El Corazón de Judas




Delivered and Facilitated by His Governorship
Bernardino Meneses y Bracamonte, Count of Peñalba
Steward of Española & Gonâve Isle

Inquisition Undertaken:

Inquisitor Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 2nd, and his son Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 3rd were given the task of sailing to the island of Cuba and claiming any objects of interest located there.

The Inquisition was interrupted by violent weather, forcing the ship to dock on the island of Providencia to repair. Members of the crew and Inquisition explored the area in the meantime.

This led Inquisitor Lorenzo to encounter "El Corazón de Judas," an animate heart that cannot be described in further detail by the written word. Recovery was successful at the expense of many associates of the Inquisition, including Inquisitor Lorenzo's son.

Discovery and Acquisition

Inquisitor Lorenzo used the funds provided by the Inquisition to purchase a Brigantine ship titled "Scattering of Thorns" . Her hired crew of privateers were mostly Caribbean mercenaries, veterans of the Anglo-Caribbean War of Aggression, well equipped to handle the intense tropical conditions, to Lorenzo's specifications. Concerns regarding their loyalty were dismissed by the Inquisitor, as, according to himself, "believed them to be men of decent character and knowledgeable of our destination." Other necessities, such as food, water, muskets, and powder were also purchased.

Inquisitor Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 2nd of the Caribbean Inquisition for Unholy Artifacts
Year of Our Lord 1664, Day One of Journey

We have set sail from the known world, and journey towards lands unknown. This is not my first voyage, and I do not forget the discomfort suffered when supplies run low. Yet, I still find myself joyous every time I sail across the sea.

Perhaps it is a quality inherent to man, God's way of telling us to spread across the earth.

Mathematicians performed their calculations and informed us that our journey should roughly be one month's length each way.

We have packed the ship with two months of rations, and plenty of muskets and powder. The crew complains the ship is tight, and with little room to move with the exception of the deck. Their minds will change quite soon, and beg for this feeling to return when we are on the final days of our return journey and short on supplies! If I had brought recruits from Hispania as recommended, I imagine they would already be bellyaching!
- Inquisitor Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 2nd

Year of Our Lord 1664, Day Ten of Journey

Our voyage has gone as predicted, the winds have been of assistance, and the waters are calm. The men have begun to drink and celebrate in ways unknown to me. It is possibly heretical in nature, but as I cannot ascertain this for certain, and to keep the spirits of the crew high, I have not prevented them from their practices.

Among such bizarre practices, the men had brought jars with them, filled with the juices from the lime and lemon fruits. Upon further questioning, the men believe consuming small amounts of juice daily can prevent scurvy. I believe this to be questionable at best, but I tried a small amount to gain trust with the crew, and for my lips to taste any liquid other than water or wine.
- Inquisitor Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 2nd

Year of Our Lord 1664, Day Twenty-Five of Journey

We have crossed the breadth of the Atlantic without incident, but our lookout has spotted a storm across the horizon. I gathered the crew to discuss how much time would be lost if we diverted course to avoid the storm, but my crew insists it will be of no issue.

Normally, I would consider this treason, mutiny even, but I choose these natives for their knowledge of the area we are sailing into, If they say we can brace the storm, then we shall brace it.
- Inquisitor Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 2nd

Year of Our Lord 1664, Day Twenty-Six of Journey

Damnable savages, I warned them of the coming storm, but they thought themselves untouchable! Our ship had been damaged during the storm and began to take on water, as such we had no choice but to dock on an island slightly off course from our destination of Cuba, an island known as Providencia.

I have ordered 3/4ths of the crew to stay and repair the ship, while I and a select few whom I trust most will venture into the mostly unexplored territory. Who knows, perhaps the Lord has put us on the path we may not want, but the path we need.
- Inquisitor Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 2nd

Year of Our Lord 1664, Day Twenty-Six of Journey

[Original ink was sloppily written compared to previous entries, implying a rushed pace or possible mental strain]

I was a fool, a damnable fool to believe this destination, this new world would contain anything holding the grace of God. This is Satan's land, the name Providencia is used in irony. We traveled across the jungle canopy, only to be besieged on all sides by primitive tribals, wielding spears and nothing else.

We dealt with them with ease, due to our armor and superior weaponry. What truly was an affront to God, is when we chased one escaping tribal back to their home, wherein a massive stone temple lay, a sphere at its center. Cutting our way through the savages, we reached the epicenter of the temple and wondered how such primitives could construct such complex stone architecture. No no, must focus.

[Original penmanship at this point greatly improves]

We found our reason, a corazón profano, this unholy heart, encased in silver in their cruel imitation of a temple. Worst of all, it spoke in my very mind. It knew the languages of old and new. It showed me many things, many temptations. I could see myself, a woman on each arm, a farm of my own and many children who called me their beloved father. I, have been alone for some time, it has not been easy raising a son without a mother. I had almost fallen to temptation, until one of the women in my vision was my beloved. I knew this could not be the case, for she was awaiting me in the kingdom of heaven.

Appalled at this display of witchcraft, I begged the men not to approach, not to listen to it's siren song but again they seem compelled to beg the heart for the dreams it showed them to be made reality. A man begged for eternal life, only for the man to disappear and a lobster to take his place! A damnable Lobster!

Panic ensued, and the men began to combat against one another whereas I retreated. I could do nothing for them, they had become manic in desperation. I heard cries of pain, of sorrow and rage. One man declared he would be king before being cut down. Soon enough, only the injured remained, and whether heresy or injury, I felt compelled to silence them.

The silver that the heart was contained in is far too heavy, so using its effects against it, I asked the heart to move itself and I to the dock of our ship, when I returned I explained the situation to my men, and for now, they have kept my orders to not speak unless absolutely necessary. We cannot take any chances, especially once we transport this cursed object back to the homeland.

What will become of us, of my son and I?

- Inquisitor Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 2nd

Year of Our Lord ???

This message is for any literate, able-bodied individual who comes across this vessel. If this vessel is to reach port as I predicted, you must alert the church, my crest will be stamped onto this note to certify its authenticity. We never made it to Cuba, instead, we ended up locating the heart of temptation. It was a bloodbath, even I sinned under the effects of the Heart. My own son, dead by my hands.

For this reason, I cannot return this item myself. As I finish writing, I shall use the last of my will to command this demon, and the ship it shall be stationed on, to sail back to Espanola. By the time this message is read, I will have either died by my own hand or resigned myself to exile. If anyone not of the church reads this, DO NOT ENTER THIS SHIP. lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.

This Journal was recovered from Guard Frolo Von Trier, who had been tasked with transporting the Heart of Judas to a secret monastery that deals with the unholy. While the anomaly is confirmed to have arrived, Sir Trier never arrived back in Spain. Assumptions can be made from the provided entries to determine that Sir Trier abandoned the Auctoritas, and has sought isolation and self-exile.

Year of Our Lord 1665, Day One of Journey

We leave the confines of our Monastery, and the border of our town for the first time. Transporting an unknown object to the city of Venezia within the country of Italy. I have never been so far, but the other guardsmen assure me it is a safe passage, I already have seen such wonderful sights!

The others guard me as I wear many crosses, and I even carry a vial of water made holy across my neck. I asked why so much protection was necessary, but the Captain assures me that so long as the stone box remains shut, I've nothing to fear. I trust that God will put us on the right path, I am certain of this.

Year of Our Lord 1655, Day Eight of Journey

It has been one week since my prior entry. I am weary, I am unsure if it is a physical ailment or something more, but hauling this box along with me in the wagon provided grows ever tiresome, and I've still 3 weeks more remaining!

We attempted to tie the wagon to our horses, but as soon as one approached, it became ever so frightened and fled its masters at full gallop! I have been raised in a Monastery all my life, I have no superstitions. And yet, if the beasts can be frightened without even a glance, what would happen if the box were to be opened? Is this protection for me, or for the ones around me?

Year of Our Lord 1665, Day Ten of Journey

By the blood of Christ, my heart boils in frustration! I am a Guard of the holy defense, trusted with protecting this sacred artifact on its journey yet I am treated like a child, being told to carry this relic yet told not of its importance, the other guards were informed, what in the name of God would compel my superiors not to inform me?! .

However, arguments have begun to arise whether to open or keep sealed the box that contains this relic. Some have argued with the fable of Pandora, and with these men, I agree. If the animals and all that is natural and of the Father are dissuaded from approach, why then should we ignore this? Yet this did not stop fucking godless heathens from attacking our caravan, in the rain, which I had been informed neither of which would happen on our journey. but thankfully they were sloppy, untrained, and seemed more desperate to reach the relic than they did to attack us.

It is most peculiar; I hope the rain subsides soon, it is doing little for my patience.

Year of Our Lord 1665, Day Thirteen of Journey

Despite the very oath we swore not only to our superiors, but in the name of the Lord, on this day one of the men, while I had been resting, unsealed the hushed casket and beheld onto us a most insidious and terrible thing. A human heart, beating red as if it had been freshly plucked, stared at us from the opening of the box. Before we could intervene, I and my fellow men fell disoriented, as if a great and powerful force assaulted our very minds in the language of old.

The member that opened the box seemed the least disoriented, and as if knowing it possessed demonic properties, begged for the Heart to meet God. With this, the man vanished in a blinding light and left nothing but ash in his place. This caused a panic amongst the men, half wanting to make wishes themselves, the other half keeping their sanity intact.

Among the twenty of us, only I and two others survived unscathed; my dear friend Samuel whom I am thankful survived, and another Guard named Mary, who had survived the initial skirmish but later fell due to a loss of blood. He cried as he died, the demon, that heart blinded him after he asked to see a world without sin. He did not know why he was blind.

We were able to keep the heart in its box, but the lid was too heavy for me and Samuel alone to put back into place. I supplied him with my pure water to help ease the burden on his mind, but I know this is temporary at best. He had kept his sanity, but he is quiet, refusing to speak when not necessary. Am I the only one not to have witnessed a vision?

The journey must continue, if not for our oaths then for the lives of our fallen brothers.

Year of Our Lord 1665, Day Twenty of Journey

Samuel is a good man, strong, wise, and caring. This is why I sent him away. I wrote down basic instructions from the map so he may return to the monastery, and kept the map for myself. He resisted, said he was able to continue. I know he could not, he was on the verge of tears.

I grow weary, these holy items have given me resistance. Resistance, not immunity. Even now as I rest, if I let my mind fall too deep into sleep I can feel it crawling into my mind, like a spider into one's ear. Samuel was heartbroken, he believes I have gone mad myself.

Perhaps I have, for in times of isolation I have begun communicating with the damnable thing. It has listened, and through the passage of time, it has learned.

It says it was once a man, though who it says it is I cannot fully believe. It speaks of the times of scripture, yet it speaks of it in a way that seems, partially inaccurate. The demon is clearly educated and speaks of what I cannot discern between technology and witchcraft.

I feel cold.

Year of Our Lord 1665, Day Thirty-Two of Journey

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Forgive me, Father, for I

I had been besieged by bandits when approaching the territory of Italy. I had done my best to fight them off, but I have grown weak from hunger. I left myself only the essentials and gifted the rest to Samuel. After sustaining a wound to the shoulder, in a moment of weakness, I begged the heart to dispel them.

Its requests always have a condition. I lived, despite my injury, but was forced to watch as the men were torn sinew by sinew, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Forgive me father, for I have sinned.


Year of Our Lord 1665, Day Thirty-Four of Journey

I began conversing with the heart once more, I owe the demon within that much for saving my life. It speaks of scripture that I have never heard mention of, not even from the bishops. It speaks of its time in the new world, before its flesh was torn asunder by the Vessel of Worlds. It refused to elaborate, but if the demon's heart contains this much power, what could have smitten the full man? I am unsure if I can believe its stories, they may be just that.

I try to remember my scripture, my training. I should have never left Spain, never volunteered. Is this a punishment by my superiors? Was my willingness to serve interpreted as pride, as envy? Perhaps they would be right.

This demon, this heart of sin, it must not be too dissimilar from my own heart. I must admit, despite my mission, I tried to silence its beating. I swung my blade at the silver that encased it; prodded, kicked, and clawed in ravenous fury. Despite all of my wrath, it attempted to comfort me, encouraging me to strike further even as my knuckles turned red with my own blood. A demon, comforting a man. Have I gone mad? In my dreams, I hear it speak to me, I see myself reunited with my father, who had died years prior from sickness. I see myself leaving the church, my father's hand on my shoulder, telling me I did the right thing as the stench of burning flesh permeates from behind my view.

Oh Lord, why does the demon share my Father's voice?

Year of Our Lord 1665, Day Thirty-Seven of Journey

Samuel, brave-hearted Samuel has reunited with me at the Italian Sanctuary! He says he followed the voice of God, but after all, I endured with the Heart, I cannot be certain of anything anymore. Samuel aided the monks to contain the heart, and for this, it screamed and begged for me, begged for release or death.

I had no pity. It was a demon. I had no pity for a demon, this would be absurd. I shall send this journal back to the Monastery, as proof that our mission had been a success. Before I leave it to you, dear friend, know this. I am, weary, tired. I have known the sin and the sinners. I felt the beating of Sin in my heart and no amount of meditation or prayer can fix this in short. I need time.

I shall rest here for some days, before finding my own path. I have no ill will towards the Monastery and wish you good luck.

For your sake, I hope we do not meet again. Deum Lauda, ​​mi amice.

Letter of Intent

I, Inquisitor Jose Esparanza Lorenzo hereby relinquish this artifact, in the name of my grandfather, Inquisitor Jose Esparza Lorenzo the 2nd to the brothers of the cloth, Spain chapter of the Dominican Order. I submit my findings and hold them true to all accounts, including my word and Gods. May the artifact be deemed holy or heretical, in Gods name.

V.S. of the Auctoritas Imperata
The Caribbean Inquisition for Unholy Artifacts

Anomalia Supernaturalis #394

Completed on the 21st of September, Anno Domini 1665

Composed by Father E. Krisp, Auctoritas Collegium Romae

Profile: The Anomalia appears to be a normal but continuously beating human heart, encased in a large amount of near-transparent silver. How this was possible, I cannot say. Attempts have been made to breach the silver, but all men that have approached the Anomalia report a sharp pain within their head, as well as voices that are indecipherable. Prayer and meditation soothe this pain, but for the safety of our men from demonic influence, no further attempts have been made.

Communication with the Anomalia has been successful, but doing so induces madness in the men that prolong their communication. The heart is capable of witchcraft, despite being encased in holy silver. It promises its witchcraft to be 'miracles' such as the ones delivered by our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. This blatant blasphemy would be grounds for extermination, if not for the plata impenetrable, protecting yet sealing it. All testing regarding the Anomalia's power is to be banned outright, nor will communication be allowed, we have learned all we need to know from this insidious demon. I would rather not repeat the incident where several of our brothers killed one another while under the effect of its manipulation.

  • This artifact has been deemed unholy, of the highest degree.
  • This artifact has not been rewarded the full bounty amount, as those tasked with its transportation from the new world have all perished.
  • This artifact has been given the Right to Trial, and the brothers of the Monastery Italia shall determine its fate.

Suggested Use: There is a sect of our brothers, possessing far more cruel and dangerous artifacts and demons than we have the capability ourselves to contain. Approval has already been granted, the Anomalia shall be transported to a secure monastery within the country of Italia. The exact location shall not be recorded in the name of secrecy.

A stone cube had been carved, and holy sigils placed upon it's exterior to prevent the demon from speaking into the minds of those. With the help of several priests and guards, the Anomalia was successfully placed within it's box, and within the morning shall be sent off to this monastery where it shall hopefully never bathe in the light of God again.


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