Experiment Log 703-13





Anomaly Experimentation Team Official Test Log

Location: Site-016, Anomaly Research Sector Date: 01/29/2019
Test Subject(s): RPC-703 Classification level: 4
Researchers: Senior Researcher Dr. Driscoll and 7 other researchers.

Experiment 703-13

Purpose: To observe RPC-703 with an Anderson Coherency Scale of 0.

Data: RPC-703 had morphed into an indescribable shape and appearance. Photography of RPC-703 was impossible, as it did not appear through optical equipment. Area around RPC-703 began to deviate from normal reality, gradually becoming more anomalous. Researchers began experiencing an indescribable feeling, only able to be described as "intense."

Researchers as well began to experience memory loss, dread and symptoms of schizophrenia.

10 minutes later, the testing chamber of RPC-703 became severely damaged, three researchers had become deceased by unknown means. Autopsy reports were inconclusive. Multiple researchers began leaving the testing chamber.

30 minutes later, RPC-703 broke containment. Social media posts regarding RPC-703 quickly surfaced within 10 minutes. Based on the location of each post, RPC-703 had simultaneously appeared in multiple countries. Destruction of infrastructure and multiple deaths ensued within 3 minutes of the breach.

Due to the inability to recontain RPC-703, the Authority only began to wipe social media posts from the internet.

Conclusion: RPC-703 exhibits highly dangerous and anomalous properties when possessing an ACS of 0.

Notes: Re-classification to Omega-Black pending. RPC-703 has not experienced an ACS of 0 since. Lets hope it doesn't happen again.

-Dr. Driscoll

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