You're awake. You don't know how. The last thing you remember is that voice, your voice, jarring in the back of your mind, piercing you with every word, mocking you. Like an itch in the back of your throat you can't reach, its there. Watching. Laughing at you. Waiting for you to finally scratch it, but you can't. You feel the wind from the window of the hospital room. You feel the blankets compressing your body into the hard bed. You feel…. you feel something.

You look next to your bedside, a notice, from him. You don't want to look at it because if you do, you know they'll just send you back into the darkness. But you are fine with that.

You can't respond. You can't muster up the words from the back of your mind to answer the nurse’s question. So you stare, and you try to go back into the nothingness you longed for so long.

"You've been asleep for some time. Approximately 15 years and you don't look like you've aged more than a day since you fell under RPC-004's effect."

Your heart begins pounding. You don't know what to say. You're looking around for a remnant of the past, your past. But there is nothing around but that chip. That damned chip that brought you into this madness. The chip which submerged you into the waves of nothingness and pulled you back afloat into reality like a lifeguard. You don't want to come back. You were content with the nothingness you so longed for. They couldn't let you be happy. He couldn't let you be happy.

The nurse leaves and a strange man comes in. You can't quite make out his face but you know it hasn't changed in the past 15 years. Come to think of it, it hasn't ever changed for how long you knew him. Global Director 12, the one who deals with death, and as a consequence, ArcOS.

"You see, we don't actually know what RPC-004 is. All we really know is whatever we heard from your encounter with it and even that is nothing compared to what we believe it holds. When we developed the ArcOS Admin Command System, we never expected it to reach these proportions. We only wanted an easier way of holding voting sessions but what we got was a man-made anomaly. The first of its kind."

"You may be thinking to yourself, 'but it told me it has been alive for all of time'. We thought that too. Then we realized what we are dealing with. We're dealing with an anomaly who feeds off the deepest thoughts of its host, and when it encountered you, we saw that you believed it had been alive for aeons. No, it believed just as much as you that it had been alive that long, but its only been around for however long the ArcOS program has been around."

"The issue is this, it exists within you primarily. We don't know why, but it seems to have taken a liking to you. Every other CSD which initiated conversation with it expired within 4 hours of starting. If it jumps between hosts or exists in all of us in a dormant stage is unknown to us, that is why we need you, and the main reason I kept you alive."

"We'll be implanting this chip back into you, as a test. Be grateful, you'll be alone with your thoughts again… and that thing. You feed us more information and we'll make an article with it, and then, if I'm feeling generous, I'll give you the sweet, sweet release of death you've been craving for so long."

You realize that is what you wanted all your life, to be part of something greater, going nowhere, being nothing. All your life you were surrounded in order and patterns. Schedules and due dates. All your life you have been told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, but never why you must do it. You created your own why's but they never satisfied you and you were content with that ideal. Now, you can become the why. The why's you imagine can come into fruition and you realize that in a few moments, you will be part of the something greater you always sought after.

As the final drops of your very being evaporate into the cosmos, the sounds of entropy around you begin to fade into the air, without a care in the world.

You are happy. You are content. You are okay.

Then you hear that voice.

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