A Storm Is Brewin'

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Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Climatological, Grouped, Titanic, Tychokinetic, Sapient

Containment Protocols: Members of the Authority Department of Meteorology are positioned near areas in which RPC-052 is known to appear. If an RPC-052 formation is detected, the Authority Department of Meteorology is to notify the nearest Authority site. After this, Protocol TEMPINAM is to be initiated.

h-climatological.pngClimatological h-grouped.pngGrouped h-titanic.pngTitanic h-tychokinetic.pngTychokinetic h-sapient.pngSapient

fig. 1.1: RPC-052-1. (circa 2008)

Description: RPC-052 is the designation for a weather pattern occurring in the North-Western United States of America, primarily in the states of Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington.

RPC-052 patterns occur 2 - 3 times a year. They are unpredictable, yet easily identifiable. When an RPC-052 event begins, an extremely large cloud formation slowly forms ~2.5 - ~4.0 kilometers away from a town, over the course of ~6 - ~8 hours. This cloud formation, designated as RPC-052-1, is indistinguishable from a cumulonimbus storm cloud save for the presence of much darker regions within the formation. After RPC-052-1 has reached a sufficient mass to cover the targeted town, it will begin to move towards it until it is suspended above.

Once RPC-052-1 is suspended above the targeted town, a series of events occur over the course of a day. Water begins falling from RPC-052-1, akin to rain. It has been determined through the use of rain gauges that RPC-052-1 produces an average of 10.5 mm of rainfall. The presence of RPC-052-1 causes the area of the town to darken drastically, and a light fog to appear. Research has shown that RPC-052 events cause buildings to be more likely to experience structural failure, resulting in collapse. Buildings housing more individuals inside are more likely to experience structural failure.

During an RPC-052 event, entities (RPC-052-2) will begin appearing within the town on the roofs of houses. The source from which these entities appear remains undiscovered. RPC-052-2 instances are humanoid in form with smooth, pale-blue skin. A dark-blue symbol in the shape of a diamond is present on the front of RPC-052-2 instances' heads. The fingers of RPC-052-2 instances are grossly elongated, and their legs lack feet.

During an RPC-052 event, RPC-052-2 instances either remain on the roofs or wander through the streets in search of victims. RPC-052-2 instances actively seek out citizens of the targeted town that are outside during the RPC-052 event, and enter buildings which have been damaged. RPC-052-2 instances attempt to capture any individuals they encounter. An individual is captured by an RPC-052-2 instance via constriction of the body. The entity utilizes its elongated fingers to ensnare the victim. After a short moment, the RPC-052-2 instance and the individual both "disintegrate" into the air. Following the conclusion of the RPC-052 event, all captured individuals reappear in varying locations of the affected town. No individuals have been physically harmed by RPC-052-2 instances.


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