-2. RPC-365's activation exhibited an anomalous event in which individuals within a 20-meter radius were inflicted with minor brain trauma, memory loss, and tumors. Details regarding Caduceus-PRIME are unavailable as researchers that were present are incapable of recalling the event.

Three days following Incident 365/1, RPC-365-1-1, RPC-365-1-2, and researcher Caroline Afton expired from the rapid growth of their tumors.

The following is an unsent email draft discovered on Dr. Afton's computer following her expiry.

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