Death Is Late To The Party: Jimmy and Dummie's Autumn Entry

Database Entry Introduction:

The following is a digitized transcript of the latest containment document for RPC-749, created on 26th October, 1959. As a result, the formatting is consistent with archival documents of this period. Where useful, contextual explanations have been included.

Registered Phenomena Code 749 ■ ■■
Informal Designate FALLEN SOLDIERS ■ ■ ■■■ ■
Object Risk YELLOW ■ ■
Containment Degree MILD ■■
Primary Hazard SAPIENT ■■■■ ■■ ■
Secondary Hazard EXTRACONTEXTUAL1 ■■■■ ■■■
Number Contained 925 ■■■ ■■■ ■
Reporting Personnel DR. SAMUEL ROLLES ■ ■ ■■■■ ■

Containment Systems: The remains of all RPC-749 instances are currently contained within Biological Cold Storage containers within Site-008. Eastern Poland is to be monitored for other instances of RPC-749. The anomalous traits of RPC-749 are to be reverse-engineered whenever possible.

A cover document is to be created for RPC-749 under the new formatting as soon as possible. This file is only to be provided to our personnel possessing 4/749 or above clearance for reference.

Object Description: RPC-749 is the designation given to 925 persons recovered by us within the vicinity of Lublin, Poland. Despite no fewer than 5 years of interment as well as sustaining various levels of wounds and injuries during RPC-749's discovery, all RPC-749 instances have not expired.


fig. 1.1: RPC-749-238.

The majority of RPC-749 instances were dressed in remnants of military uniforms of the WWII era, specifically that from either the German 27th Infantry Division or the 14th Greater Poland Infantry Division with slight variations. However, several RPC-749 instances were dressed in uniform similar to that of our own Mobile Security Team Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen). Strangely, about 90 instances of RPC-749 were female.

RPC-749's origins stem from an alternate dimension or universe of sorts; a note explaining the circumstances of RPC-749 was discovered alongside RPC-749. The exact origins, provided by an entity responsible for the transporting of RPC-749 to our universe (hereby designated RPC-749-A) have been provided in the addendum.

Extensive research conducted upon RPC-749 by us proved that RPC-749 instances were all non-anomalous human beings. Further research into RPC-749 yields little information, as RPC-749 instances were unable to provide any meaningful information or communication to us due to either sustained injuries or mental disorders. Attempts at the neutralization of RPC-749 instances have resulted in failure.

Our efforts into reverse-engineering the immortality of RPC-749 have so far concluded in failure.

Discovery: RPC-749 was discovered on 18th of October, 1948 in Lublin, Poland after a signal on all emergency radio channels was received by us. Mobile Security Team Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) was deployed to investigate where RPC-749 was discovered in the process, and was sent to Site-008 for further investigation.

Addendum - Note retrieved alongside RPC-749: One handwritten note written in German, English, Russian, and Polish, presumably originating from RPC-749-A, was discovered alongside RPC-749. The following are the English components of the aforementioned note.

Addendum - Attempts of Euthanasia:

Documented below are an excerpt of the 73 attempts of euthanasia for RPC-749 instances.

Addendum - Interview With RPC-749-083:

The following file contains an interview between Dr. Rogerson and RPC-749-083, one of the instances of RPC-749 clothed within uniform similar to Romeo-7 and capable of communicating in English to an extent.

Documentation Update 21/10/51: An additional note was retrieved on 21/10/1951 at the location for which RPC-749 initially manifested. RPC-749-A states that it has provided us with a special form of paper that it can transfer back to RPC-749-A. As a result, two-way communication is possible.

Documented underneath is the document provided to RPC-749-A, written by Dr. Samuel Rolles.

Addendum - Further Communications:

Documented below are some excerpts of communications between us and RPC-749-A. Each text box indicates that the statement is being made by a different individual.

Addendum - Current Situation:

As of now, we are still researching the possibilities of immortality, although no significant discoveries have been made yet. 30 instances of RPC-749 have been euthanized in order to fulfill the requirements for the aforementioned research agreement.

As of this writing, 895 instances of RPC-749 are within our possession.

Agreements on research have been made with the RCPA, with technology regarding inter-universal communications being provided to us until the 25th of October, 1954 when the RCPA discontinued communications abruptly.

Addendum - Update: 25th October, 1959

The following file was retrieved 25th October, 1959 through unknown means by our personnel.

Following this, all remaining RPC-749 instances were euthanized, as per the instruction of the RCPA.

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