Anomalie No. 435




~ 3rd of November, 1882 ~

Bounty Attributes:

Lethality Concealment Desirability Priority Status
7 5 7 (Sheriff's Department) 4 C

Bounty Commissioner: ​Sheriff Stanley White
Expedition Lead: Reverend Horace Baumann

On Handling Safely



Following this day, 3rd of November 1882 Anno Domini, the Society will cease official requests for the capture of Anomalie No. 435. I will be returning to my native Austria, now 'Germany'. My tenure has been controversial, and I am conscious of the dislike harbored by many of you toward my being here. But in my leaving, I pray to the highest of the high that my brethren heed the warnings. The phantasm still roams. Though we know its nature not, it stalks us even now. Be vigilant of the crossroads, do not heed the whispers. To the hunters that still work in this place, should any acquire or apprehend the phantasm they shall be commissioned by Sheriff White. As I waste away in exile, I shall pray in gratitude for all of you. Be well, and peace be upon you.

-Reverend Baumann

Though I have not seen it myself, my former partner experienced a number of encounters with this creature. Utilizing the accounts given to me I have been able to formulate a method by which one may escape such an encounter with the phantasm safely.

Sgt. Baker Witnesses have indicated that though the creature is indeed real, its nature is ethereal rather than purely physical. As such, physical weapons will likely not serve as a protective measure in this instance. Currently the most effective methods of protection have been acts of inattention. The presence of the phantasm is al least in part dependent on your cognition. As such, affording it less focus than it demands will lessen the ability it possesses to truly affect you.

Though this has shown to lessen damage in certain circumstances, ultimately the most efficient method regarding safety is not to encounter the phantasm at all. Despite exhaustive research its true nature is yet unknown to us, and as such unless you believe you have developed a surefire method of apprehending it, staying avoidant of the phantasm is our recommended course of action to make sure you survive consistently.

On Identification

At this juncture, the label Anomalie No. 435 refers to an ethereal creatura obscura referred to informally as the Phantasm. It's physical descriptions vary rather frequently but commonalities emerge among accounts that can be utilized in identification. The creature is usually accompanied by strong winds and the smell of smoke. Often witnesses describe a texture similar to petrified wood present on the entities skin, though in most cases the skin is obscured by distance or by indistinct clothing.


Lithograph of No. 435 courtesy of the Tombstone Gazette.

The Phantasm appears consistently in proximity to crossroads certain sacred or ritual formations that some may be familiar with. Certain ritualistic qualities have been attributed to the phantasm by certain hunters, as it often appears to individuals during times in which they are experiencing periods of personal turmoil or misfortune. This is discouraged by the expedition team, as though there is some correlation the two are most certainly not related.

Persistent rumours of vocalizations have spread around the Hunter community for quite some time, and though many witnesses have described "whispers" emitting from the phantasm, when asked to enumerate what was being said the answers are in all cases rather incoherent. As such the team has concluded that the vocalizations are the result of another quality of the phantasm, mental tampering. Disorientations and strange visions are consistently described during encounters. The team is of the belief that these are the central hunting mechanisms of the creature. The mechanism by which the phantasm affects the mind is unknown, and the Society is not currently pursuing any further research on the matter.

On Recountments

The society was alerted to this anomalie via a number of strange tragedies that have resulted from encounters with it. Namely the incidence of Ned Beatty certain violent crimes that were at that time void of any logical explanation. These events coincided with increased sightings of the creature, which led to the original formation of the expedition team.

Apologies to the reader, but I have been asked to omit certain recountment records from the report by members of the Tombstone and Ogden Sheriff's Department. Any inquiries regarding the information will have to be directed toward Officer Mose Currie as the current expedition leader will not be available following the report's publication.

On Storage and Utility

As of this report there are no concerted efforts for the apprehending or storage of this anomalie. The reasons for this decision are complex and there has been much debate, but ultimately the focus of the expedition team has been decided to be on records and vigilance. The team is on call to deal with any sightings or incidents regarding No. 435, but at this time active hunting is discouraged.

The larger retreat of Protectorate personnel from Tombstone has also left the expedition team rather barebones, so special recognition should be given to those who participated in the hunt during the period it was active.

  • Private Ace Temple
  • Private Seamus McAffee
  • Corporal Dean Ellen
  • Corporal Nicholas Johnson
  • Sergeant Robert Baker Unidentified

Further recognitions will be posted outside the Axton Hornsby Lodge. I would like to personally thank all those who participated in the expedition, and though it may seem to be ending here, it's important to understand that the hunt for truth never ends. Thank you all, and good luck.

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