Anomalous Events Index

Forward: Anomalies are not only limited to just objects and entities that can be contained. Sometimes there are simply events that happen that are too fast to prevent or are caused by a secondary force. These events are listed in this location for index and reference.

The format can be found here.

Log #: 001
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Date of Occurrence: January 17th, 1990
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Unknown amount of civilians
Description: At 0800 hours an unidentified giant sea mammal of an unidentified species arrived on the shore, stayed until 3 hours when it retreated back into the ocean.
Reactionary Measures: All videos of the creature have been continually scrubbed from the internet, local Sites located on the coast in the entire region have been assigned with locating the aforementioned creature.

Log #: 002
Location: San Ysidro, California
Date of Occurrence: September 12th, 1970 to September 12th, 2019
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Commercial truck drivers, and civilian drivers.
Description: At 1800 hours to 2200 hours on September 12th of every year following 1970, a visual anomaly resembling a young woman with white garb reminiscent of the time period is seen by drivers walking on a stretch of the I-905 closest to the Otay Mesa. Interviews were done with a cover as a paranormal research and hunting magazine have yielded information that all drivers with visual confirmation of the anomaly heard looped renditions of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler and "Every day Is A Winding Road" by Sheryl Crow through their radio speakers regardless of station, working radion condition, or volume. Interviews also revealed drivers who stopped for the entity found they were alone, and the entity had reappeared in their rear view when they continued driving.
Reactionary Measures: Similar stories of women wearing white on long stretches of road in other regions have been fabricated and spread online to facilitate hiding the anomaly.

Log #: 003
Location: Tampa, Florida
Date of Occurrence: June 17th, 2012
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: ███████ Suburban Neighborhood
Description: All citizens within a 0.3 km radius within the neighborhood had reported an extremely loud low-pitched sound which seemed to have no point of origin. The sound was described to be quickly approaching listeners, gradually causing violent vibrations and minor damage to the interior of multiple homes. Below is a civilian recording of the event, confiscated by the Authority.

Reactionary Measures: Reports and evidence of the event have been wiped from numerous media platforms to prevent dissemination of the event. Amnestics were administered to the neighborhood via chemtrails and manual administering. The neighborhood and nearby areas are currently under Authority supervision. The media was as well fed a story of a minor 2.5 magnitude earthquake which was explained to have only been felt by very few people.

Log #: 004
Location: Miami, Florida
Date of Occurrence: January 8th, 2019
EOI Involved: RPC-███
Observed By: ████████ Catholic Middle School
Description: On January 8th, 2019, students in the classroom of a Janet █████, who was 5 months pregnant, witnessed her give birth to a large humanoid entity with multiple arms and two horns that resembled that of an Ankole-Watusi1. The entity went on to terminate three students and injured another eighteen students and teachers before exiting the school grounds. The entity was contained by MST Foxtrot-04 “Prey” and was sent to Site-███.
Reactionary Measures: Reports of the event were wiped from all media platforms. All civilians involved in the event were administered amnestics. Parents of the children who were terminated during the event were given amnestics to believe that their children died in a car crash.

Log #: 005
Location: Trinidad, Cuba
Date of Occurrence: December 3rd, 2002
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Ronaldo Rodriguez Stadium
Description: A large mechanical black spherical object materialized in the center of Ronaldo Rodriguez Stadium. The object began to shift between its three-dimensional form and a two-dimensional shape. The object was estimated to hover 15m from the ground of the stadium. A crowd of people gathered below and around the object to observe the event. The object de-manifested one house after its original manifestation.
Reactionary Measures: All reports of the event was wiped from Cuban media. Bystanders that observed the event were immediately administered amnestics and the surrounding area is being observed for any other anomalous phenomena.

Log #: 006
Location: ██████, Venezuela
Date of Occurrence: January 1st, 1971
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Civilians of the town of █████, Florida
Description: On 01/01/1971, all humans in the town of ██████, Venezuela dematerialized at an unknown time and reappeared 50m above the town of █████, Florida. All 643 civilians of the town of ██████, Venezuela floated above the town of █████, Florida for 10 seconds and then fell to the ground. All 643 civilians died upon impact with the ground.
Reactionary Measures: Authority agents within the town who observed the event amnesticized all civilians who also witnessed the event. No reports of the events were found on any form of media. The Venezuelan government is still unaware of this event happening.

Log #: 007
Location: ███████, New Mexico
Date of Occurrence: █/█/5█
EOI Involved: RPC-███
Observed By: Those who were present at the [REDACTED] Stadium and watching public television at the time.
Description: In the days leading up to the event, Governor Thomas J. Mabry had announced that he would be revealing a set of political and economic reforms for his state that would ''Bring us to the same prominence as New York or Washington." At approximately █000 hours on the day of the incident, Governor Mabry was slated to give his speech. However, as soon as he had begun to discuss his proposed reforms, the subject forgot the topic of the speech and the information he was going to reveal.
Reactionary Measures: A cover story that involved the subject being drugged by foreign agents prior to the speech was released to the public.

Log #: 008
Location: N/A
EOI Involved: Minor GoI "Moms Against Magic"
Observed By: Authority internet surveillance and MST X-Ray 6.
Description: Prior to this event, multiple private messages were sent to Authority personnel, from unknown sources. Exactly a month after the messages were received, numerous known Children of Nihil cult members were found dead in rural areas, generally in the American south, in locations relating to presumed members of the "Moms Against Magic" anomalous Facebook group.
Reactionary Measures: The Children of Nihil members were reported to the public as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and that they were killed during an unnamed string of police raids. No members of the minor GoI were ever found.

Log #: 009
Location: Orlando, Florida; United States of America
Date of Occurrence: April 1, ████
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: One (1) civilian (Deceased)
Description: On April 1, ████, Ernesto Camilo entered a unidentified parking lot. Ernesto recorded his experience on his phone while exploring the parking lot. At one point, footage showed several vehicles within the lot floating and heading toward Ernesto. Ernesto ran for several minutes until the footage was cut. Ernesto was later found within his apartment dead. The body appeared to have been crushed by an unknown force. Investigations into the parking lot Ernesto entered has brought no results.
Reactionary Measures: Ernesto’s phone was confiscated from his body. No further measures have been taken.

Log #: 010
Location: Verdun, France
Date of Occurrence: June 21st, 2016
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Civilians of Verdun, Various Tourists
Description: Two males, one of French descent and the other of German descent, manifested within the middle of the Verdun Memorial. The individuals were clad in the standard military uniform from their respective nations circa 1916. The DNA of the two men were later traced to Maximé ████████ and Erich ██████, both of whom had passed away in 1952.
Reactionary Measures: All reports of the event had been erased from local media, with all witnessing civilians being amnestized. Both Maximé and Erich, who had not de-manifested, were taken in by Authority personnel and given the opportunity to join the Protection Division.

Log #: 011
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Date of Occurrence: December 1st, 2011
EOI Involved: GoI “The Union”, one (1) RPC-915-A instance, and GoI █████
Observed By: Two (2) Authority agents
Description: Two Authority personnel spotted eight (4) armed █████ agents pursuing a caucasian male belonging to the GoI known as “The Union” into an abandoned church. The man barricaded himself in the church. While the Two Authority agents weren’t able to observe the inside of the church, it is theorized that the man created an RPC-950-A instance. The man ordered the RPC-950-A instance to assault his pursuers. The RPC-950-A instance managed to terminate four (4) armed █████ personnel before being terminated. The man was restrained by one of the armed men and dragged into a white van. The remaining armed personnel drag the four (4) bodies of their terminated personnel into the van and drove off.
Reactionary Measures: A story of a drive-by shooting was created to cover up the event.

Log #: 012
Location: ████████, Venus
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
EOI Involved: RPC-950, AOI “Project Blue Book
Observed By: Joint Authority/USM-DAO satellite, Archer-3
Description: A spacecraft of Blue Book make enters Venus’ atmosphere and begins to fire on RPC-950. The spacecraft is able to launch two missiles which make contact upon the upper portion of RPC-950. RPC-950 produces a long tendril and rips through the spacecraft while it was descending through Venus’ atmosphere.
Reactionary Measures: A meeting between Authority representative Joshua ██████ and a Project Blue Book representative has been set for ██/██/████ on the topic of Project Blue Book’s assault on RPC-950.

Log #: 013
Location: RPC-620-A, Florida
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
EOI Involved: Unknown Entity
Observed By: Authority MST Delta-6 (Space Folders), Jonathan ███████
Description: An two (2) meter humanoid wearing Native American attire manifested near the edge of the perimeter of RPC-620-A and attack MST agent, Jonathan ███████, who was on patrol. The entity pounce on the agent and began clawing at him. The agent was able to remove the entity and pull out his firearm. The agent was able to immobilize the entity by shooting it in the leg. The agent attempted to interrogate the entity, but the entity began to disintegrate into a pile of sand.
Reactionary Measures: The sand was taken to Site-███ for further examination.

Log #: 014
Location: Site-051, ███████
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
EOI Involved: RPC-400
Observed By: Authority Surveillance Cameras
Description: RPC-400 manifested in within an Authority server room and began to access the personnel file of Dr. Sarah ██████. This is an uncommon behavior for RPC-400 since this is the first time the entity has been spotted manifesting in a room with no personnel. As well, it’s newly observed behavior of accessing an Authority terminal raises the question if RPC-400 has any sign of sapience. RPC-400 began to damage the terminal and two Authority agents were sent into the room. Once the two agents arrived RPC-400 de- manifested.
Reactionary Measures: Maintenance staff was contacted to repair the damage caused by RPC-400.

Log #: 015
Location: Site-002, Nevada
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
EOI Involved: Unknown Entity
Observed By: Site-002 staff
Description: A heavily deformed humanoid wearing an outdated Authority researcher uniform barges into Site-002’s cafeteria. During the incident the cafeteria was in its most active period of the day. Multiple personnel were there to report the event. Below a file was posted showing the event:

Reactionary Measures: The body of the entity was taken to Site-002’s morgue and was immediately cremated. All low level staff were administered amnestics. High level staff within the cafeteria were reminded there is no Sector-100.

Log #: 016
Location: I-95, Alabama
Date of Occurrence: 07/04/2015
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: Obadiah ████████, Cameras on Obadiah’s vehicle
Description: Obadiah ████████ was driving along the I-95 on 07/04/2015. During her drive she stopped on the side of the road and exited her vehicle. Cameras on Obadiah’s car are unable to view where Obadiah had gone. 15 minutes later Obadiah is seen returning to her car in a frantic pace. She enters the car and begins to drive above the local speed limit. Obadiah begins to panic as she begins to accelerate her car rapidly. All of a sudden cameras show her car rising high in the air and landing somewhere off the I-95. The camera then shows Obadiah exit the car. As she exits she look around. A large blurry mass is seen picking up Obadiah out of the cameras view. EMTs found the wreck of the car 27 meters off the main road. Obadiah’s body has yet to be found.
Reactionary Measures: Authority agents have confiscated the video footage and are currently investigated the area.

Log #: 017
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Date of Occurrence: 01/08/2019
EOI Involved: Unknown Entity
Observed By: Linda ██████ (Deceased), Two (2) USOC’s3 OESA4 agents, Adam █████
Description: Adam █████ records Linda ██████ approaching a large pile of human feces located in an alleyway located below Adam’s apartment. Linda takes out her camera and begins to take a picture of the feces pile and turns away from the pile. The pile begins to shift as a humanoid entity composed of human feces emerges from the pile. The entity pounces on to Linda and begins to pull onto her jaw. A loud snap is heard as the entity completely rips the jaw off Linda. Linda begins to writhe as the entity begin to shove its hand down Linda’s throat. The entity completely shove itself into the Linda’s body. Once the entity has fully entered Linda’s body, a brown substance begins to leak from her eyes and mouth. Linda’s body slowly move up as she looks up toward Adam’s camera. Two men holding assault rifles equipped with silencers approach Linda’s body and fire rounds into her legs. Linda falls to the ground as the camera zooms into see that were the bullets impacted oozes a brown liquid. The two men, now identified as Samuel ██████ and Daniel █████████, both operatives for OESA, approach the body and pour what is assumed to be gasoline. The body is lit ablaze as the agents begin to block the entrance to the alleyway. The video ends when one of the agents look up at the camera. The video was uploaded to YouTube.
Reactionary Measures: N/A. The agents were able to apprehend Daniel █████████ and administer a form of amnestics. The video was taken down from YouTube and a copy was saved onto the Authority’s database.

Log #: 018
Location: An Military Intelligence Section XIII’s facility one (1) kilometer north of Kings Worthy, England, United Kingdom
Date of Occurrence: 01/22/2019
EOI Involved: Unknown Entity
Observed By: Security Cameras within the facility.
Description: On 01/22/2019, a three (3) meter tall humanoid entity with a feminine appearance and an elongated head walk into the facility. The entity was dressed in a white wedding dress covered multiple small flora. Guards and other personnel within the facility did not report the entity. It is hypothesized that the entity caused an antimemetic effect that caused people to ignore the presence of the entity. The entity made its way to the center of the facility toward a group of Authority researchers. The entity made its way through the group and stopped in front of Researcher Davidson. The entity opens its jaw and bites off Researcher Davidson’s head. Personnel surrounding the deceased researcher begin to panic as security enter the room. The entity take another bite from the body and then throws the body to a wall. The entity then proceeds to exit the facility.
Reactionary Measures: The entity has not been found. A funeral has been planned by personnel close to Researcher Davidson. Personnel have attempted to contact Davidson’s wife, but no response has been given. Investigation of Davidson’s household reveals his wife, Sarah ████████, has been missing for three weeks prior to Davidson’s death.

Log #: 019
Location: ████████, England
Date of Occurrence: May 26, 2017
EOI Involved: Unknown
Description: Popular television network Disney aired the first showing of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie, if the film was viewed in the town of ████████, England. The end credit song was replaced by "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC. Anyone who viewed the movie has said that the song was in the movie, reruns of the movie have the movie unaltered. Viewing the movie on the date of the occurrence using RPC-███ in the town of ████████ have resulted in the movie being unaltered.
Reactionary Measures: Anyone who viewed the film have been interviewed by agents posing as Broadcasters for Disney. Interviewed personnel say that it is positive they heard Highway To Hell during the song. Class A-2 Amnestics were given.

Log #: 020
Location: ████████, Italy
Date of Occurrence: May 10, 2015
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: MST Zulu-79 (Far Watchers), Project Blue Book
Description: On May 10, 2015, a spatial anomaly appeared two kilometers from a Project Blue Book installation. An Authority surveillance team, MST Zulu-79 (Far Watchers) were sent to observe and relay information. The team observed a Blue Book task force approach the spatial anomaly. Once the team made it within 20 meters of the anomaly. 5 tall armored reptilian bipeds exited the spatial anomaly and began to attack the task force. The task force were ill prepared and sustained heavy casualties, but were able to terminate 4 of the 5 reptilian entities. The remaining entity was able to grab one of the task force members and drag the member through the spatial anomaly. Once the entity was through the anomaly the anomaly dissipated.
Reactionary Measures: N/A

Log #: 021
Location: ███████, Syria
Date of Occurrence: October 1, 2016
EOI Involved: The Church of Malthus
Observed By: Fifthteen (15) Terrorist of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), █████
Description: On October 1, 2016, an execution was conducted by ISIL which involved the termination of five individuals belonging to the Church of Malthus. The execution was recorded by an unknown member. All five members of the Church of Malthus identified as Daniel ███████, Sarai ██████, Auman ██ ███████, Abu Amar ███████, and Sergio █████ were forced onto their knees. The following is the footage of the event:

Reactionary Measures: Video footage and all evidence of the event was taken into Authority custody.

Log #: 022
Location: [REDACTED], Syria
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Agent Victor
Description: During Agent Victor’s attempt to reach Outpost-███, he encountered a large rift floating in the air. The rift opened to a view of a large city with several ethereal non-humanoid entities within it. Agent Victor took several pictures of the rift before the rift dissipated. Currently, images of the rift are held at Outpost-███.
Reactionary Measures: N/A

Log #: 023
Location: ████████ Bookstore, █████████, North Carolina
Date of Occurrence: October 12, 2017
Observed By: Three (3) security cameras
Description: At 01:48, one leg on every chair in the building was severed. Closer inspection revealed that the severances were made at the molecular level.
Reactionary Measures: All security footage documenting the event was confiscated. All affected objects were confiscated and are currently stored at Site-016.

Log #: 024
Location: The Vatican City-State
Date of Occurrence: July 17, 1978
EOI Involved: Three (3) unidentified individuals
Observed By: Four (4) security cameras
Description: At approximately 0300 hours, an object resembling a rectangular elevator cab suddenly materialized within the Vatican Apostolic Library's secret archives. Three masked individuals then proceeded to exit the elevator cab before making their way towards the occult sector of the library. The three individuals were then observed removing various documents from shelves before placing them into a single briefcase. At 0315 hours, the three individuals returned to the elevator cab which then proceeded to vanish.
Reactionary Measures: The Vatican has relinquished all relevant CCTV footage over to Authority agents. Footage is currently stored at site-007. Efforts to identify the three individuals and track down the thirty-two missing Vatican documents remains underway.
It should be noted that every document stolen pertains to demonology, particularly the summoning of Goetia demons affiliated with The Lesser Key of Solomon.

Log #: 025
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Date of Occurrence: February 1, 2005
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: One (1) Dashboard camera mounted on a local police cruiser
Description: At 0306 hours, Officer ███ ████ of the Jackson Police Department is seen pulling up to a public phone booth located in a rural area of Jackson, Mississippi. At 0308, the phone inside the booth begins to ring, prompting Officer ███ ████ to exit his vehicle. Officer ███ ████ then proceeds to enter the phone booth and answers the phone. Immediately after picking up the phone, the door to the booth closes and Officer ███ ████ is heard screaming for several minutes. At 0325, the door to the booth opens, revealing it to be empty.
Reactionary Measures: Dashboard camera footage seized by embedded Authority personnel before it could be made public. All individuals involved in the investigation of Officer ███ ████'s disappearance were administered amnesics. Officer ███ ████'s disappearance remains an unsolved cold case. The phone booth in the footage was destroyed before it could be investigated and as such, no additional information is available at this time.

Log #: 026
Location: I-██, Nevada, United States of America
Date of Occurrence: January 30, 1997
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: Twenty-Four (24) civilians
Description: Several entities manifested alongside I-██. The entities took the form of skeletal semi-humanoids with multiple tendrils attached to the lower torso. The entities could be seen consuming various species of cacti along the I-██. The entities demanifested 40 minutes after their initial manifestation. Surveys conducted on the I-██ revealed that 10% of all cacti found alongside I-██ had been consumed by the unknown entities.
Reactionary Measures: All civilians were administered amnestics once they had reached the end of the I-██.

Log #: 027
Location: ████ Saint Maria Church, Calocos, El Salvador
Date of Occurrence: December 31, 2012
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: Six (6) civilians
Description: On December 31st, 2012, a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe began to emit white light from its cracks. This event caught the attention of the six civilians attending the church. One civilian, Amanda Daniella Torres, recorded the event on her phone. Over the course of 30 minutes more cracks began to form on the statue until the statue exploded and a young middle eastern woman fell out of the statue. All civilians within the church gathered around the woman and fell to their knees in prayer. Mrs. Torres would upload the events on YouTube. Authority web-based assets found the video and two Authority agents were dispatched into the area.
Reactionary Measures: All civilians present at the event were administered Amnestics. The video of the event was removed off Youtube. The middle eastern woman, designated LO-███, was transported to the local Authority site without issue.
Note: LO-███ was found to be completely non-anomalous. For further information see the LO-███ file.

Log #: 028
Location: N/A
Date of Occurrence: July 19, 2008
Observed By: Due to its popularity, it is unknown how many people have seen the event.
Description: The website known as wikidot hosted a site known as the ███ ██████████. The fictional organization depicted in the website, known as the ███ ██████████ exhibits similar goals to the RPC Authority.
Reactionary Measures: N/A.

Log #: 029
Location: ██████████, 8 light years away from Earth
Date of Occurrence: February 28, 1998
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: The Authority, NASA, and the ESA
Description: A temporary spatial anomaly manifested a solar system composed of a binary star system and six planets. The solar system stayed within our reality for three years before a similar spatial anomaly surrounding the alien solar system caused it to disappear. It is unknown where the solar system came from and where it went. It is believed that one of the planets in the alien solar system supported intelligent life as various radio signals containing embedded messages exited the alien system.
Reactionary Measures: NASA and the ESA were sworn to secrecy by a combined effort of the Authority and several other AoIs.
Note: For further information see the RPC-███ file.

Log #: 030
Location: ██████████, Mars
Date of Occurrence: March 12, 2019
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: Site-Mars-01
Description: Eight (8) humanoid entities adorn in Extravehicular Mobility Units stood outside Site-Mars-01. It is unknown where these entities originated from. According to Site-Mars-01 personnel, the entities stood 30 meters away from the site. Recording devices were able to pick up on vocalization produced by the unknown entities. These vocalizations soon turned into coherent languages that were spoken by the personnel at Site-Mars-01. The following is the recorded audio log a recording device set near the location of the entities prior to their arrival:

<Begin Log>

Unknown Entity: Come outside!

Unknown Entity: Join u-

Unknown Entity: Come outside!

Unknown Entity: Join your friends!

Unknown Entity: Join us!

Unknown Entity: Let’s go!

<End Log>

These phrases were repeated for an hour and thirty minutes. The entities then went silent and walked away from the site. Personnel observing the entities leaving described their movements as stiff. A rover was launched from the site to pursue the entities. The rover pursued the entities into a sinkhole located 20 km away from Site-Mars-01. The rover observed the entities fall on all four of their appendages, causing their Extravehicular Mobility Units to rip and break at various locations. The entities began to crawl into the sinkhole. The rover was sent to investigate the sinkhole, but upon arrival to the edge of the hole, a skinny three digit hand grabbed the rover and pulled it down into the sinkhole. Contact with the rover was lost.
Note: See the RPC-███ for further information.
Reactionary Measures: A controlled explosion was conducted in the sinkhole to fill in the hole with the surrounding rock. The entities have not been observed since [DATA EXPUNGED].

Log #: 031
Location: 1 km █████ of Site-019, Moon
Date of Occurrence: January 2, 2014
EOI Involved: Amazing! Co.
Observed By: Site-019 personnel
Description: A wooden table alongside a humanoid entity resembling a young caucasian girl with blonde hair (designated UE-Alpha-031) manifested 1 km away from Site-019. The table contained a jar of an unidentifiable yellow liquid. A large piece of cloth hung from the table with the phrase “Amazing! Co. Space Lemonade.” A rover is launched from Site-019 toward UE-Alpha-031. UE-Alpha-031 notices the rover and begins to use sign language to communicate with the observing personnel. The following is the only recorded footage of UE-Alpha-031:

UE-Alpha-031: Hello.

UE-Alpha-031: You want lemonade?

[UE-Alpha-031 stares at the rover.]

UE-Alpha-031: I don’t have all day. Do you know how hard it is to get a lemonade stand on the moon?

[UE-Alpha-031 stares at the rover for a minute.]

UE-Alpha-031: Come on. I have other moons to get to. You people are not my only stop.

[UE-Alpha-031 continues to stare at the rover.]

UE-Alpha-031: Okay, time is money. On behalf of Amazing! Co. We wish you an amazing day.

[UE-Alpha-031 alongside the wooden table and jar of unidentifiable liquid disappear in a flash of light.]

UE-Alpha-032 has not been spotted since its initial encounter.
Reactionary Measures: N/A.

Log #: 032
Location: ██████████, Titan
Date of Occurrence: May 5, 2019
EOI Involved: Project Blue Book
Observed By: Authority Titan Rover (Zeus)
Description: An Authority rover tasked with monitoring RPC-███ (“Devil of Titan”) spots a rocket propelled spacecraft made by PBB. The spacecraft releases a rover above RPC-███ causing the entity to awaken. The rover was swatted away by RPC-███, but this seemed to trigger an explosion within the rover which severely damaged RPC-███. Over the course of 144 hours, RPC-███ bled profusely. Shortly after, RPC-███ was reported as neutralized by the rover.
Reactionary Measures: Due to the neutralization of RPC-███, ideas on how to repurpose the Authority rover are under consideration.

Log #: 033
Location: Unknown
Date of Occurrence: June 25, 2021
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: Authority Satellite Loki-I
Description: On June 25, 2002, the satellite Loki-I disappeared from baseline reality into an undesignated reality for one month. Upon Loki-I return to baseline reality, the Authority was able to access its on board data logs to review where Loki-I had gone. Loki-I had appeared within a reality with an extremely low ACS level. During Loki-I duration within the unknown reality, the satellite began to orbit a large planetoid composed completely of calcium. The planetoid appeared to emit white light from its own surface. Loki-I is currently under study.
Reactionary Measures: Loki-I has been decommissioned.

Log #: 034
Location: Great Red Spot, Jupiter
Date of Occurrence: July 4, 2000
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: AEDFS ██████
Description: A large spherical entity exited through the center of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot towards the AEDFS ██████ at great speeds. The crew of AEDFS ██████ took offensive positions and assaulted the entity with the spacecraft’s unique kinetic defense system. The entity was torn to pieces. According to observing personnel, the remains of the entity began to disintegrate. Upon investigation, no evidence of the entity was found in the area the entity was neutralized.
Reactionary Measures: N/A.

Log #: 035
Location: ████████████, Jupiter
Date of Occurrence: August 10, 2001
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: AEDFS ██████
Description: A radio transmission was emitted for an hour originating from ████████████. Embedded within the transmission the word “human” could be heard in multiple languages by a heavily accented female voice.
Reactionary Measures: N/A.

Log #: 036
Location: Great Red Spot, Jupiter
Date of Occurrence: March 19, 2002
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: AEDFS ██████
Description: On March 19, 2002, a visual anomaly affected the crew of the AEDFS ██████ in which the Great Red Spot of Jupiter appeared as a gargantuan cephalopod eye. This effect appeared to be completely localized to the AEDFS ██████ as satellites near and around Jupiter did not experience similar effects. The visual anomaly lasted for 24 hours.
Reactionary Measures: Therapy for certain crew members of the AEDFS ██████.

Log #: 037
Location: Site-Mars-01, Mars
Date of Occurrence: March 19, ████
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: Site-Mars-01 personnel
Description: On March 19, ████, personnel complained that all food eaten tasted of oxidized metal and smelled of ozone. This phenomenon lasted an entire Martian day. Personnel conducted examinations upon the food made on March 19, ████ finding no abnormal or anomalous effects.
Reactionary Measures: All food made on March 19, ████ were disposed of three days after examination.

Log #: 038
Location: Site-019, Moon
Date of Occurrence: March 21, 2004
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: Site-019 personnel
Description: On March 21, 2004, all personnel in Site-019 reported that ten (10) unidentified individuals were observed making their way across Site-019. When questioned, said individuals claimed to be a part of the crew of the AEDFS One-Hundred. No Authority spacecraft designated as such exists. Attempts were made to locate the unidentifiable individuals, but security cameras in Site-019 showed no such individuals have ever been in Site-019. Additionally, personnel who claimed to have spoken to the unidentifiable individuals were caught on camera conversing with themselves.
Reactionary Measures: N/A.

Log #: 039
Location: [DATA EXPUNGED], Venus
Date of Occurrence: December 19, 2010
EOI Involved: One (1) Unidentifiable Entity, RPC-950
Observed By: AEDFS ██████
Description: On December 19, 2010, an incorporeal entity approached RPC-950. RPC-950 attempted to assault the unidentifiable entity with zero results. The unidentifiable entity appeared to attempt to interact with RPC-950, but as to what the entity was attempting to do upon RPC-950 is still unknown. The entity unmanifested five hours from its initial manifestation.
Reactionary Measures: N/A.

Log #: 040
Location: Great Red Spot, Jupiter
Date of Occurrence: September 4, 2016
EOI Involved: Unknown, AEDFS ██████
Observed By: Authority satellite ████, Site-019
Description: On September 4, 2016, Authority satellite ████ observed the AEDFS ██████ descend into the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. Moments later, a message from the AEDFS ██████ arrived at Site-019. The message contained the following:

We are sorry. We were never meant to be out here.

The AEDFS ██████ is assumed to be neutralized.
Reactionary Measures: The AEDFS Atlanta has been tasked with replacing the tasks of the AEDFS ██████.

Log #: 041
Location: ██████, United Kingdom
Date of Occurrence: 05/12/2000
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: 8 civilians
Description: In the town of ██████, several reports of a “zombie woman” were reported to the local police. These calls were intercepted by Authority personnel and a team of protectorate personnel were dispatched from Site-007 to apprehend the anomaly. The team discovered the animated corpse of ████ Jimenez wandering throughout the town. When one of the team members attempt to apprehend the anomaly. The corpse fell apart with each appendage disconnecting from the body. The team then reported the word “goodbye” being whispered into their right ears.
Reactionary Measures: A cover story of a mentally ill woman escaping the local asylum was disseminated into the town.

Log #: 042
Location: Suwon, Korea
Date of Occurrence: 09/01/2017
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: CCTV Cameras from a local convenience store.
Description: A tall purple skinned humanoid with dark eyes is seen manifesting in the alleyway in front of the convenience. A woman identified as Lee Jimin is seen walking down the sidewalk across the convenience store. Once the woman walks in front of the humanoid entity, the entity wraps itself around Lee Jimin and accelerates rapidly into the alleyway until it is no longer seen.
Reactionary Measures: The CCTV footage wasn’t recovered by Authority agents. Authority agents within the area are currently searching for the missing Lee Jimin and the unknown entity.

Log #: 043
Location: █████, Ireland
Date of Occurrence: 09/09/2020
EOI Involved: Two RPC-064-A-2 Instances
Observed By: Three civilians (John Macoy, Henry Dopson, and Michael Able).
Description: On 09/09/2020, three civilians encountered two RPC-064-A-2 instances behind the Saint Thomas Bar. The group began to record the entities as they began to [DATA EXPUNGED] a dead dog. One of the RPC-064-A-2 instances noticed the group of civilians and notified the other. Both instances began to assault the three civilians with unidentifiable weapons. It is unknown what occurred during the altercation, but it resulted in the two RPC-064-A-2 instances being found terminated with shards of glass embedded though the neck and torso of each instance. The civilians were heavily injured and were sent to the hospital to treat their injuries.
Reactionary Measures: Authority agents administered amnestics to the three civilians. The remains of the RPC-064-A-2 were taken to Site-007 for study.

Log #: 044
Location: ██████, United States of America
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████
EOI Involved: RPC-066-E, The Office of Extranormal Security Affairs (OESA)
Observed By: ██ civilians, █ OESA agents
Description: A RPC-066-E instance was allowed to occur in the home of Thomas F. Johnson. It is unknown how Mr. Johnson was able to cultivate an RPC-066, but it is believed that the GoI ██████ may be involved. It is believed that Mr. Thomas self terminated as a final attempt to escape the RPC-066-E instance. The instance would go on to terminate ██ civilians. OESA agents arrived on the scene with flamethrowers to terminate the RPC-066-E instance. The RPC-066-E instance managed to terminate █ OESA agents before being terminated.
Reactionary Measures: A mass amnestization operation was conducted in the local area to those who witnessed the RPC-066-E instance.

Log #: 045
Location: ██████, China
Date of Occurrence: 09/01/2020
EOI Involved: RPC-084, PCAAO
Observed By: ██ civilians
Description: An outbreak of RPC-084 occurred in the village of ██████. A total of █ individuals were reported to be infected by the village doctor.
Reactionary Measures: A PCAAO Mobile Formation unit was dispatched to the town of ██████. The unit terminated all witnesses and contained all RPC-084 infected individuals.

Log #: 046
Location: ████, Israel
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/20██
EOI Involved: ██ RPC-216-B instances, Blue Star
Observed By: ██ Blue Star agents
Description: On ██/██/20██, an unknown entity led a group of ██ RPC-216-B instances in a raid against a Blue Star outpost in ████████, Palestine. The raid resulted in the deaths of ██ Blue Star agents. Through the aid of MST Echo-4 (The Old Guard), the remaining Blue Star agents were able to terminate all RPC-216-B instances. The entity that led the raid was unable to be located.
Reactionary Measures: N/A.

Log #: 047
Location: ██████, Florida, United States of America
Date of Occurrence: 02/██/2006
EOI Involved: RPC-240-Ω
Observed By: ██ Authority personnel
Description: After RPC-240 was classified as neutralized, RPC-240-Ω was reported in various locations by various Authority sources. On 02/██/2006, RPC-240-Ω appeared within RPC-███ (“The Zelta Alien”) containment chamber and teleported away with the extraterrestrial organism.
Reactionary Measures: Authority forces are currently on the watch for sightings of RPC-240-Ω or RPC-███.

Log #: 048
Location: Miami, Florida, United States of America
Date of Occurrence: 05/03/2018
EOI Involved: RPC-███
Observed By: Authority Agent Damien White
Description: On 05/03/2018, Agent Damien White reported being pursued by RPC-███ (“The Gamma-Red Stalker”). The agent was pursued by the entity for 48 hours until he decided to confront the entity at a motel. At the motel, Agent White was able to conduct an interview with the entity, but it proved unsuccessful as the entity attempted to proclaim its “love” for Agent White. Agent White enacted standard ███ termination protocols before the RPC-███ entity entered its ███-A stage. The body of RPC-███ was incinerated to prevent corruption of the local wildlife.
Reactionary Measures: Attempts to locate the next RPC-███ manifestation are currently underway.

Log #: 049
Location: The Blanco River Community, South Africa
Date of Occurrence: 08/12/2000 - 12/31/2000
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: ██ Civilians, █ Authority personnel
Description: Starting on 08/12/2000, members of the community of Blanco River began disappearing. No trace of the missing individuals were ever found. The homes of the missing were found to be covered in sulfur dust. This continued until all members and Authority personnel within the Blanco River Community disappeared. Authority personnel sent into the community found the ██ fingers within the Blanco River Hospital spelling the following sentence in English:


Reactionary Measures: Current Authority efforts are focused on finding the source of the disappearances.

Log #: 050
Location: Pulau Merah, Indonesia
Date of Occurrence: ██/██/2013
EOI Involved: Unknown
Observed By: 13 civilians
Description: A humanoid entity composed of water, dirt, and rock formed during a storm. The entity went on to protect wildlife and humans from the flying debris caused by the storm. Once the storm dissipated, the entity fell apart and it's components became inert.
Reactionary Measures: All witnesses to the event were given Class A-1 amnestics.

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