The RPC Authority Community Discord is an official hangout where anyone can participate in site, lore, and off-topic discussion. In addition to channels for readers, writers, artists, developers, and more, we host regular site announcements and community events.

Please review the server rules before joining:

Common Rules

  • You must be 18 years or older to join. If it comes to the attention of staff that you are younger, you will be removed.1
  • Overtly offensive content is a case-by-case basis. If you think it'll get you in trouble, don't post it.
  • Any problem that you have should be brought to the attention of a member who has authority to act upon said problem. Complaining about it publicly won't fix it for anyone.
  • Members are prohibited from contacting multiple members with authority in order to dodge rulings or deceive staff. If you disagree with what a staff member tells you, you are encouraged to bring it up publicly in the RPC Office server and state your disagreement.
  • Role-play is heavily discouraged.
  • Attempting to evade punishments will result in the punishment being escalated accordingly.
  • Do not continue past a moderator's stop order.
  • Users are prohibited from having multiple accounts on the server (not including accounts that have been purged by Discord).

Minor Violations

  1. Spamming and flooding text channels. This includes:
    • Posting of 3 or more images in a row, or posting a significant amount of characters at once (in separate or joint messages, including between coordinated efforts of multiple users).
    • This does not pertain to on-topic discussion, such as the discussion of large paragraphs, writing, articles, and related RPC topics.
  2. Keep posting limited to the correct channels; read the channel descriptions. Do not derail conversations. This includes:
    • Encouraging users to disrupt other channels, posting messages outside of a channel's given rules, shitposting in the RPC Office staff server.
  3. Advertising and/or recommending another server, site and/or unaffiliated community. This does not include:
    • Conversations where other communities are mentioned naturally, recommendations of communities we are currently partnered with, and casual mentions of communities that aren't related to the general theme of our community's creative domain.
  4. Microphone spamming in voice channels or being disrespectful to ongoing conversation in the Lounge voice channel. (The full Lounge guidelines are pinned in the ⁠#voice channel.) Light Infractions
  5. Impersonation of any member. This includes:
    • Using dishonest profiles, modified message logs, dishonest nicknames, and similar techniques aimed at misrepresenting a person's identity or ideas through appropriation.
  6. Posting screenshots and/or logs with the intention of starting drama. This includes:
    • Discussing disciplinary actions outside of appropriate places, sharing content from other communities with the intent of causing mass or personal aggression, using out-of-context message logs and/or visuals to misrepresent collective or personal statements.
  7. Continuous mentioning of staff or non-staff members, or mentioning users and deleting the message in order to cause annoyance. This includes:
    • Repeated mentioning of users, mentioning of users or roles without a valid reason, and deletion of mentions immediately after posting them to create hanging notifications.
  8. Slander or blatant and malicious false information seeking to destabilize our community or deceive users. This is as simple as it gets:
    • Be honest when it comes to your conduct.
  9. Posting content that is borderline/light NSFW.
  10. Minors acting sexually explicit and making others uncomfortable, or directly toward other members.
  11. Do not post links from other communities (such as 4chan) where discussions about RPC are currently ongoing. This can lead to raiding and spam, and will result in a Light Infraction. Heavy Infractions
  12. Encouraging or partaking in brigades against a particular person or their work, leaning toward aggressive conduct with or without a valid critical goal, and abusing or encouraging the abuse of our system through unwarranted votes.
  13. Posting pornographic images, gore, and other major NSFW content. Just don't do it.
  14. Continuous or extreme harassment of other users.
  15. Adults being sexually explicit toward minors, and any pedophilic behaviors.
  16. Organized raiding/vandalism of servers, sites, communities and projects, whether internal or external.
  17. Revealing a user's personal information without permission (doxxing).

Members who hold authority, and are able to act upon these rules and regulations, may expand upon this code to preserve the stability of our community when needed.

Note: All messages are logged in order to make responding to issues easier for staff.

If you agree to these terms, you can join:

Invite link

Join code: 74SmzXY

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