A parting gift from an Immortal Bird

This page is an archive for a contest entry that was hosted at a special URL. The article has since been ported to the main site as RPC-363.

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Registered Phenomena Code: 365

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazards: Chronological, Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-365 is to be held within a standard low-value Alpha-class container. RPC-365 is only to be removed for testing purposes, which must be cleared by any level 3 research staff.

Description: RPC-365 is a feather with a length of 12.3cm and a width of 2.1cm at its widest point. RPC-365 is described as having a fiery colour with orange barbs, a yellow rachis, and a light blue quill. RPC-365's temperature varies in the range of 50oC and 70oC, regardless of external conditions. RPC-365 appears to be perpetually emitting flames, the colour of which depends on RPC-365's temperature.

If RPC-365 is destroyed by any means, it with self immolate and turn to ash which will reform within the next 30 seconds. Video recordings of the reformation indicates that it is the result of RPC-365's ashes initiating a form of a localized time loop.

Recovery: RPC-365 was recovered from an estate owned by POI-293 (Alicia Silver), a known anomalous item and parahuman collector/trafficker, during a raid by MST-Hotel-1 ("Highlanders"). 7 anomalous artifacts were recovered during the raid. However, POI-293 was unable to be apprehended. RPC-365 itself was located in the main study on top of an opened letter, which has been attached below.

My dearest Alicia,

Since I met you, you have been the warmth in my life. I had just been exiled from my home, and disavowed by those that I knew. I was sent to a dead end, and for the first time I was truly alone. Then I met you.

When I first met you, you were so kind to me. I told you that I was a bad person, a mean, horrible, cruel person. But you didn't care, you invited me into your house anyway. You gave me food, clothes and a place to sleep. And never asked for anything in return.

I never did anything in my life to deserve the kindness you gave to me. You are a much better person than I could ever be. I never thought that I would be treated so well.

I'm not sure how to phrase this… but I love you. You've shown nothing but kindness to this cruel old bird. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. I didn't think that I would make a friend like you before my next rebirth.

This is why it pains me to tell you, that I have to leave. As I mentioned earlier, I will be undergoing rebirth soon. After which I will no longer remember you. You have been the warmth in my life for the whole that I have known you, so please allow this feather to keep you warm.

Your friend Ash


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