Document-01 The Altered beast

We have no method of killing it yet. For it’s babies however, aim for all the mouths they may have and hope you can take them out before they reach you. If either the Queen or its babies goes underground, you’re pretty fucked unless your at a vantage point.




Foreword: This was a document originally acquired by the Australian Federal Police after the incarceration of Remnant members evacuating into this timeline. It was swiftly turned over to the Authority during the containment of RPC-730 and archived along with other Remnant articles. For more information on [REDACTED BY THE BOARD]

Registered phenomena code: AEOC New thing, no number

Object class: Gamma-Red/Purple (whichever one’s more dangerous)

Protocol: We have no method of killing it yet. For it’s babies however, aim for all the mouths they may have and hope you can take them out before they reach you. If either the Queen or its babies goes underground, you’re pretty fucked unless your at a vantage point. Advise you take them on at real long range, cause they're lethal up close. Any eggs this thing lays must be destroyed quickly, as you don’t want tiny monsters running about and taking chunks outta you. Lost 3 members to those things.

Description: This thing is a big fucking monster, looks like a fucked up green kind of bear and can dig underground to ambush prey. Prey seems to be exclusively humans. Eats with multiple mouths it has all over it’s body. Really hard to stop when it charges. Has a really thick hide, almost unpenetrable. Has really sharp claws, uses them for burrowing and for CUTTING THROUGH WALLS. No joke, i’ve seen it with my own eyes. It also lays eggs.

Eggs are really quick to start hatching, like 5 mins quick. We tried an experiment, as this thing lays the eggs in or near bodies. We took the body away and it took 10 mins to start hatching instead. We concluded the little bastards can sense when they’re near food. We didn’t let them hatch any further. Thankfully the eggs are easier to destroy than the big fucker.

Update: Ok turns out the big scary monster isn’t the RPC. A tiny parasite is, well it isn’t tiny but you get what I mean. This little fucker is the Queen of these parasites. We actually let some of the eggs hatch, and sure enough, little grubs with spider legs came out. This thing seems like it needs a new body every time it’s old one dies, dunno whether it’s because it’s rotting or if the thing was keeping it alive/resurecting it. And the parasite (almost forgot) looks like a big grub, with spider eyes and legs. Fucking creepy and scary. And it uses it’s big mouth and teeth to cut into a body’s head and there it takes control, mutating the body into the big fucker we usually deal with.


Day 3: First time we saw the monster. it was fucking scary. We thought it was a mutant virus at first, but we saw the eggs it was laying and realised it was the queen and not a virus. We stayed away and killed her babies and destroyed her eggs. Its moving towards the coast, and we’ll follow it until we find a way to kill it.

This shit is way crazier than everything we’ve faced so far…I dunno if we’re gonna have a chance to catch it and bring it with us. I thought it was gonna be easy till…well the higher ups decided to nuke every site on the globe. I understand why, we got plenty of shit in there that could literally murder the universe 10 times over…But it makes our jobs way harder. No chain of command to report to or places to rest and get re-equipped. We’re on our own…as freaky as it is.

Day 5: All the other wildlife is mutated or anomalous in someway. I couldn’t fucking believe it. There was a fucking giant spider I saw as big as a house fighting I think a sand demon of sorts. Leah told us to never fight them and keep away from all other things. Smart idea, we’re here for the parasite, nothing else.

Update: I saw the moon fucking hatch and turn into a fucking shell-squid thing…This is fucked.

Turns out its called a Nautilus. It just drifted away and we haven’t seen it since. It’s…I dunno just fucking weird to see nothing but stars in the sky. Guess its like that saying “You never miss something until its truly gone” or something like that.

Week 2 or 3: We tried to trap her, no luck. She was real smart, broke the trap and ate the bait. Seems intelligent, but still acts like an animal, with no real sentience or sapience (one of those two, I don’t fucking remember right now).

We mostly spend our days stalking her and killing her little babies. It’s tiresome, but stops them spreading. We’re currently following it down the river, each time it gets to a town it stops for the day. Then goes hunting, changes bodies, all that shit. We take that time to find anything to eat…usually we find nothing and resort to eating rations. I mean…we could go after a giant spider, but i dunno if any of us are up for risking our lives to fight such a thing, not to mention it could be poisonous. I’m just fine eating rations if it means we don’t get shit like radiation sickness or living AIDS or some shit.

Week 4 or 5: We were attacked by some random guys with guns. The fuckers started shooting us as soon as they saw us. Claiming that they were Man’s last hope and the Alpha Trigger "made them see the truth". We were able to take a few of them down, but they notified the Queen of our location. We were able to get out of there, but the cultists were left behind.

Update: Went back and saw they’re all hosts now. I put them out of their misery. Fucking bastards I hope it was painful you cunts.

Whatever happened to the other GOI’s we were keeping tabs on? I remember the Malthus guys, MI13 and the Chinese guys where are they now? I’m starting to really miss having those MI13 guys.

Month 2: The thought just occurred to me, this thing is a larvae. If this is how it is in a baby state, I don’t want to see it as a… butterfly or moth, whatever it turns into. I gotta mention that to the others, but it could make them freak out and overreact. I dunno if overreacting is what we need right now, some of the men have been getting a bit fucked in the head. I’ll sleep on it.

Update: Seems no one knows grubs are larvae. I’ll hold off on telling them, some of the guys have been more insane than usual. Perkins has started saying he’s watching TV shows in his spare time, Mackenzie has started saying the universe is a machine and Eric is being completely useless in combat now…too scared of the parasites it seems. I think he’s being a little prick. Leaves all the work to us and gets to stay back and mind the camp. Does absolutely no work the little cunt. I swear if he doesn’t pull himself together i’ll personally go over there and hit the fear out of him.

Month 2: We’re heading closer and closer to the coast, seems like the beast want stay near water. Maybe it wants to somehow get to other countries? Shit if it did that…it’d be Omega level. I really don’t want to think about what’s happen if it did that.

I think it senses when I kill its little babies. Found one of the little shits as it was hatching and ripped its legs off one by one…after that i slit it open with my knife and stomped on it…the mother was more aggressive after that. The bitch deserves it and I look forward to ripping off her own legs one by one, one for each member we lost to this fucking mission. After that i’ll find the guy who ordered this and…well I’ll figure it out soon enough we’re almost there.

Month 2: Perkins tried to eat one of The Beast’s leftover bodies, saying some shit about them being really nutritious on this tv show he recently watched (I fucking knew the giant spiders were getting to him). But the blood was fucking acidic and it burned his mouth and vocal chords going down, couldn’t understand that it was also poisonous until it was too late. With Rations running low as it is, we may need to start eating the human corpses scattered all over the place.

Fucking Perkins, little bitch boy why the fuck did you do that? You were always a little slow but to fucking eat that SHIT YOU FUCKING CUNT I HOPE YOU FUCKING GET EATEN BY FUCKING SPIDERS WHILE IN THE GROUND AND NO ONE REMEMBER YOU YOU’RE JUST AS FUCKING USELESS AS ERIC AND YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD.

Update: Human bodies aren’t that bad once you chop them up. Taste similar to pig and you won’t even realise it was a person.
This is fucking us all up and I wish we had anything…hell I could go for dog meat right about now.

I think this place is getting to me…I read a few passages and I noticed that i've been getting angrier overtime, but I don’t know why. I’ve noticed it happening more and more, but Leah noticed it also…I think she’s going through the same thing though…saw her snap at Benny and punch Eric for doing nothing. And we’ve argued so many times… We need to finish this quickly, before we all murder each other.

Last log:
It’s been a month or 2 since we’ve been deployed and most of us are fed up, we’re gonna attack the Hatching grounds this thing set up a week or 2 ago and kill it once and for all before we leave. Fucking can’t wait to eat real food. Dunno where this safe place is, but it better have a warm bed and good food. I don’t fucking care at this point our weapons are in shit condition, we found no civilians to evacuate, everyone’s got either an infection or a chunk of flesh ripped out of them or they’re missing a finger. And this place has got to us, every fuckin time I hear a Kookaburra laugh I just wanna shoot the smug fucker. it’s mocking us I swear it.

And the bodies…I swear to god if I get out of here i’m going vegetarian.

Ah fuck, this turned into a diary. I hope it’s still helpful to whoever’s in this safe place, I keep hearing from the higher ups that it’ll be different there.

-MST-P-09: Second in Command Michael Langley

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