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Notice from the Office of Information Records and Security:

Please be aware that the following document was personally revised and redistributed by The Directorate. Information is is to be accessed only by a Directorate access-privilege. Unauthorized access with insufficient clearance will result in detainment

- Harpocrates, OIRS Director


Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Beta-Yellow)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic h-sentient.png Sentient h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional h-temporal.png Temporal h-infohazard.png Info-Hazard h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic

Revised Containment Protocols: All related information to RPC-052 has been reclassified to Level 5 clearance, including any and all related source material to RPC-052's history. Due to info-hazard concerns, RPC-052's previous and dated locations have been erased from the database under the supervision of The Directorate.

As of April 23, 2006, RPC-052 is considered Neutralized.


Fig 1.0. Interior of RPC-052

Description: RPC-052 is a spatial anomaly that takes the form of a library, speculated to be located in a pocket universe. The dimension's entrance has been recorded to shift and appear at random locations, though the entrance has since been permanent at [DATA EXPUNGED], since 1964.

RPC-052's interior appears to be physically similar to that of the Strahov Monastery in Prague, Czech Republic. While RPC-052 is within the confines of a pocket dimension, the spacetime is perceived to be affected by a time distortion, meaning that time moves at an accelerating pace. Various observations conducted revealed that a minute passing by is the equivalent to 12 hours outside of the dimension.

It is encompassed by long hallways and large wooden shelves, measured to be at 8 meters tall, that contain various scriptures and other materials. These materials in particular are considered "lost materials" from our reality, which include ancient Chinese texts, Biblical text, the Gospel of Eve, and much more. It's speculated that RPC-052 houses thousands of these lost materials that date back to 285 B.C, the oldest recorded date that it may have originated.1

In an unpredictable manner, RPC-052 undergoes an event where its extensive contents would be manipulated by a telekinetic force of unknown source. During this event, said contents will be removed from shelves, transferred across the library and re-categorized and sorted in different shelves. The purpose of this event is unknown.

Current measurements appear to exceed over the limited dimensions of the host location, which has been determined at about 5km2, suggesting that RPC-052 does not follow Euclidean geometry. When analyzed for ACS levels, the results for RPC-052's levels were determined to be [REDACTED]. With results inconclusive, it was concluded that the space may be infinite.

RPC-052-1 is a sapient humanoid that appears to be the pocket dimension's only inhabitant. Not much is known about RPC-052-1, but it is known that RPC-052-1 appears to have originated from this reality. They were manifested by RPC-052 to be a gatekeeper of the place and its materials, though how RPC-052 selects its instances remains unspecified.2 RPC-052-1 does not display any anomalous properties at first glance, but various observations have hinted that they may display psychokinetic properties, ranging from telekinetic to telepathic.

While RPC-052-1 is usually docile, subjects who are deemed a threat to or perceived to be a threat to RPC-052 will be forcefully removed by RPC-052-1. Subjects who've been forcefully removed do not sustain any physical or psychological damage, though they may sustain minor bruises.

Materials brought outside of RPC-052 will cause the material to combust and disintegrate within a matter of seconds. However, the flames do not appear to spread onto the carrier or the environment around it, suggesting that the flame only manifests on materials brought from the pocket dimension. Further analysis revealed that the materials are cohesively reactive once environmentally exposed to the change of ACS levels in our reality. In addition, the materials burnt and disintegrated reemerged within RPC-052.


Fig 1.1. Lost material, dated in 200 B.C.

In rare occurrences, when a subject intentionally tears or destroys a material, subjects will experience a variety of illusions that may lead to neurodevelopmental disorder.3

Since its discovery and initial containment, RPC-052-1 has been reluctant to provide or allow any materials to be removed from the premise. Negotiations between the appointed liaison, Researcher Kelsey Fisher, and RPC-052-1 have allowed the entry of Authority personnel into RPC-052. Entry by personnel was restricted only to researchers with high security clearance. Following an incident, RPC-052-1 discontinued any entry by outside entities unless permitted by The Directorate. (See Addendum 052.04)

Addendum 052.01: Discovery

In July 9, 1958, the Swedish Branch discovered a dimensional gateway, designated as RPC-052, during the construction of a new site facility at [REDACTED], Sweden. Construction was halted as a result and containment procedures were implemented the following day. Various field analysis were conducted over the weeks, but by July 26, RPC-052 had dematerialized and was declared inactive. Due to the circumstances of RPC-052's initial manifestation and neutralization, the site's construction was delayed for a seven month period.

In 1964, an incident occurred at Site-███, Italy, when RPC-052 appeared at a subsection of the facility. The subsection was initially evacuated at the orders of the Site Director, though security presence was maintained at a high-level during the anomaly's manifestation. An unidentified humanoid appeared, designated as RPC-052-1, from the aperture and made contact with an Authority liaison, prompting negotiations for a permanent containment settlement.

Containment was disused with a Directorate representative, and approved for RPC-052 to be permanently contained at Site-███. Following this incident, RPC-052 and RPC-052-1 was designated soon afterwards.

Addendum 052.02: Record Logs of RPC-052-1

On ██/██/██, RPC-052-1 provided a history document that details previously manifested 052-1 instances at the request of Researcher Fisher. However, most of the provided document appeared to be incomplete, which RPC-052-1 stated that they could not provide the entirety of the document due to an incident years ago.

The following is a rough log of previously manifested 052-1 instances.

Addendum 052.03: Interview with RPC-052-1

Dr. Simmons Baker, at the orders of Site Management, was tasked to conduct an interview to gather background information about RPC-052 and RPC-052-1. Interview was commenced on [REDACTED] with minimal security presence.

The following is an interview transcript between Dr. Baker and RPC-052-1.

Addendum 052.4: Incident 08/16/████

On August 19, ████, Senior Researcher Markus Kovalyov entered RPC-052, accompanied by his associates and a security detail. Researcher Kovalyov was reviewing the materials at the Russo-Asia category for most of his time until he was called to return back after an hour. He took two books from the shelves as he was about to exit, but was stopped by RPC-052-1, who inquired him why he took the books. Researcher Kovalyov told RPC-052-1 that he was authorized by Site Management to remove the books from the premise, after which RPC-052-1 took the books away from him and insisted that he leave.

An argument occurred during this time which resulted in Researcher Kovalyov to physical assault RPC-052-1. The supervising security detail intervened and removed Researcher Kovalyov from RPC-052. However, when Researcher Kovalyov was removed from RPC-052, he experienced several nosebleeds and eventually fell into a coma an hour later.

Addendum 052.5: Post-Incident Interview

The following is a post-incident interview conducted by Dr. Amanda Page.

Addendum 052.6: Aftermath Conclusion

On On ██/██/████, The Directorate announced revisions and reforms within the containment protocols in relations to RPC-052. Personnel assignments and visitations were also reformed under these directives, by which entry to RPC-052 is strictly closed until further notice.

To: [REDACTED], Director of Site-███

From: Global Director No. 2

Re: [Confidential] Containment Provisions & Personnel Reassignment


On behalf of the Global Directors, you are ordered to terminate all immediate access to RPC-052, regardless of security clearance and department assignment. An MST unit, codename Delta-1, will be en route to your facility to take over security and containment operations of the anomaly.

In addition to these directives, the Head Researcher and her team are to be dealt with at your own discretion. For further details, immediately contact me over the line.

- Global Director No. 2

Addendum 052.7: Neutralization Classification

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