Immeasurable measurement (TRHLaclale)

Immeasurable measurement

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RPC-052 to be aware that the glass has been coated with poison


Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Alpha-White(Utility)

Hazard Types: Sensory, Immeasurable, Psychotronic, Sapient

Containment Protocols: When not in use, RPC-052 is stored in a 5x5x5m locker with other weighing equipment, and RPC-052 can only be used for measurements that cannot be made with conventional weighing equipment.

Description: RPC-052 is a ██x██x██ cm measuring device with a camera. As RPC-052 constantly exerts a telekinetic force on it, RPC-052 takes a distance of 30 cm from the instrument that leads to the measurement of the amount of material. Therefore, the mass of RPC-052 was immeasurable in the pre-revised kilogram definition.

The stationary RPC-052 is not subject to wind or physical shocks, even though it is almost zero kilograms from the amount of joules generated in the current definition of kilograms1. For example, RPC-052 will travel the exact distance as a hypothetical object impacting RPC-052.

RPC-052 displays subtitles in the field of view, but they do not remain in the video record. The reason why RPC-052 does not corrode, even though it can make contact, is that it is protected by its own protection, according to RPC-052.

Since RPC-052 is a scan type device, it is considered to be capable of measuring everything other than its own material content.

Test Log 1: Accuracy of RPC-052

Date: 16 September 2007
Procedure: Synchronize the definition of a meter and have it measured a 1 meter ruler without a scale.
Results: RPC-052 pointed out that the ruler is one micrometer bent, but added that it's a meter in and of itself.
Closing Statement: RPC-052 was confirmed that the noted distortion was exactly one micrometer.
Notes: There seems to be no problem with accuracy. I knew from the reactions of the staff who had their eyes closed that the subtitles were fed directly into their vision.

Test Log 2: Response at the site of an info-hazard

Date: [REDACTED due to RPC-███]
Procedure: RPC-███ with an information hazard that affects documents within a certain range and replaces numbers and some symbols until the range is left to be measured within the range. It has been confirmed that RPC-███ has no effect when communicating outside the range, and that non-anomalous electronic measuring equipment is also affected.
Results: RPC-052 responded with an assumed number, but added an information noise rate. The numbers replied to were not replaced with symbols.
Closing Statement: RPC-052 seems to be info-hazard resistant.

Test Log 3: Reactions at meme contamination sites

Date: September 16, 2012
Procedure: RPC-███, which is an item with memetic contamination that makes it impossible to trust measured values ​​other than visual measurement, is supposed to be exposed only to RPC-052 for measurement. The size of RPC-███ has not been measured.
Results: The contamination rate and extent of contamination were added. RPC-052 responded that RPC-███ was in range but was also contamination resistant.
Closing Statement: The person in charge didn't trust the value, so I memorized it. It should be noted that the scope of the contamination included the person in charge of the exposure.

Interview Log:

Interviewed: RPC-052
Interviewer: Researcher ████
Foreword: The interview was conducted in a zero-gravity space created by RPC-███ before the revision of the kilogram definition. Also, RPC-052's remarks were transcribed by CSD-█████.
<Begin Log>
RPC-052: Don't ask me to measure the mass here.
Researcher ████: That's not the point. I want a reason why you want to move away from weighing equipment, light and good.
RPC-052: I don't like the idea of people measuring the amount of material.
Researcher ████ almost hits the ceiling.
Researcher ████: Oops. Come to think of it, you've been able to stay in place. Unlike a physically recreated weightlessness.
RPC-052: Well, I don't have my own mass, you know. If the measurement of mass is no longer dependent on mass, we will stop moving away from instruments that measure weight.
Researcher ████: That's why you were unable to measure your own amount of substance. Even if it's your own measurement function.
RPC-052: Also, do you think infinity and concepts go into the Immeasurable?
Researcher ████: It's not up to me to decide that.
RPC-052: …ikr
<End Log>

Addendum: The results of the RPC-052 immeasurable values are stored in document 502-M.

Discovery: This report was written before the existence of RPC-052 was discovered. This happened before the revision of the kilogram and when RPC-052 was 30 cm away from the instrument that led to the measurement of the mass. And there was a massive amount of underrating in the report for that reason alone, because it didn't exist. As soon as the deletion timer appeared in the report, RPC-052 appeared on the site and it was immediately contained. Authority believes the report has been redone.

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