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Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Climatological, Explosive, Extreme-Temperature, Grouped, Psychotronic, Organic, Sentient


Figure 052-A: An instance of RPC-052-1.

Containment Protocols: Temperature of all populated cities and towns in the European region are to be monitored annually. Upon any instances of a heavily populated area exhibiting abnormally humid weather, Mobile Specialised Team India-4 ("Run Forrest, Run") is to be dispatched to the area. The area is to be evacuated and cordoned off from the general public until it has returned to a temperature of under 30°C.

Following the return of regular temperatures, all newly manifested RPC-052-1 instances are to be tranquillised and removed from the area and either contained for testing purposes or terminated at the discretion of Research Head Dr. Robin Holmes, though termination remains the preferred choice of the two. As of now, there are currently 17 RPC-052-1 instances in Authority custody. Containment cells are to be fitted with fireproofing measures, and instances are to be contained individually.

Description: RPC-052 is a climatological anomaly affecting select regions within Europe that possess an average climate temperature of under 20°C during the winter months. When the temperatures arise to a level of above 40°C, the climate of RPC-052 will gradually become increasingly humid and the temperature will continue to rise, with peak temperature reaching roughly ~245°C1. This increase in heat can be linked to an anomalous magnification of the local atmosphere, as the sun's luminescence increases along with the heat. These alterations to the sun's properties have been observed to be nonexistent outside the parameters of RPC-052 events, with luminescence and temperatures remaining normal. RPC-052 events are rare in occurance, having only occured 5 times in the last century. Following the return of regular temperature, several instances of RPC-052-1 will have manifested in the area.

RPC-052-1 designates a varying number of anomalous Lama glama (llama). The exact number of instances at any one time has been recorded to vary between 51 - 89, the total number remaining random per event. RPC-052-1 instances are capable of verbal communication in French. Despite this, they remain relatively primitive and do not demonstrate any complex reasoning or thought.

RPC-052-1 are capable of spontaneously combusting if provoked into a panicked state, and have proven impervious to flames produced by this combustion. It is unknown as to what properties this fire pertains, as testing has proven that RPC-052-1 instances can be terminated via the use of standard incendiary weaponry. Despite this, flames exhibited by RPC-052-1 instances are just as harmful to bystanders. Once returned to a docile state, the flames will begin to die out. Instances have also displayed slight pyrokinesis capabilities, and have been observed to "breathe fire" from their noses.

Upon manifestation, RPC-052-1 instances will attempt to congregate and spontaneously combust, resulting in an explosion speculated to be equal to or greater than 5, 000 tonnes of TNT (See Incident Log 052-1). RPC-052-1 instances do not demonstrate an urgent desire to fulfill this goal, and are often distracted by food or a desire to rest.


Figure 052-B: First recorded location of the RPC-052 phenomena.

Discovery: RPC-052 first manifested on 12/09/1922 at a railway station in Gourdan-Polignan, Occitanie, France, formerly known as the Montréjeau-Gourdan-Polignan station located on the Toulouse–Bayonne and the Montréjeau–Luchon railway lines. The event resulted in 65 civilian casualties, as well as heavy destruction to the surrounding area, attributed to RPC-052-1 instances. The remaining instances were trainquilised and contained. Following the exhibition of speech capabilities, attempts to interview said instances were made, but all but one resulted in loss of RPC-052-1 cases.

Following its first occurrence, RPC-052 has occurred four more times, all events taking place exclusively in the Europian territory. Any instances of RPC-052 occurring in any other territories are to be reported to Head Researcher Robin Holmes.

Addendum 052-1: Below is an interview of an RPC-052-1 instance.


Figure 052-C: Depiction of an unknown Aztec deity found on the scroll retrieved from the RPC-052-1 instance.

Addendum 052-2: Following an RPC-052 event in Berlin, Germany, one instance of RPC-052-1 clung to a weathered scroll with its jaws. Upon incapacitation, Authority agents retrieved the scroll.

Authority linguistic personnel have speculated that the contents of the scroll contain a mixture of Nahuatl2, as well as several inflections of English, French, and German. The document depicts several deities drawn in an Aztec style. Associations between RPC-052-1 instances and depicted deities remain inconclusive.

Incident Log 052-1: On 18/04/1947, an RPC-052 event occurred on the then-unoccupied island of Heligoland. Following this event, the newly manifested RPC-052-1 instances had congregated all over. Despite a lack of provocation, all instances gathered successfully and detonated simultaneously before Authority agents could make contact, resulting in an explosion estimated to be equal to 6, 700 tonnes of TNT. The explosion was able to change the shape of the island, creating what is now known as the Mittelland. Authority forces established full control of the island in 1954, in turn establishing Site-096.

Following the event, containment protocols regarding RPC-052-1 instances have been heavily revised.

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