The house in which RPC-700 is located.

Registered Phenomena Code: 700

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: The house affected by RPC-700 has been blocked from the public. RPC-700-2 instances are to be transported to OL-Site-7001 and housed in standard humanoid containment cells until their total disintegration. If their immediate survival is deemed necessary, small doses of water will be force-fed to RPC-700-2 instances to eliminate the risk of dehydration.

Description: RPC-700 is a 2 x 1 m shower stall located in a residential house in Crawford, Nebraska. Aside from being impervious to all damage, it possesses no other physical anomalies.

RPC-700's anomalous abilities manifest when it is opened and a human being remains in the stall for 10 minutes or more. The subject will claim to experience intrusive thoughts involving a unique entity, consistently described as a giant grey-hued caterpillar with elongated humanoid extremities protruding irregularly from its body (hereby named RPC-700-1). After leaving RPC-700, no unusual thoughts will manifest in the subject for ~4 days.

Subjects report the absence of any intrusive thoughts for 3-4 days, after which they will undergo an alteration process described below.

Stage 1: The subject will begin to experience a continuous, acute fear of water and steam. Subjects will refuse to shower, bathe, and even drink regardless of deteriorating health conditions caused by such avoidance. Subjects will also avoid discussing RPC-700-1, believing that mentioning the entity attracts it to the speaker. Subjects past Stage 1 will be classified as RPC-700-2.

Stage 2: RPC-700-2's voice will begin to be muffled by the noise of water pouring from a shower head2 until their voice is completely muted by it. If in a state of distress, panic, or anger, the shower noise will be replaced with steam whistles, and RPC-700-2 will release vapor from its mouth. RPC-700-2 is not damaged by this vapor, though it will raise their body temperature exponentially. RPC-700-2 will be extremely distressed by this stage, and ~29% of RPC-700-2 instances die of either heart attacks or heat strokes before Stage 33.

Stage 3: Bite marks will start appearing across the body of RPC-700-2. These marks resemble mandible bites left by Danaus plexippus4 larva, though disproportionally bigger compared to normal bites5. RPC-700-2 will subsequently die due to their bites. If RPC-700-2 is killed prematurely, Stage 3 still continues.

Stage 4: Several body parts will start to slowly fade out from the corpse of RPC-700-2 until it fully disappears. The process creates a high amount of steam, which obscures the corpse of RPC-700-2.


This iteration of RPC-700 was uploaded before Incident 700-1. A link to the current 10/4/20██ version has been automatically sent to your e-mail.

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