Extended RPC-251-B Test Logs




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Test #: 004

Proceedures: RPC-251-A are to drive a vehicle 140 km/h until they shift into a different universe. RPC-251-A are to document and collect samples of materials or entities found within said universe.

Supplies: 1.5 kL of bottled water, seventy five (75) MREs, five (5) Extra Planetary Exploration Gear (PEG), five (5) M4 carbines, five (5) M9 pistols, five (5) combat knives, ten (10) sample collecting vials and containers, five (5) oxygen canisters filled with 50 kilograms of oxygen, five (5) video recording devices.

Subjects: RPC-251-A1, RPC-251-A2, RPC-251-A3, RPC-251-A4, RPC-251-A5

Results: RPC-251-A reach 140 km/h and manifest within another reality. The group manifested in a enormous structure with multiple humanoid statues depicting humanoids with eight arms and four legs. The team and the vehicle appear to be manifested atop a long bridge like structure floating above a room filled with fog. The bridge like structure appears to stretch indefinitely in both directions. The team observe multiple spatial distortions originating from the humanoid statue. The group observe various large organisms moving through the thick fog below the bridge. The team decide to explore the bridge in the vehicle. The team move forward for one (1) hour until they notice multiple humanoid wing entities rising from the fog. The following is video footage from the encounter:

RPC-251-A5: Guys I think we’ve got company.

Several humanoid entities can be seen flying from the fog.

RPC-251-A1: What the fu-

RPC-251-A1 decreases the vehicle’s speed.

RPC-251-A2: Do you think it’s wise to slow down Texas.

RPC-251-A1: Don’t call me that.

One of the flying humanoids attaches itself to the left side off the vehicle. The entity creates a black dagger like object and smashes the back window. RPC-251-A4 aims its rifle at the central mass of the entity and fires. The entity falls off.

RPC-251-A5: Fuck! Shane!

More flying humanoids begin to glide toward the vehicle.

RPC-251-A4: Ethan drive!

RPC-251-A1 increases the vehicle’s speed.

The group reach 140km/h and remanifest within our reality. RPC-251-A are returned to their quarters. The wheels of the vehicle were covered in an unknown liquid composed of some form of iron isotope. Samples of the liquid were taken to Site-███ for further study.

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