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Containment Protocols: LO-1955 is to be kept in a standard containment locker. Level-2 and higher Research Staff are allowed to perform tests with LO-1955, and any abnormal results are to be reported

Description: LO-1955 is an Ericsson T65 Rotary Telephone welded to a large glass case filled with water. There are no ports on the phone to attach any cables or connectors, making it conventionally useless.

If the handset is removed from the phone and placed to one’s ear, the faint sounds of wind can be heard. Occasionally listeners will report hearing certain songs being played from a distance. Based on the quality of the audio and distance from the receiver it is believed these are being played from another speaker. The songs reported by listeners have included the homonymous official audio for the Disneyland ride It's a Small World, as well as the Carousel of Progress (including It's a Great Beautiful Tomorrow and One Little Spark).

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