Foxtrot-4 "Prey"







Numerical Code: Alpha-23 Foxtrot-4 (Reassigned)

Codename: Prey

Motto: Dum Vives Currere Potest Sine Pervenire Nusquam ("You can run your whole life, but not go anywhere")

Garrison/HQ: Various

Roles: Rapid Deployment, Containment and Retrieval, CBRN Specialist, Special Reconnaissance, and Direct Action

Established: February 8, 1942 September 29, ████ (Reactivated)

Description: Foxtrot-4 was formed as a special reconnaissance and industrial sabotage unit to combat GARD's operations in the middle east, in 1942. Previously codenamed as Alpha-23, Alpha-23 was lead by Colonel Cartwright in coordination with American and British intelligence.

By 1945, GARD operations within the middle east were dismantled by Allied forces. In ████, the Church of Malthus began to spread their influence throughout the Arabic states to establish a foothold for their organization. With Malthusian influence seen as a threat to Authority operations, the Authority assigned Alpha-23 to dismantle the Malthus network within the middle east.

With the assistance of Israeli intelligence from Mossad, Alpha-23 captured known Malthus cells operating within the Israeli Defense Force and the Israeli Government.

Malthusian influence had weakened within the Middle East, but complete neutralization proved difficult. Alpha-23 was deactivated as the threat of Malthus operations within the Arabic states became weaker in the 1980s, during the Soviet invasion and subsequent clash with Malthusian forces.

In ████, in the aftermath of the disastrous containment efforts of Site-███, the Protection Division reorganizes its security protocols and subsequently reactivates Alpha-23, and reassigns them to Foxtrot-4. Since ████, Foxtrot-4 has been the primary detachment for rapid deployment in situations where anomalies need to be contained and retrieved, following their discovery or initial containment breach within an Authority facility.

In addition, Foxtrot-4 has multiple response teams stationed across the world on standby at all times.

Taskforce Composition

Task Force Officials:

  • Task Force Commander: Col. Abrams Hale
  • Task Force Coordinator: Maj. Arthur Nicholson
  • Chief Intelligence Liaison: Capt. Ana Macro
  • Director of Anomaly Containment: Dr. Nathaniel Donovan
  • Director of Elemental Support: Dr. Fredrick Richardson
  • Representative Internal Officer: 2nd Lt. Samantha Hastings

Primary Components:

  • Rapid Detachment Forces: +180
    • Ground Deployment Team: +45 Personnel
    • Air Deployment Team: +45 Personnel
    • Naval Deployment Team: +45 Personnel
    • CBRN Team: +45 Personnel
  • Elemental Support Division: +35 Personnel
  • Information Warfare Division: +52 Personnel

Secondary Components:

  • Air Operations Division: +60 Personnel, 8 MH-60M Blackhawk, 4 Boeing CV-22B Osprey, 4 MH-47G Chinook, 6 Eurocopter AAS-72X+.
  • Ground Operations Division: +80 Personnel, 15 Oshkosh M-ATV, 10 Interim Armored Vehicle Stryker, 24 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
  • Total Personnel: +410 Personnel


Standard Firearms

  • Combat Knife: Spartan-George V14 Combat Dagger
  • Pistol: Walther PK380
  • Rifle: Colt Canada C8SFW
  • Shotgun: Kel-Tec KSG
  • Sniper: Knight's Armament Company SR-25
  • Anti-Materiel: Barrett M82A3
  • Rocket Launcher: PanzerFaust 3-IT
  • Anti-Air Launcher: Stinger FIM-92J

Operational History

Containment Assignments


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