Exploration Log 610-A




Foreword: MST Unit Whiskey-7 “Night Owls” were assigned to the exploration of RPC-610. Exploration was to consist of walking the diameter of RPC-610 and investigating any anomalous activity. Analysis of any RPC-610-1 instances was considered a secondary objective.

<Begin Log, 1/07/74, 7:02am>

Captain A██████: Lights on from here on out. Any broken, shot, or malfunctioning bulb is to be replaced, or a backup is to be swapped immediately. Do not break rank for any reason; this is foreign territory. I expect you all paid attention during the briefing, so let's keep this clean, and be back here for lunchtime.

Agent J████: Ain’t no worries. Done my homework, these things don’t look like anything we haven't seen before.

Researcher S████: Looks can be deceiving, agent. Or looking can kill you. Either way, there have been no field tests as of yet. Don’t take any of those reports as gospel, if you believe in one.

Agent J████: Hard to believe in any good book when you work in this line.

Captain A██████: Alright, this conversation is over. We have a mission to do. Let's get going.

Whiskey-7 enters the contaminated area. Visibility darkens, although there is still dim light shining through a dark gloom around the reeds. The squad proceeds to the entrance of RPC-610 without incident. Captain A██████ and Researcher S████ insert their keycards, unlocking the door and entering RPC-610. On-site security remains at the unlocked door, leaving the entranceway open.

Whiskey-7 travels 500m without incident in a wide open field filled with reeds. To their right, the field cuts off into a hole. To the left, a large forest, made of seemingly the same organic materials as the reeds, filled with large oak trees that stretch to the ceiling. Contact is first made when Agent J████ shines his flashlight on one tree, startling an instance of RPC-610-1.

Agent J████: Captain. Anomalous organism spotted. What the hell is that thing?

[The RPC-610-1 instance recoils, trying to shield its eyes from the sudden burst of light. Researcher S████ pushes down the Agent's flashlight, speaking in hushed tones]

Researcher S████: Watch where you point that! These organisms have probably never been exposed to that amount of life in years.

Captain A██████: Agent J████, turn down your lumens on your light. Alerting the locals is the last thing we want to do.

[Agent J████ glances up at the RPC-610-1 organism, recovering from the sudden shock of light.]

Agent J████: It's a bit late for that, Captain.

[Agent J████ draws his weapon, aiming it at the organism in the tree.]

Agent J████: Permission to fire?

Captain A██████: No. If there are others around, it will only antagonize them. It's best to just let this one go, we can't assume they're a solitary species yet.

The instance of RPC-610-1, agitated, screeches at Agent J████ and retreats further into the forest, dropping out of vision. Whiskey-7 waits approximately five minutes, weapons trained on the treeline. No RPC-610-1 instance re-appears, though noises similar to that of its screech are heard. The commander chooses to continue the mission despite alerting RPC-610-1 to their presence.

The unit proceeds another 700m without incident. No changes in forest scenery seem to occur, but the hole right of them does seem to get smaller as they walk further on, the other side of the hole coming to a meeting point with the field at 1km into RPC-610. Whiskey 7 continues to aim their weapons at the tree line, but sees no further organisms. As they reach the end of the field, and an end to the reeds, it comes to a 30° slope, descending farther than flashlights can illuminate.

Whiskey-7 were collecting samples of the soil and pictures on location when they heard a sudden screech, similar to that of the RPC-610-1 instance they had shined a flashlight on. This was followed by many more screeches in return, while coming from all angles, most originating from the tree line. It was at this time Captain A██████ ordered a full retreat, pulling the squad in a back to back defensive formation, weapons at the ready.

[Captain A[REDACTED] speaks into his radio, "Control, this is ground. Calling off the op, encountering much more resistance than initially anticipated. Moving to exfiltrate."]

Researcher S████: Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why me? Why did I [Extraneous Data Removed]1.

Captain A██████: Relax S████. We've done this plenty before. We'll get out of this just fine.

RPC-610-1 circled Whiskey-7 similar to that of most predator animals, looking for any weakness in the formation. While most did come close to the squad, none attacked, seemingly aware of their weapons, constantly moving and crouching low between the reeds. Whiskey 7 moves 200m without any conflict, with the organisms circling them the entire time. Though Captain A██████ ordered “cold weapons” policy of waiting for RPC-610-1 to attack first, Researcher S████ fired, in an unintentional response to one instance circling too close.

Agent J████: What the fuck!?

Captain A██████: Weapons hot!

All instances attack, using their █████ to physically batter and tear the units. Though initially overwhelmed, Whiskey-7 quickly learned that RPC-610-1 was easily dispatched by conventional firearms, and cleared out most aggressive instances surrounding them. Screeches all throughout the RPC-610 was heard, and a snap decision by Captain was made to break formation and run to the entrance. Though it was 800m away, Whiskey-7 returned with no further RPC-610-1 sightings, though screeching was heard during the entire retreat.

Samples of soil and reeds of RPC-610 has been transported to Site-002 for study.

<End Log, 1/07/74, 8:04am>

Closing Statement: Light no longer considered for use within RPC-610, as it causes aggression within RPC-610-1. Agents not recommended for further exploration, as RPC-610 appears to view most organics as prey.

In the post-operation de-briefing, Researcher S████ said he reacted to a response of fear of one of the RPC-610-1 units. It is unknown at this time if this is a natural human reaction to RPC-610-1 or a memetic property, and tests are undergoing.

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