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A photograph of RPC-052 during a mock ceremonial parade by the Authority at Balacay Island, Phillipines, 13/05/1947.


Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-052 is to be contained at Balacay Island, Philippines. All authority personnel who are 150 meters in proximity to RPC-052 are to be dressed in World War Two era summer variant military uniforms1 of the United States military. No staff or individuals of Japanese origin are to enter into proximity of 150 meters to RPC-052 and personnel are to clear the surrounding areas of civilian presence, both land and sea.

During research and technical maintenance, personnel who are to come in contact with RPC-052 are to hold a box of blank .50 BMG ammunition as to obtain access to the internal components of RPC-052. Staff wearing any other form of clothing will be denied access to RPC-052 by it locking all hatches shut. No method of consentual entry into RPC-052 has been discovered. Routine maintenance inspections are done once a month and all abnormalities are to be documented immediately. RPC-052 is to be always loaded with blank .50 BMG ammunition as to prevent it from moving in an attempt to find ammunition on its own accord.2

Description: RPC-052 is a sentient M1 Combat Car, manufactured by Rock Island Arsenal in 1936 under contract by the United States Military. RPC-052 is classified as light cavalry tank under the command of the 23rd US Cavalry Division. Despite its age and the state that it was initially discovered3 in, RPC-052 has gradually reverted to a pristine condition, indicating its regenerative abilities to reconstruct both internal and external damages on its own accord. Tests have been unsuccessful at pinpointing the source of its ability to repair itself.

RPC-052 is sentient on a base instinct level. During its discovery and retrieval4, RPC-052 was observed being aware of its surroundings and being able to identify other M1 Combat Cars, whether they are destroyed or pristine. It is also able to identify three types of individuals: Individuals of Japanese origin5, US Military staff dressed in World War Two era summer variant military uniforms and standard individuals6. RPC-052 has been found to display basic emotional and aggressive characteristics upon identification of individuals of Japanese origin, attempting in any way possible to cause harm to those individuals either through the usage of its armament or by attempting to ram the individual. RPC-052 has been characterised as "vengeful" against people of Japanese origin, with no exact reason having been pinpointed of yet. Upon identification of individuals dressed in World War Two era summer variant military uniforms, RPC-052 will act in a friendly manner, attempting to come closer and in contact with the individual. No form of activity or behaviour has been recorded when RPC-052 comes in contact with standard individuals.

Discovery: RPC-052 was discovered on the ██/██/1946 after a group of Filipino fishermen out on an early morning fishing trip spotted RPC-052 moving across the beach at a slow pace. The fishermen contacted the local police which in turn contacted the RPC Authority.

Upon initial discovery, RPC-052 appeared in extreme levels of decay with most of its armour hull having been covered in rust, multiple segments of its tracks missing and with the .50 machine gun hatch completely blown apart. RPC-052 was moving at a very slow speed of 2 kilometres per hour due to its state of disrepair. Upon arrival of the technical staff of the authority in order to contain RPC-052, RPC-052 was spotted to focus upon one of the technical staff, who was of Japanese origin, driving towards them in an attempt to ram them, which failed due to its slow speed. Later examination showed its attempts to also fire its armament but due to their condition, they failed to open fire. After the removal of the technical staff from the area, RPC-052 ceased all activity.

Using a box of .50 BMG ammunition throw inside a shipping container, RPC-052 was able to be lured into the container by the authority technical staff. RPC-052 was transported to Site-██ for testing and remained there until 13/05/1947, when it was transported to Balacay Island in an effort to pacify it.

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