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Registered Phenomena Code: 052-J

Object Class: Neutralized, previously Alpha-Yellow (Utility)

Hazard Types: Mechanical, Electromagnetic Force, Geological.

Archived Containment Protocols: RPC-052-J is stationed at Garage 9 of Site-███. The use of RPC-052-J as a standard transportation vehicle is strictly limited to Level 2 personnel. Maintenance of the vehicle is to be performed twice a week to preserve its operational value.

Description: RPC-052-J was a Nissan NV350 Urvan painted in black, used primarily for transportation and occasionally, drive-by shootings perpetrated by the previous owners1. The most notable modification is in the driver's area of RPC-052-J, this being a built-in secondary gear stick. The words ''Chill Zone'', ''Outta Here'', and ''Drift By'', have been written with the white marker on the layout of the secondary gear knob. Upon starting RPC-052-J, various anomalous properties manifest according to the shift position of the van indicated by the secondary lever.

Shift Pattern Anomalous Properties Notes
C.Z - Chill Zone. If RPC-052-J travels below the 20 km/h mark, all sound frequency emitted by RPC-052-J will drop to a value of 3 dB. This effect extends to any noise produced by the individuals on board, however, they can still be audible from the inside of the van. N/A.
M.I - Move it. RPC-052-J increases it's acceleration speed from 40 km/h2 to 55 km/h2, resulting in RPC-055 reaching a maximum velocity of 110 km/h. Gasoline consumption increased significantly during initial testing.
O.H - Outta Here. Upon reaching a velocity of 75 km/h, RPC-052-J will develop an anomalous magnetic field surrounding the vehicle in a 5.5 m radius. Outside objects prone to magnetism will be repelled by the Repulsion Force exerted by the field, with a strength measured at [DATA EXPUNGED]2. Non-ferrous metals were still repelled by RPC-052-J's effect. In spite of this, metals inside the van at the moment of testing were not.
D.B - Drift By. The terrain within 20 meters of RPC-052-J was anomalously altered in a way that eased the van's movement. These alterations within the affected area include immediate elevation of road holes; hardening of muddy terrain; flattening of road bumps; and complete evaporation of small bodies of water. The area affected by RPC-052-J will revert back to its original state as soon as it exits the range of RPC-052-J.

Discovery: RPC-052-J was discovered on 21/09/1996, in the Southwest region of the city of Los Angeles, California. Several motorized shootings had been perpetrated in the last 5 days, likely a result of increased gang conflicts in response to Tupac Shakur's death on 13/09/1996. During one of the aforementioned incidents, several police officers were subject to many of RPC-052-J's anomalous properties while chasing the vehicle, severely damaging 4 patrolling vehicles. A follow-up retrieval operation resulted in the recovery of RPC-052-J, however, the driver (suspected to be the owner of the van) was found deceased inside the vehicle and therefore could not be detained for interrogation3.

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