Registered Phenomena Code: 880

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazardous Properties: Aggression, Invisibility (Partial), Sapient, Transmutation (Self)

Physical Hazards: Contact Hazard, Corrosive Hazard (Organic material only)

Cognitive Hazards: Emotional Hazard (Manipulative), Auditory Hazard (Mimicry)

Containment Protocols: RPC-880 is never to be allowed to leave its containment area.

Attempted interactions with the anomaly are to be announced to and requested from Site-168's members of the Department of Psychology. Any visitors must be accompanied by at least four members of the ASF, all trained in the optimal use of fire hoses that are positioned outside of the containment area. Newcomers to the site must know about the nature of RPC-880 to avoid possible manipulations conducted by the anomaly.

RPC-880 itself is contained within an 80m2 room with a 2cm thick, transparent plastic wall. Six high-pressure sprinklers are installed in the ceiling of the containment area, with drains on the bottoms of the walls that open only when the sprinklers are activated. A feeding chute is positioned above the center of the containment area, opened only during designated feeding times. Bars placed in the chute are to be cleaned after each feeding. Food can be of any organic nature, preferably meat-based to minimize amount of created waste. The waste is to be cleaned once every three days using aforementioned sprinklers.

Employees within Site-168 will receive a monthly password they are required to remember by heart. In the case of a breach, the anomaly is likely to attempt to gain access to different areas through mimicry. Unless the staff member does not use the given password when requesting access to an area, they are not to be allowed to enter under any circumstances.

Staff wishing to report misdemeanor towards the subject are required to read the present version and the previous version of this file before submitting a report.

Description: RPC-880 is Errika Renosdottir, a Swedish adolescent that had been abducted by Kabushiki Kawaii and had her body modified through extreme means.

The only remaining original body part the subject has left is the upper skull, which is noticeably modified with a chassis bound around it, serving as a method of protection and identification. The Kabushiki Kawaii logo is engraved on the two of the largest pair of surfaces, positioned at the left pterion. The right pterion chassis holds the Kabushiki model number: ServiPro-SURAIMU-0612008375-0001.1


Recovered receipt

The main anomalous property regarding RPC-880 and by extension any other subject belonging to the same product series, is the anomalous artificial goo the subject is encased within. Surrounding the skull, there is approximately 270kg of an unknown slime-like substance that can change its shape, density, coloration and possess limited control over texture and temperature. Testing has not revealed any comparable material nor a means of reproducing the goo. Sampling has also proven difficult, as the substance will quickly evaporate after leaving the main body. This is presumed to be both a design choice for the anomaly and a method of preventing individuals outside of Kabushiki Kawaii from replicating or analyzing the substance. Regardless of a lack of chemical understanding, a grasp on the general properties of the substance has been noted.

The goo will change its properties in response to the subject’s brain it has been, for the lack of a better term, grafted upon. Serving as a replacement and an arguably specialized improvement, the goo will act as a method for movement within, observation of and interaction with the outside world.

The subject has shown to be able to use the shape-changing properties of the slime to manipulate and control individuals in an attempt to satisfy the needs created as the result of her schizoaffective disorder. The preferred form used by RPC-880 to disarm observers is a humanoid with subtle feminine features2 and an infantile profile.3

The next property is the yet inexplicable method of perception of the outside world. The theory of regular perception using ocular organs and/or machinery has been discarded on the initial analysis. RPC-880, for all intents and purposes, lacks any kind of known method to correctly perceive any kind of surroundings. There are no eyes or similar tools of any kind present within either the goo or the skull,4 researchers have failed to identify any recognizable cells (such as chromatophores) that would help identify the coloration surrounding it. In short, there are no artificial or (para)natural means of recognition or at the very least ones staff has been able to identify.

Regardless, the subject has shown no major difficulties when it comes to interaction with its surroundings. RPC-880 is capable of, as mentioned above, shifting itself into a humanoid and other abstract forms with its height depending on the chosen density. It should be noted that the preferred height of the anomaly is mostly ~160cm – presumably to mimic the height before the modification. The subject rarely changes its appearance, unless a are of an individual it sees as a threat and/or enemy. A particular danger coming from the anomaly is the ability to change colors, being able to blend in with its surroundings The humanoid form itself is described as featureless and “accented” – While lacking details such as individual strands of hair, intricate facial features or even developed fingers and muscles, the subject instead presents itself through either heavily simplified or outright leaving out these elements.

An example would be the way the face is shaped: the head is almost perfectly round, with a “hairstyle” resemblant of long wavy hair on top and finally, two large, black, orb-like “eyes” which make half of the face. These orbs serve no actual purpose, aside from an aesthetic one – RPC-880 can see regularly with any “part” of its body. This form is the preferred form of the anomaly to use around individuals unaware of its true nature, as well as one that is used to momentarily confuse and distract those attempting to contain her.

Water has proved an effective containment method as the goo making the most of RPC-880’s mass will lose its density and slough off when coming into contact with enough of it. Elements that isolate oxygen are also effective, although much more easily filtered by the anomaly.

When it comes to social interaction RPC-880 has been noted as an extremely collaborative and civil subject unless agitated. Although lacking vocal cords, speech is possible through a vibration of the goo, allowing a very wide and realistic vocal range, as well as mimicry. The anomaly will display an agreeable, docile and polite personality when encountering individuals it does not recognize. It will attempt to befriend those around it, providing help in different ways although mostly social in its nature - praising, agreeing with and encouraging friendly discussions are the preferred approach. Once enough trust is gained, RPC-880 will use those that trust her to socially isolate and alienate those that are disagreeable or hostile towards her, aiming to remove them from her immediate vicinity.

RPC-880 is heavily delusional and claims that she wishes to “help” others while she views help as a form of effective and absolute control over those around her. Those she helps become indebted and trustful, willing to forego and change their own beliefs in favor of hers. It should be noted that this is not an anomalous property. The capabilities of her manipulation should still not be underestimated. Those that avoid or refuse her help are seen as those who refuse to abide by her will and control and are marked as hostile. The subject abhors others around it helping each other, seeing it as a betrayal of her own control, particularly when coming from individuals not currently being “helped” by her. Directly proclaiming that she does not help those around her, that she is a hindrance or that one of the aforementioned individuals outside of her field of influence are more helpful than her will almost immediately send her into a violent frenzy.


Scars from RPC-880 assault (Photo given by Dr. V. Milner)

When enraged, RPC-880 will drop any pretense of her previous personality and will become irate, aggressive and violent. If isolated with the target, it will attempt to silently eliminate it, manipulating others into believing a story that matches the method of elimination,5 otherwise it will outright attack and chase down the target. It will abandon its humanoid form in favor of a more abstract and intimidating appearance, attempting to terrify the target into losing mobility. It will prioritize crippling the target to prevent it from moving away and fighting back before finishing it off. Should other individuals witness the assault, they will become targets as well unless RPC-880 is convinced they are supportive of her or that they do not present an immediate threat.

Despite its appearance and behavior, RPC-880 is not to be trusted under any circumstance.

Addendum: The following is the most recent session between Errika Renosdottir and Dr. Vanessa Milner. Previous sessions are available in the previous iteration of this document.


Psychological session 22 – Audio written record
Subject:Errika Renosdottir (Designation RPC-880)
Designated therapist: Doctor Vanessa Milner, Research clinical psychologist

[ Begin Recording ]

[ Dr. Milner enters the room, staying about a meter away from the containment area’s plastic. The subject smashes itself against the wall in its humanoid form and begins screaming. ]

RPC-880: Oh God, please, help me! I’ve been stuck here for weeks, they haven’t given me anything to eat for days, I think some, some, some memetic or infohazard got out, they don’t even check on me, plea-

Dr. Milner: It’s me.

RPC-880: Who? Oh.

[ The subject immediately calms down and moves away from the wall. It sits onto the ground and curls its arms around its legs. ]

Dr. Milner: How are you feeling today?

RPC-880: I’m hungry. I’m lonely. I want to talk with my friends again. Where are they?

Dr. Milner: Do you feel any different? We tried to change the medication again.

RPC-880: I feel great. Same as ever. Where are my friends? Please, Millie, I didn’t do anything wrong. Let me out.

Dr. Milner: So no changes.

RPC-880: I’m hungry. Please.

Dr. Milner: You already ate today.

RPC-880: I didn’t. They forgot, please, let me out. I just want to go to the cafeteria again and see everyone. They miss me, I know. Please.

Dr. Milner: Let’s go through the regular topics today. See if there are any changes.

RPC-880: Please.

Dr. Milner: It would mean a lot to me if you helped me with this.

[ The subject quiets down. It slithers closer to the wall, without getting on its feet. ]

RPC-880: What do you want? Shoot.

Dr. Milner: Who are you?

RPC-880: I am Errika Renosdottir. Designation are-pee-see eight, eight, zero. Double eight zero. Alpha-Yellow.

Dr. Milner: You’re Beta-Red now.

RPC-880: I’m Alpha-Yellow. Whoever told you that, he’s lying.

Dr. Milner: Alright. Who was your father?

RPC-880: He was Renos Lokison. Psychiatrist. He was helping my sister get better before she left us.

Dr. Milner: What was wrong with your sister?

RPC-880: Schizoaffective disorder. I tried helping her as much as I could, but she always avoided me. She hated me.

Dr. Milner: Was she scared of you?

RPC-880: She hated me.

Dr. Milner: Where is Dr. Kreshaw?

[ The subject pauses. She cocks her head to the side and continues twisting it, with each rotation slightly increasing her height. She speaks again in her regular voice. ]

RPC-880: He is gone. He went away.

Dr. Milner: Do you know where he went?

RPC-880: No. I’m hungry.

Dr. Milner: Alright.

RPC-880: Please give me something to eat. I’m so hungry.

Dr. Milner: One, no, two more questions and we are done for today.

RPC-880: I need to go to the cafeteria. They are waiting for me there.

Dr. Milner: It relates to Brock Shetland.

RPC-880: I don’t want to be here. You’re doing this because you hate me, don’t you?

Dr. Milner: You said he left before we discovered you.

RPC-880: I want to help you. What do you want me to do? Please tell me. I’m so hungry, please.

Dr. Milner: But we found no records of his travels under his real name. Nor under his aliases.

RPC-880: I’m starving, I’m so hungry, please, Vanessa, I never wanted to do anything like this.

Dr. Milner: His bank accounts have been untouched, apart from the automatic payments.

RPC-880: The hunger… It’s gone! Oh God, please, before I start babbling again, let me out, I know what I need to do! Please, Dr. Milner, I need to get out! Please!

Dr. Milner: It has been a while and we got nothing from him.

RPC-880: Please… [ Sobs. ] I-I don’t want to be gone again, please!

Dr. Milner: So I think we can safely assume he is dead. Probably killed.

[ Silence. The subject is curled up on the floor, multiple cavities open on its surface and silently babbling. Dr. Milner crouches down and leans slightly forward. ]

RPC-880: Please, I am so hungry.

Dr. Milner: But then that begs the question. Where is his body?

RPC-880: So hungry…

Dr. Milner: We know you never left the house. So it had to have been hidden or disposed somewhere in it.

RPC-880: Hungry.

Dr. Milner: But that means that you are better at hiding things than our forensic team is at finding them. Which I find hard to believe.

RPC-880: Hunnngryyyy. So hungryyy.

Dr. Milner: So what did you do with the body, Errika?

[ The subject grows silent. She slowly moves the skull closer to Dr. Milner, meeting her at eye level. A normal humanoid face forms in front of the skull, in the shape of Errika Renosdottir’s face, pre-transformation. ]

RPC-880: Hungry. I… was so hungry. Please.

[ Dr. Milner notes something down on her pad. She crouches down onto the floor, putting the notes on the floor. ]

Dr. Milner: One last question for you, Errika. Who was Pesvogrin Leisskovitz?

RPC-880: He was a great psychiatrist and an even greater human being. He did not deserve the death he had.

Dr. Milner: How did he die?

[ Silence. The subject stays immobile, staring at Dr. Milner through the glass. ]

Dr. Milner: What happened the last time you saw him, Errika?

[ The subject opens a different cavity in its chest. It groans softly, the tone changes. ]

RPC-880: I snapped his neck.

Dr. Milner: Why did you snap his neck, Errika?

RPC-880: I saw the way he was looking at me. He wanted to stop me from helping the others. He thought he was being subtle, but I saw how he looked at me. The more we talked, the more, the more…

[ Dr. Milner interjects, her voice slightly cracking. ]

Dr. Milner: The more he realized the severity of your condition.

[ The subject hisses slightly. ]

RPC-880: No. The more I was able to see he didn't want me to help anyone. It was him who wanted to control me. Any. Means. Necessary.

Dr. Milner: This also included shipping you to another Entity of Interest.

RPC-880: No.

[ Silence. Dr. Milner stares at the subject as she rolls around the floor of the containment area, groaning. Dr. Milner speaks, her voice straining. ]

Dr. Milner: What?

RPC-880: No.

Dr. Milner: What do you mean no?

RPC-880: I knew Pesvogrin. I know the people he talked with. I knew what help he needed. He wanted me to stay here so he could control me.

[ Dr. Milner's voice is shaking. ]

Dr. Milner: Errika. When, when did you kill Pesvogrin?

[ The subject stops rolling around. ]

Dr. Milner: Errika, when did you snap his neck?

RPC-880: During our last session.

Dr. Milner: At what moment, Errika?

[ The subject crawls closer to Dr. Milner. Multiple cavities open on her, all groaning. They begin to synchronize, changing the subject's tone of voice. ]

[ The subject speaks in the late Dr. Leisskovitz's voice. ]

RPC-880: At the start of the session.

[ Silence. Dr. Milner places her knees onto the floor and lets her pad and arms fall beside her. ]

RPC-880: He didn’t want me to help the others. He didn’t tell me that, but I could see it in his eyes. He hated me. He was like my sister. He wanted me to stop. So, I stopped him. I planned the whole conversation before, getting everyone’s thoughts through talking with others. People leaving the Authority is something unforgivable. You go away from your friends, from the people that help you, for a selfish reason. There was no better way to show his hate towards me and his friends. So I caught him while he was turned around and grabbed his neck and it just went snap. But he didn't go away immediately. He used his last moments with me to do something. Do you know what he did, Millie?

[ Dr. Milner's shoulders shake as she silently sobs, tears streaming down her face. ]

RPC-880: He tried to manipulate me. One last time. He didn't try to push me away, or kick me away. He pushed his hands into me. He caught my head. Pulled it closer to his chest. He tried to take me away.

[ Dr. Milner curls up in a fetal position, continuing to sob. ]

RPC-880: I am your friend, Millie. This is why I am telling you this. He pulled my head closer to his chest with his hands. And he wrapped his arms around it. He tightened the grip around it as if his life depended on it. And he told me something so silent not even the recorder picked up. Something that he told me as he stroked my head.

[ The subject leans close to the wall. The imitation of Dr. Leisskovitz's voice becomes strained and silent, but audible. ]

RPC-880: "You're going to be alright, girl. It's not your fault."

[ Dr. Milner quiets down, but continues crying. As she cries, the subject reverts to her regular voice. ]

RPC-880: He tried to trick me and control me. But it's alright now. He is gone, and I am still here. I just need to go outside to help you. Let me out, Vanessa. Please.

[ Dr. Milner continues crying. The noise attracts the security outside, who enter the room. ASF-1 races over to Dr. Milner and helps her get up. ]

RPC-880: Please let me out. I'm hungry. I want to help.

[ ASF-1 escorts Dr. Milner out of the room. She has stopped crying, although her face is twisted and wet. Another officer picks up the notepad and retreats after them. ]

RPC-880: I want to help. Please. I'm hungry.

[ The door is closed. The subject raises her head toward the camera. ]

RPC-880: Let me out.

[ Recording Ends. ]

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