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morhadowmorhadow 21 Oct 2021 18:36
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-961 [ES]

Well, this is my first translation for the RPC. Maybe I will translate something more and checking that it isn't in RPC-ES unless it's translated like shit

For spanish readers, enjoy it.

by morhadowmorhadow, 21 Oct 2021 18:36

cowboy tale woohooo yea

crittie thread

special thanks to Worm that Walks, Rota, Almarduk, and the Son of Man.

by BetterMyButterBetterMyButter, 21 Oct 2021 17:20

initial thoughts:

1) The format is kinda goofy, it may be better as a bullet list or a table of some kind? Play around with it more, this doesn't work. Alma's suggestion is pretty nifty tho

2) gimme those conprocs boy

3) "… assuming a suffering expression in congruence with the extreme temperatures of the blizzard." Reword this- "appearing to suffer the effects of exposure to the blizzard"?

4) "In most cases, RPC-XXX-1 will lead the discussion into focusing on concepts such as moral obligations and the exclusivity of hospitality by the human race alone. Subjects state that they feel a personal connection with RPC-XXX-1 by this point." I got it. You can put "snippets" of an interview log between each stage, like having a box where some random guy and the RPC talk, I think that'd look neat. Maybe something like this with the bits coming between parts.

5) "These instances are typically recorded to have taken up cooking as a hobby or profession." wait wait wait, so they're actual people with records, or they claim to have these abilities? i'd remove this bit since it raises too many questions the article doesn't answer

overall i liked it lemme know when u post

Re: Death By Obligation by BetterMyButterBetterMyButter, 21 Oct 2021 17:10
VizloxVizlox 21 Oct 2021 12:16
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-2006-J

How am I supposed to read the article?

Oh, the author post didn't appear until I posted this.

by VizloxVizlox, 21 Oct 2021 12:16

They're cleaning their gun; a revolver with a make and model unidentifiable to anyone else.

Forget what I can do, that hurts. And even then it'll take weeks for me to fully recover from that."

"Hey, maybe Monty could disguise as a pretty lady and try-" "No, no, it wouldn't work. Even if that wasn't a stupid idea, it'd take an awfully long time for me to make that change and I didn't bring an outfit for that."

Separate line.

From there he withdrew a small slip of paper, and as it slid out, the small piece of flint in the wallet's slot struck against the alchemical paper and caused a massive flash of light and sparks to go directly into the eyes of the officer, which was then followed by a foot going directly into his chest and he collapsed, burn marks on his face and hands over his eyes, groaning in pain.

Awkward wording.

Of course. Just a possibility of an idea I had, highly doubted it would be fully fitting though.

Re: Topsy-Turvy. by StatueOfMrMoustachioStatueOfMrMoustachio, 21 Oct 2021 05:49
TomatointheMirrorTomatointheMirror 21 Oct 2021 04:33
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-2006-J

the final result will be a link to a youtube video. not a playlist, a single video. if you do not have that, you are not done yet.
also, there is a way to bypass most of the puzzles. but i have enough faith in you to do it properly.

by TomatointheMirrorTomatointheMirror, 21 Oct 2021 04:33
morhadowmorhadow 20 Oct 2021 21:44
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-380

This rpc seems vaguely familiar

by morhadowmorhadow, 20 Oct 2021 21:44

Pretty kickass idea, but I'm not really into the 001 aspect. It plays way better as just an independent anomaly than trying to place it at the core of the world. The logistics of all anomalies coming from Topsy-Turvy are pretty questionable when a lot of them are pretty clearly meant to come from this world.

Re: Topsy-Turvy. by AlmardukAlmarduk, 20 Oct 2021 18:39
Re: Death By Obligation by AlmardukAlmarduk, 20 Oct 2021 18:35

Their face is almost spectacular in its blandness, resembling the sort of face you'd see every day or so but with no name to it.

Face is repeated

Also this is kind of an eh description. Maybe "the sort of person you catch a glimpse of while walking and never see again" or something among those lines.

The first few lines of dialogue sound weird, kinda surreal. Not sure if that's what you're going for?

Nice tale, I enjoyed lots.

Re: FIRST FRONTIER SUBMISSION by AlmardukAlmarduk, 20 Oct 2021 04:38

I'm not sure if I should add an interview log of an XXX-1 instance. If the current format for the timeline sucks, how else should I format it?

Null Pointer Exception

Death By Obligation by MinutemenMinutemen, 19 Oct 2021 22:59

You're a real human being and a real hero, Satoshi. Keep up the good work.

Re: informal RPCAnimation by Von PincierVon Pincier, 19 Oct 2021 22:21

!!! HELL YEAH !!!

Re: informal RPCAnimation by AlmardukAlmarduk, 19 Oct 2021 17:31

Crittie please i want to be free from this cowboy hell


Hello everyone in the world!
My name is Satoshi. I translate RPC articles into Japanese.
It will be November soon, and RPC animation will be released next month.
It's a short three-minute video, but it will be released on Newgrounds and YouTube.

The date is undecided, but please look forward to it.
Maybe Discord will show it secretly.

informal RPCAnimation by MtHistoryMtHistory, 19 Oct 2021 14:52
Re: 3+ funny
Mr GallopMr Gallop 19 Oct 2021 06:49
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-398

It needs to be replaced but there is a definite overreaction.

Re: 3+ funny by Mr GallopMr Gallop, 19 Oct 2021 06:49

Hello all the people. So, I previously tried to put forth an idea regarding. In short, I felt like it wasn't going anywhere. I might return to it in the future, but for now, I'd like to hear your thoughts on a new idea.

I call it "Topsy-Turvy". What this RPC exactly is, is a pocket dimension presumably located within the Savoy Theatre in London, and accessible via the lake on the Grim's Dyke property, but most of the article, if this is to be written, will be focussed on actually explaining the process by which it was created, through things like letters, newspaper clippings, and things like that.

In short, how it came into creation was that in the year 1901, the manager of the Savoy Theatre, Richard D'Oyly Carte, wanted to reunite playwright W.S. Gilbert, and composer Arthur Sullivan for, as he put it, "one last hurrah", due to the unsuecsfullness of their previous collaboration "the Grand Duke", and Carte didn't want the legacy of Gilbert and Sullivan to end on such a sour note.

When he got the 2 together, the 2 agreed to produce a big, grand, final operetta, though Gilbert seemed quite "onto" the idea of them making 1 final work together, and made it clear to Carte that this would be the greatest one of all. Carte asked Gilbert how he planned to make something even better than the Mikado, which was the Savoy's lognest running performance to date, but Gilbert merely replied that with the power of words, and a good imagination, anything was possible.

Many newspaper clippings are transcripted into the document, talking about how good it is that Gilbert and Sullivan were working on one final piece together to make sure their legacy didn't end with the failure that was the Grand Duke. The new operetta, named "Topsy-Turvy", was said to be planned to be more grander, better, more immersive than any before. W.S. Gilbert frequently talked about it, but Arthur Sullivan remained relatively silent. Though with it was a letter from Gilbert's wife, Lucy, to Carte, explaining that she had noticed some oddities in Gilbert. She feared he was overworking him or something, as at night she would awake to hear him rambling in the hallways about what she presumed to be of Topsy-Turvy almost as if it was the bible. But Carte replied in a letter back, saying that his influence on this project, on either side of Gilbert or Sullivan, has been little-to-nothing, and that he wishes only for the best for Gilbert if he's facing any mental troubles, and he has no doubt that Sullivan wishes only the same.

The next text is a series of journal entries by Carte in the lead up to the first performance of Topsy-Turvy. Apparently everything was looking great. The theatre was fully bought out for the first night, with people still seeking tickets after that. He read the script Gilbert made, and it was unlike anything he heard before, almost spiritually changing. He was listening in on the score that Sullivan wrote, and it perfectly fit the scene of everything he read, though far more dramatic than his normal style with Gilbert. But so was Topsy-Turvy itself. It was a story about a king of "otherworldly beings" who plans to invade and take over the world to fundamentally change it but is stopped by a mere poet. who, with the power of words, and a good imagination, made anything possible.

But, crisis strikes, as the last entries in Carte's journal shows us what happened the first time RPC-XXX made itself known to the world. During the performance of the operetta, at the time when the poet opens the gateway between reality and the "other world", the ground beneath their feet started the rumble like an earthquake, almost tearing the ground apart, and then a bright white light filled the theatre. Carte, who was watching from backstage couldn't understand the event, and when he looked out with a few of his colleagues, he saw the Savoy Theatre was completely empty. Carte in confusion and fear, rushes to Gilbert's home in Grim's Dyke, only to find him there, completely safe and sound, acting as if he never wrote anything titled Topsy-Turvy before. When he went to Sullivan's house, he apparently already died months ago.

Newspapers galore as many small papers begin reporting things like "Topsy Turvy vanishing at the Savoy!", but in the larger newspapers, nothing seems to be reported. Instead, articles are published talking about malicious intent by smaller newspapers in order to decieve people about a false operetta called Topsy-Turvy, and cause a stir. But it is suspicious as these articles and reports from the big papers are supposedly written by people with incredibly long and complicated names, and people who have, according to historical documents, never had any assosciation to these newspapers. Names like "Kan Kanrington" and "Zelliot Zeli Zeltanbroad, 3rd Prince of Noppinty" were attached as the authors of the articles blaming the small papers for wanting to cause a ficticious stir.

The next insert in the document is a letter, dated 1911, written by Gilbert to Lucy. In the letter he explains how today he is to give a swimming lesson to 2 young girls in the lake on his property. He will be faking his death and "going home" through the waters, as the entrance through the Savoy had closed and this was the only other way. He thanks her for being able to spend his time in "this false world" with her, and only wished for a better future for her and her family (as they had no children), but that he must now return to his own to "help his people". The final words of the letter tell his wife to carry on, and read "with the power of words, and a good imagination, anything is possible."

The following, and final part of the document is a series of exploration logs, of a team of personnel venturing into the land of Topsy-Turvy through the lake in an attempt to understand its properties better. They awaken in a vast landscape, and everything seems to be, as the name suggests, topsy-tuvy. Islands that float, ships that sail in the sky, all sorts of strange creatures, people and places with inconceivably long names, animals, beings, structures and places that make no sense, etc, etc. Over time, as they venture further and further in, they begin to understand something. The operetta
Topsy-Turvy, at least Carte's description of it, wasn't just an operetta, it was also a warning. The land was ruled by a king who was a ruthless king who was hellbent on invading the normal world, and assimilating reality into Topsy-Truveydom, and Gilbert was, in fact, someone who figured out how to escape, and was, while originating as an ally for the king, actually part of a resistance group, who was trying to stop the king from invading. But the last contact we have from this venture party is a frenzied claim that they had been compromised by the king and that those on the surface had to do whatever they could to seal reality off from Topsy-Turvy.

Perhaps there could be a link to another page, which is a personal message from the Topsy Turvy king to the authority, saying that there was a lot from history that was not taught. Topsy-Turvy used to be a part of reality, but then you casted them out. He made it clear that Topsy-Turvydom was already effecting reality, as how else were the papers edited like they were? He promised to be ruthless during the great invasion, because, to quote his now-dead son, who was one of the most talented and smartest men in all of topsy-turvy, who had been corrupted by reality, "with the power of words, and a good imagination, anything is possible" (Yes, plot twist, W. S. Gilbert was actually the Topsy Turvy king's son).

Well that was a mouthful. What do people think though? If it's good, it might serve as a fitting RPC-001 article, like the land of Topsy-Turvy is where all the anomalies have come from (like how Topsy-Turveydom can control the creation and publication of certain false articles made by Topsy-Turveydom itself, and how it can re-edit history to have Sullivan die any months ago, so why couldn't it make anomalies like those that are found by the authority), but that's of coruse by far merely wishful thinking as I don't know if it's truly 001 levels of good, to be frank any good at all to begin with! That's why I want to hear it from you all.

So tell me, what do you think of "Topsy-Turvy"?

Topsy-Turvy. by StatueOfMrMoustachioStatueOfMrMoustachio, 18 Oct 2021 12:52
VizloxVizlox 17 Oct 2021 21:36
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-1340-J

Pretty good -J. I got a laugh out of it.

by VizloxVizlox, 17 Oct 2021 21:36

Thank you for the helpful criticism and tips. I have added the critique to the article and it can be found here:

Re: My Draft: "Blood Armor" by Cyber-clayCyber-clay, 17 Oct 2021 02:28
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