GRP-026 — "Cosmic Randy"

Cosmic Randy





Galactic Registered Phenomena: 026

Object Class: Beta-Orange (UT)

Hazard Types: Extra-Terrestrial Hazard, Group Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Properties: Animated, Extra-Terrestrial,

Description: GRP-026 is an extraterrestrial race originating from the planet Poul c in the quadrants of 05 07 28.1588916680 and +16 52 03.795044106. GRP-026-1 is considered separate from standard instances with widely divergent behavior patterns and containment procedures.

Base instances of GRP-026 are characterized as a featureless flesh-like mass measuring only 0.75 meters. 99% of their nutrients appear to be collected from Photosynthesis. Their skin is semi-permeable, allowing for oxygen to be absorbed directly through the skin. Their bodies are composed of 90% water allowing lower nutrient upkeep to maintain their mass. They possess a proboscis used both to gather water and collect genetic material from desired species.

GRP-026 has no 'true' form, preferring to copy the physical appearance of whatever apex predator they can harvest. The most common form of this species is not their 'true' appearance, which also appears to be a copy of native fauna of Poul c known as Aqua trunci. GRP-026's ability inevitably allows it to usurp whatever apex predator currently inhabits any given ecosystem. However, there is no evidence it has ever copied sapient life before creating GRP-026-1s.

GRP-026-1 is an imitation of a deceased Galactic Ranger named Randal C. Sinclair, known commonly to his peers as "Cosmic Randy." Instances of GRP-026-1 are the attempts of GRP-026 to mimic the physical likeness and personality of Randal Sinclair. While many are extremely difficult to distinguish from the original Galactic Ranger, they tend to display exaggerated features or lack thereof on closer inspection.

Notable examples of deviations include:

  • Lack of gaps between teeth
  • Enlarged Jawbone
  • Disproportionate eye size
  • Lack of Eyebrow Follicles
  • Absence of Skin Pores

However, no memetic deviation exists between the original Randal Sinclair and GRP-026-1 instances. It is no exaggeration to state that GRP-026-1s wholeheartedly believes they are the original Randal Sinclair.

GRP-026-2 is a legion of identical Hopkin Aliens1. The original, nicknamed 'Chuck' by Randall Sinclair, was a pirate-employed pilot kidnapped from a Hopkin Alien hydroponics lab during an impromptu provision raid. 'Chuck' died along with Randall Sinclair during their crash landing on Poul c.


Randal Sinclair was reported missing while exploring the Poul System at Standard Galactic Time (SGT) 394,200hr/24min/12sec. The exact cause of death was unknown at the time. However, instances of GRP-026-1 began appearing in stations around (SGT) 411,720. The GRPC was notified of GRP-026-1's presence when twenty separate ships docked into Hilo Station, FSM, using the DNA credentials assigned to Randal Sinclair.

All GRP-026-1 instances were detained by local station security, assuming that Randal's DNA credentials had been leaked to gene hackers. All detainees insisted on being GRPC Rangers, prompting station security to notify a squadron of GRPC Rangers in the region looking for the missing Cosmic Randy. The twelve Cosmic Randy copies were handed over to the GRPC and transported to Station-038. Each instance was subsequently interrogated and stripped for any evidence. Through these interviews, researchers pieced together the outcome of the original Randal.

See interview logs below.

GRPC Ranger Randal Sinclair's Last Recorded Message

Interview Log

Shortly after this recording at (SGT) 411,918hr/51min/21sec, a fleet of eight GRP-026-2's raided Station-038 knocking out long-range Anti Ship guns in a single unseen strike. With all GRP-026-2's being memetic clones, their attack patterns and coordinated strikes made it impossible to break any formation or spot gaps in their defense. At (SGT) 411,922, the eleven Cosmic Randy copies broke containment and commandeered six Jupiter-3's from the station's hangar bay. Along with the Randel clones, station forces engaged the GRP-026-2s in a ship-to-ship dog fight. At (SGT) 411,925hr/11min/42sec, the squadron of GRP-026-2's was repelled from Station-038 space. Six casualties were counted on the Hopkin Clones side, with three reported casualties from the Cosmic Randy copies.


All remaining instances of GRP-026 must be contained on Poul c. XenoCom has instated a permanent military GRPC presence around the Poul system. Any ships approaching Poul c must be intercepted and destroyed.

Instances of GRP-026-1 are permitted to continue employment under the GRPC; however, they are forbidden from docking at Hollywood Station as a show of respect for the Sinclair family as they mourn their loss. All GRPC Rangers who interact with a Cosmic Randy are advised to maintain the ruse that, said individual GRP-026-1, is the genuine and original Randal Sinclair.

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