The Done and Dusted Contest



Every story must come to an end.

There was once a daring aviator whose signal faded into the distance; a punishing prohibitor that went unheeded; a mundane man with a crazed cult following that passed on with him; and a dreamland of childlike wonder whose dreamer finally awoke. All have reached their last chapter, without an epilogue in sight.

This season, join us as we sail the murky river and catalogue the nullified anomalies of Authority history: the broken, the explained, the lost, and the forgotten. Dig them up. Shake their hands. It is time we pull them up to the surface; into the light, where we'll find our closure.

Let these stories walk yet again as we head towards a known end, whilst enjoying the journey that leads to it.

Submissions Info

The Done and Dusted Contest: Create an RPC, tale, or document pertaining to an anomaly that is, either completely or majorly, destroyed or nonfunctioning. To qualify, please use the tag "done&dusted" in your submissions.

  • Optional Challenge: The Dead on Arrival Award: During the voting period, site voters who rate the majority of the contest works will be approached by the Contest Team to vote on which article had the best and most well-written termination possible.

Rules & Article Requirements:

  • Your article must follow normal uploading rules and receive two pieces of crit in the drafts forum. Do not coldpost!
  • Your article must include either the Neutralized (NT) or Explained (ET) secondary object classes, or involve substantial damage to the anomaly's functionality.
  • Multiple submissions, post-submission edits/article reworks, and pre-existing unpublished drafts are allowed.
  • Do not excessively advertise, vote-hound, or request a vote change for your submissions.1
  • Using alt accounts or other deceitful means of vote manipulation will result in disqualification and a ban from future contests.

Submission Dates:

Writing & Multi-Media Submissions Open: 14th of June, 12:00AM EDT
Writing & Multi-Media Submissions Close: 25th of August, 11:59PM EDT
Winners will be announced on August 30th, 2024

1st place goes to the highest-rated article and garner its author both bragging rights and a cash prize of $40 USD.2 The top three entrants will be featured on the front page. The winner of the Dead on Arrival Award will net its author the "Memento Mori" author page badge (permanently) & the "Memento Mori" Discord role (for three months). It will also net a 10k Toddbux severance package.


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