Exploration Log 610-B




Foreword: After Exploration 610-A, the decision was made to control a drone inside of RPC-610, due to the containment doors seemingly blocks any signal. The remote control drone operator would be guarded by Whiskey-7 and on-site security throughout the exploration. The objective of the mission is to ascertain the origin of the reeds and the possibility of anomalous objects creating RPC-610-1. A ground-based drone was selected for the task, as a flying drone was deemed too conspicuous for the operation.

<Begin Log, 1/11/74, 9:11am>

The drone activates on the entrance of RPC-610. Slowly, it moves forward on its treads, down a slight slope. It pushes the reeds down as it goes, making its way through the field. The reeds pop back up behind the drone, obscuring line of sight from the group. It moves for another 800m with no visual or audio contact; silence beside the pushing of the reeds. A loud snap is heard next to the drone, which it quickly rotates its camera to. A large instance of RPC-610-1 is seen, nearly 4 meters in height.

It moves through the field with purpose, seemingly looking for something. The drone continues to move on. The tall instance roars and grabs a smaller instance of RPC-610-1 who was hiding in the reeds of the field. The tall instance immediately bit into the smaller organisms head, cannibalizing it and killing it instantly. The drone goes unnoticed.

The drone continues to the end of the field but discovers nothing of note at the end. Footsteps from the squad's initial scuttle with the RPC-610-1 group still remain, embedded in the ground with no signs of erosion, remaining as a backtracking beacon to RPC-610. The drone descends the hill, slowly making its way down further. The slope downwards is devoid of any life, though it seems to still be grounded with the soil that the reeds were planted in.

The decline slowly levels out, with vegetation returning slowly. Reeds, seemingly cut at ankle height, obscures the drone’s vision somehow, but not entirely, allowing it to get a limited look at the area in front of it. At 2.6km into RPC-610, the first sign of crafted material is spotted. Huts crafted similar to those of primitive ███████ tribe, weaved out of the strong material of the reeds. The light weight of the material allows for construction to be pushed further and higher, resulting in a cacophony of huts stacked upon each other.

“Residents” of the structure seem to use tools of the same material to move throughout the structure, dropping down on stray lines of woven reed in between the stacked huts, acting as ziplines to the ground. While the drone in limited visibility could not see to the top of the structure, it was calculated that due to the tensile strength of the reeds, and the rampant unorganized building, the structure could only reach to the height of 350m. At this time, the drone went into a low light mode to avoid detection.

The drone made its way into the structure, avoiding instances of RPC-610-1. While moving through the structure towards it’s center, some RPC-610-1 organisms seemed to notice the drone, but did not move nor make any discernible effort to alert others to its presence. These organisms, while of the same varying height, weight as the organisms originally encountered by Expedition 610-1-A, seemed to all be of the bipedal variance, and generally had limbs able to effectively manipulate objects. Most of these organisms were wearing woven “clothes” around most of their bodies, with some of the larger instances wearing multiple layers, practically untouchable by any form of physical trauma due to the reeds anomalous properties.

Continuing through the increasingly packed huts, sounds were beginning to be picked up throughout the structure. Rather than what was previously thought as their form of communication, as high pitched screeches, a language that could only be identified as ancient Native American was being used. While a speaker from an older tribe was able to pick up on some words from the recording, it was a clearly different language, and full sentences were nearly impossible to decipher.

At the center of this cluster of huts is a small clearing, marked by rocks defining a center point. A large grouping of RPC-610-1 are there, some coated in a thick black substance, talking to one another around what appears to be a firepit, unlit. A large figure stands over this group, most eyes trained on it. Moving to a larger rock near the center of the pit, it speaks. While most of the words spoken by this RPC-610-1 instance, hereby known as RPC-610-A, couldn’t be recovered, it seemed that it spoke an advanced form of the language, assumed to only be spoken by more educated members of the RPC-610-1 society.

Translated speech post video recording, untranslatable portions striked through.

RPC-610-A: My -- people. Light has -- -— to us. We go to -— and -- for ourselves, to greater -— for our history, and our future.

This speech sends great cheers throughout the crowd, stomping and chanting ensuing. RPC-610-A holds out their hand, and the crowd stops almost immediately in their actions, some freezing on the spot.

RPC-610-A: For too long we have feared the -- in the forest of -— and -—. We hide -— to live, but we -— and want more. We grow stronger every day, and our growth cannot be stopped by -- and their --. Today, we bring them --!

The crowd cheers again, and RPC-610-A leads them into a short chant, punctuated by periods of rapid dancing. Most of the RPC-610-1 instances covered in the thick black substance noticeably, do not join in this, and rather watch, sitting still on the sidelines.

It is at this time that the drone is noticed by one of the RPC-610-1 instances. The drone immediately backs up to try to gain speed away from the crowd, but the organisms have already surrounded it, displaying incredible speed for their size and varying body shapes. The drone is passed down the line, each organism looking away from it as it passes, trying to avoid its low power light. It reaches the end of the line at RPC-610-A, who looks at it for five seconds before declaring, “One less -- to worry about.”

The crowd cheers again, stomping their feet and reaching up to the sky, waiting for something. RPC-610-A screeches and tosses the drone back into the crowd of RPC-610-1 instances. Its camera picks up in its final moments, a multitude of limbs crashing over its exterior and smashing its lens.

At this time, Whiskey-7 was ordered to pack up and retreat outside and maintain a line of sight on the doorway. The door was to be closed, but as a cautionary procedure, the unit was to remain onsite for one week in order to analyze footage and monitor anomalous activity near the entrance of RPC-610.

<End Log, 1/15/74, 8:04am>

Closing Statement: Four days into the monitor stage, the event in which now designated as Addendum RPC-610-2 occurred.

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