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Visual representation of RPC-052 in its non-anomalous state.


Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Gravitational Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Geological Hazard, Climatological Hazard.

Containment Protocols: Due to the proximity of RPC-052 to the local population, a 50x50 meter perimeter has been designated around RPC-052 for continuous research and secure isolation from public interference. Under the direction of Site-038, OL-Site-052 was assigned to act as the local jurisdiction with regards to the maintained care and oversight of RPC-052.

Though the area adjacent to OL-Site-052 remains open to the public, access to RPC-052 and its vicinity is prohibited. All visitations within the national park are to be supervised by Authority staff to ensure the safety of visitors. Any pathways leading to RPC-052 are to be blocked off in association with a standard disinformation campaign, several signs have been placed around the enclosure of RPC-052 to prohibit civilians from traveling into the designated regions.1

MST Delta-4 "Garcas" has been assigned to RPC-052 and is directed to monitor the area on a weekly basis disguised as tourists or native civilians. Reporting for any deviant activities that may relate to the anomaly or trespassers.

When an RPC-052-1 instance is active, Authority personnel must immediately call upon reinforcements of any ASF available at the time. Any attempts at confrontation must be done out of the bounds of civilian sight. For that reason, RPC-052-1 instances must be transported to the periphery of the city, while heavily sedated. Delivery of sedation should be exclusive to long-range tranquilizer firearms with a gas operating propellant system.

In the event of containment failure, whether due to obstruction of transport or other third-party intervention, Delta-4 are instructed to use CS gas grenades, paint-ball tear gas ammunition, and long-range pepper spray to quickly subdue any and all threats. However if RPC-052-1 instances are confirmed to have entered its third stage, containment is considered impossible. In this stage, paramilitary/lethal force is to be permitted to all on-duty MST/ASF personnel, including the usage of DEW-based weaponry, Dazzler-type armament, type 5-XV gas canisters, and high capacity electric artillery.2

Description: RPC-052 is an Igneous type boulder located in ████ National Park, Thailand, measuring approximately 137m³ in volume. RPC-052 shows signs of moderate discoloration, likely due to eroding from exposure to acid rain. Radiocarbon dating shows that RPC-052 is approximately 284 years old.

Upon initial discovery, RPC-052 displayed no anomalous effects in its original state. However, RPC-052 has shown to possess gravity-altering and physics-distorting properties. If any attempts to harm RPC-052 or the surrounding area3 is made, "Force-altering" effects will be exerted onto the active threat. Under this effect, the aforementioned threats are unable to produce more than 5.2MPa of pressure.4 If any sapient organism attempts to directly inflict damage onto RPC-052 or its surrounding perimeter at least three times within a span of one hour, RPC-052 will activate its first anomalous effect onto the aforementioned subject. Said subject will be designated as an RPC-052-1 instance.

RPC-052-1 instances are the sapient organisms affected by the anomalous effects of RPC-052. RPC-052-1 will obtain the ability of gravity alteration and the modification of other features of physics through unknown, anomalous methods. It's to be noted that RPC-052-1 will not retain any some of its past memories. Instead, it will be mind-controlled under the influence of RPC-052 to carry out its tasks.5 RPC-052-1 abilities appear to strengthen over the span of a few hours, with RPC-052-1 gaining the capability of bending the relative trajectory of objects around them, such as changing the vectorial speed of those objects in relation to themselves. This effect appears similar to telekinesis to observers.6

Within the first three hours of exposure using the aforementioned abilities, instances of RPC-052-1 will be capable of lifting up to a maximum weight of 1.65 kg and exert a force of 20 N on areas up to 4 m. Furthermore, RPC-052-1 instances will develop a type of force-field that encapsulates their bodies and raises their pressure tolerance to up to 5,000 psi.7 By the 3rd hour, the second stage of development will occur to RPC-052-1 instances. RPC-052-1 will be able to elevate objects up to 46 kg, exert a maximum force of 500 N and withstand a maximum force of 25,000 psi. After 7 hours, instances of RPC-052-1 will enter their third and final stage of development. RPC-052-1 will be capable of lifting objects up to 459 kg, exert a force of up to 4840 N, and withstand forces of approximately 95,000 PSI.8

Additionally, RPC-052 possesses a third anomalous effect that is activated under specific circumstances.9 Through recent research and testing, the Authority was able to identify at least 3 individual conditions sufficient to activate the anomalous event activation. The following are verified by Authority personnel to be necessary for its activation.

  • RPC-052 must be in close proximity to a performance of 1900s western music. Said music must be played using instruments related to that time period. The music should start in a pitch of 13 dBA and slowly raises up to 70 dBA, and be played on a constantly changing frequency of 20-137 Hz.
  • An instance of RPC-052-1 must be physically present within the area of effect RPC-052 exerts and, regardless of their status, laying on the ground.
  • Through recent documented and recorded experimentation of RPC-052, the final condition of the third anomaly was discovered to be the near-future arrival of a world-ending event.10

Discovery: The first instance of RPC-052 anomalous effects were reported to be on the nearby Thai cities of ████ and █████ about a supposed individual able to alter "gravity" on their surrounding area. Personnel was quickly deployed to the area to prevent any more accidents and test for other anomalous effects that may appear from RPC-052. The subject was brought into Authority custody and is currently being tested and Interview for extra information. after amnestics, the subject was freed. Through investigations of cameras of older dates, it has lead to the assumption that it was activated recently. Analysis of the park cameras pointed out that the subject was a "rockhound"12 trying to acquire a sample from the rock, which would later be designated as RPC-052. After failing to take samples, the subject assaulted the stone, activating RPC-052's first anomalous effect. The subject was the first recorded RPC-052-1 instance.

After the incident, OL-Site-052 was created on the 07th of May of 201█.


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