Exploration ALTR-929-A1

Subject: CSD-6868, RPC-929, RPC-929-2, RPC-929-3, PoI-929A

Supervisor: Head Researcher Alexander Milhouse

Foreword: CSD-6868 is a 34-year-old Caucasian male, formerly employed as a Chemistry teacher by ████████ Elementary, Kansas. As of 2017, CSD-6868 has been transferred into Authority care.

Using the limited information the Authority acquired regarding ALTR-929, CSD-6868's equipment was optimized for 12 days of exploration. CSD-6868 was advised to avoid RPC-929-2 and if possible, RPC-929-1 as well.

Authority issued equipment:

  • LCQ-Camera system
  • Respirator mask
  • Authority-issued noise-activated recorder
  • Authority-issued camcorder
  • 18 standard Authority rations
  • Handheld torch
  • 14 firestarter kits
  • 4 first aid kits
  • Knife
  • Water filtration system
  • 4 battery packs
  • Respirator
  • 8 L-prosectide drugs
  • EMF meter
  • Packets of mold1
  • Sleeping bag

Requested items:

  • 14 packs of cigarettes - [Approved]
  • 2 bottles of whiskey - [Declined]
  • Personal cell phone - [Declined]
  • Harmonica - [Approved]

Foreword: Shortly before this log, LCQ Drone #5 was sent to ALTR-929 in 02:15 (GMT+2). It was immediately discovered by RPC-929-2.

Foreword: LCQ Drone #6 was sent to ALTR-929 but wasn't found until 3 days later by RPC-929-1. Exploration logs past this point won't be sent back to the Authority until CSD-6868's return.

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