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Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-sapient.png Sapient h-infohazard.png Info-Hazard h-animated.png Animated

Containment Protocols: Each RPC-052-A instance is to be separately contained inside a 4m x 4m x 4m cell. RPC-052-A instances are not allowed to prevent the formation of an RPC-052-1 instance.

All discovered instances of RPC-052-1 must be subdued and exposed to 400°C until it has fully denatured.

RPC-052-2 is to be kept inside a standard containment locker as its anomalous effects are only activated when the word engraved on it is spoken.

Description: RPC-052 is the designation for two anomalous entities and one anomalous object.

RPC-052-A represents a number of spherical entities roughly 1.5m in diameter. Instances have no clear appendages or face, and are able to hover above the ground through unknown means. Samples of these instances have determined that they are composed by undiscovered, inorganic compound. RPC-052-A instances emit an average brightness of 1650 lumens1, have an external temperature of 32°C, and have an estimated mass of 0.0000014M☉2.

RPC-052-2 is a stone slab of an unknown compound with several incisions on it, depicting the RPC-052-A instances and multiple undefined entities. On the slab is engraved the info-hazardous term that, upon usage, will result in the death and [DATA EXPUNGED] of the subject.


RPC-052-A instance in containment.

RPC-052-A instances are non-hostile to organisms, are intelligent, and have displayed signs of communication, though how they are able to understand or hear language is unknown. The instances communicate primarily through binary responses3. RPC-052-A instances alleged to be dead, and should theoretically not be animated, until further advice. RPC-052-A instances have shown a high affinity for one another and when in the presence of another one of its kind, they will attempt to join together and form RPC-052-1. The density of these instances is increased by a factor of █ for each RPC-052-A that is a part of the convergence. RPC-052-1, once it has reached a medium point of mass, roughly equal to 10 times the mass of an RPC-052-A instance, is able to develop its own gravitational orbit, attracting various objects to it and possibly melting them because of the combined temperature of all the instances that form it. At the present time, only 8 instances of RPC-052-A are contained, with no evidence of other existing instances

There currently are multiple theories about RPC-052’s home dimension; from interviews, recovered GARD logs4 and observation of RPC-052-2, the most credited theory is that the anomaly’s home dimension is a conglomerate of multiple timelines that have been assimilated into one by superior life forms, such as the ones represented on the stone slab.

Discovery: RPC-052 was discovered on ██/██/1943, by the National-socialist GARD scientists working in the Riese facility on the Die Glocke Project5.

Two volunteers, whose names have been redacted, used the Die Glocke machine and teleported for a time span of 4 minutes and 43 seconds in another dimension. When they returned, they were accompanied by three RPC-052-A instances, and possessed a piece of stone with RPC-052-2 engraved on it. Not much is known about the dimension itself, aside from what the two volunteers described in a lot retrieved from the facility6. What happened afterwards is still unclear, although it is known that an incident which caused the deaths of more than 60 members of the working personnel occurred some time later.

After the situation had been resolved, Authority Operatives infiltrated the area and found 17 RPC-052-A instances, that proved to be cooperative and were contained with ease. During the operation, one of the operatives had used RPC-052-2 and resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. RPC-052 was given a Beta designation and instances were not to be approached by anyone.

Of the 18 RPC-052-A instances recovered, only two claimed to not come from our world.

Addendum 052.1: Recovered log transcript from the Riese facility

Addendum 052.2: Incident Log

Addendum 052.3:

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