DrXouble D’s (The Planet)

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Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Beta-White Beta-[PENDING REVIEW]

Hazard Types: Extra-Terrestrial Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-052 is currently uncontainable. Efforts are to be taken to hide RPC-052 from the non-anomalous scientific community. Authority Satellite Odin-V, currently located in ████ █████, has been assigned for the monitoring of RPC-052. The AEDFS Farsight has been assigned to repair, modify, and study data recovered from Odin-V.

Information recovered from Odin-V is to be transmitted to the moon in enclosed systems to Site-019. All information regarding RPC-052 is to be stored within Site-019’s Deep Information Well.

Description: RPC-052 is an interstellar planet located ██ lightyears away from Earth discovered during the 20th century by Authority astronomers John ██████ and Amanda ███. RPC-052 orbits ███ █████, a blue giant star. Currently, RPC-052’s anomalous effects only seem to affect RPC-XXX and a small volume of space surrounding the planet. No anomalous phenomena has been observed within RPC-052’s system.

RPC-052 is a highly anomalous planet that exhibits various anomalous phenomena. RPC-052 is theorized to have continents and oceans, but due to the planets highly anomalous nature continents and oceans have been to change in size, shape, and composition. Spectrographic analysis of RPC-052 has shown major changes over the course of its study.

Data recovered by Odin-V’s modified Anderson-Eckhardt Coherency Readers show that the ACS of RPC-052 and the nearby space around it goes under constant flux. On one occasion, the ACS of RPC-052 reached 0.00001 which resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. On average RPC-052 fluxes anywhere between an ACS-1 and an ACS-4.

Various types of spatial and gravitational anomalies have been observed to manifest around RPC-052 which causes the planet to speed up or slow down its orbit around its star. Occasionally, astronomical bodies of different shapes and sizes will occasionally orbit RPC-052. Authority researchers theorize that these astronomical bodies are just RPC-052’s moon or moons under the effects of RPC-052.

Currently, plans to send an extrasolar satellite to RPC-052 are currently being devised. A joint NuCorp operation for the creation of micro satellites powered via the SoARn Laser Installation Control Facility are currently being planned. The micro satellites would theoretically be able to travel ██% the speed of light and arrive at RPC-052 within ██ years. The Authority has funded NuCorp with 75,000,000 USD as well as thirty Authority engineers, mathematicians, and physicists to aid the organization. The operation’s current roadmap expects the satellites to launch by January 21st, 2021.

Addendum 052.A: Observation Log A
On 01/01/████, Odin-V captured the complete transmutation of the elements that compose RPC-052’s atmosphere and land masses into various singular elements composing the planet. The phenomenon was first observed during a spectrographic observation of the planet. During a routine spectrographic observation of RPC-052, the spectrographic equipment onboard Odin-V detected multiple shifts in the emission spectrum of the entire planet over the course of three months. Reviewing the data collected by the crew of the AEDFS Farsight, it was confirmed that the elements composing the planet were transmuting into a singular element over a course of time. Below is a document recording each element over the course of three weeks.

On 03/25/████, RPC-052 shifted and regained multiple elements that commonly compose RPC-052. The observed phenomenon has been designated as “RPC-052’s Mass Elemental Shift”. Currently, no RPC-052’s Mass Elemental Shifts have been observe.

Addendum 052.B: Incident 052 A
On 03/25/████, a signal was detected by multiple Authority and non-Authority facilities originating from RPC-052. This caused the Authority’s biggest use of Class A-12 amnestics for that year. The signal was discovered to contain the audio of three unknown entities speaking in English. Below is a recording of the audio.

After receiving the signal, Authority personnel have come up with many hypotheses. The most popular hypothesis is that the audio depicts RPC-052 achieving sapience.

Addendum 052.C: Incident 052 B
On 11/21/████, the life monitoring systems onboard the AEDFS Farsight reported no life signals onboard the craft. One (1) hour after the loss of life onboard the Farsight, the craft registered damage across itself originating internally. On 09/17/████, the crew of the AEDFS Alabaster arrived at the location of the AEDFS Farsight to investigate the ship. Multiple holes were found in different sections of the ship. Investigation of Odin-V revealed major damage to the satellites mainframe. The crew of the AEDFS Alabaster also found multiple hard leather books floating around the AEDFS Farsight and Odin-V. Twelve books were discovered by the crew of the Alabaster. Each book contained the name of a crew member of the AEDFS Farsight. The books were collected and are currently being studied for any anomalous properties.

**Addendum 052.D: Incident 052 C
On 12/01/████, Dr. John ██████ and Amanda ███ were reported missing by colleagues and family members. An investigation was launched and Authority agents were sent to their homes. Agents sent to Dr. Amanda ███’s household discovered it burned down. The corpse of Dr. Amanda ███’s husband and daughter were found with the lateral of their bodies missing. The corpse of Dr. Amanda ███ has yet to be found.

Agents sent to Dr. John ██████’s household discovered a crater measuring 4 m2. The agents discovered a hard leather bound book in the center of the crater. The book was taken to Site-███ and designated RPC-052-A-01. Excerpts of the book may be found below.

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