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Panthera tigris tigris specimen found at the ████████ Temple grounds after a minor containment breach in 2013.


Registered Phenomena Code: 052

Object Class: Omega-Purple

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Temporal Hazard, Titanic Hazard, Destabilization Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-677

Research Lead: Dr. Yousaf Sultana

Assigned MST(s): Kilo-6 ("Ray Casters")

Director of Containment: Dr. Suniti Kaur


Containment Protocols: Panthera tigris tigris specimens are systematically bred in Site-677 for use in Containment Protocols. On Eid al-Fatr, every year, 20 Site-bred tigers will be brought to the ████████ Temple in Tripura Pradesh, India, where each will be ritualistically slaughtered at exactly 15:00 PM, UST. The blood of the collective specimens will be collected in a clay vase and stored on the roof of the temple. Executing this ritual has proven to reduce the chances of a Tripura Event from occurring by 87%.

Description: RPC-052 is an object measuring approximately 1260-1300km long, ~900km2 located within a small pocket dimension (RPC-052-2), predicted to manifest at the precise location of the ████████ Temple in Tripura Pradesh, India in 700-1200 years. The object is oval or egg-shaped and is hypothesized to be rotating at a rate of 20km per hour on an irregular axis. RPC-052's surface is animate, possibly being composed of a layer of thin filaments. RPC-052 is non-living, as determined by microscopic material debris traced from the object.

RPC-052-1 are transmissions received from RPC-052-2, which are able to be translated into spacial, geographical information through use of paratechnology. RPC-052-2 has a coherency level of 0.34 on the Anderson Coherency Scale. RPC-052-2 does not adhere to the flow of time; based on debris belonging to the anomaly, the object is 130-billion years old. Through the tracking and decoding of RPC-052-1, the Authority are able to somewhat determine RPC-052's physical dimensions.


Estimated RPC-052 impact zone.

RPC-052 was discovered in 1925, and over time RPC-052-1 transmissions have increased in frequency by 11%. Based on physical samples recovered by researchers, RPC-052's composition contains a crude mixture of salt, gold, and water ice. Upon RPC-052's manifestation into Baseline Reality, designated as a Tripura Event, it is hypothesized that the object will immediately collapse due to the Earth's gravity, as well as its oblong shape and apparent lack of structural integrity. The object will cover the entirety of Bangladesh, eastern India, Bhutan, parts of southern Tibet, eastern Nepal, and northwestern Myanmar.

On account of files recovered from the city of Delhi in 19██, a ritual has been constructed in order to delay said Tripura Event. It has been found that the ████████ Temple is the geographic center of RPC-052's estimated impact zone. Upon the placement of a ceremonial clay vase on the building's roof, 3-4 RPC-5141 instances will manifest 67.32 meters above the temple and descend, picking up the vase by both handles and flying upwards. The instances will demanifest once they are above cloud level. In the aftermath of each manifestation, the discovery of debris related to RPC-052 lessens overtime2.

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