The Last Bequest & The Sleeping Kings

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| Welcome, Director.
| You are accessing the secure folder: "RPC-001 BRIEFING FILES"
| Please choose from one of the following options.


Registered Phenomena Code: 001

Object Class: Alpha-Black (Utility)

Hazard Types: Ontological, Teleological, Eschatological, Epistemological

Containment Protocols: All RPC Authority personnel of level 1 clearance and higher are to be given access to and briefed on this containment document and the Sleeping King Protocol.

RPC-001 is contained in a secure Authority facility whose exact location and nature are classified Level 5/Administration. Every Authority facility with an operating staff greater than 300 persons must contain an instance of RPC-001-A in a general-access common area, contained within a Black-level secure containment unit1 integrated into the foundation of the Site.2 These containment units, and their connections with Authority Administration central control servers, are to be fault-tested every 6 months by personnel of clearance Level 4/Administration or higher.

In the unlikely event that the Directorate should declare the initiation of the Sleeping King Protocol, every site's RPC-001-A containment system will unlock, exposing the instance of RPC-001-A. It is the primary duty of all Site personnel of level 1 clearance or higher, regardless of role, to ensure the activation of their local instance of RPC-001-A as quickly as possible. Personnel are authorized to enlist the assistance of Level 0 personnel, and members of the general public to do so, regardless of standard information security and clearance procedures.

RPC-001-A may be activated by depressing the red cap on the device, rotating it 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and exhaling strongly into the slot that opens in the top of the cap. The activation of the green indicator light indicates that the device is functional. Once a Site's RPC-001-A instance has been activated, personnel should follow the instructions of their Site director to continue the Sleeping King Protocol.

Containment Addendum: Sleeping King Protocol: The Sleeping King Protocol is an Authority-wide readiness state that assumes the presence of an anomalous threat of Omega-Black danger or higher which has caused the destruction of the majority of sentient life on Earth, or the alteration of sentient life on Earth, whether through spatial, teleological, temporal, philosophical, emotional or conceptual means, in such a way that human society cannot continue to exist in its normal form. In the event of the Sleeping King Protocol being declared either by a majority vote of the Global Directorate or the confirmed destruction of a sufficient number of Authority facilities and/or major population centers, all remaining Authority facilities are to direct all efforts towards the activation of as many instances of RPC-001-A as possible, thereby maximizing the chances that RPC-001 will activate successfully.3

Description: RPC-001 is an artificial device which, when activated, possesses the ability to nullify or destroy existential extradimensional or extraterrestrial threats to the Human species. RPC-001 was developed by the Auctoritas Impertus in the 17th century.

RPC-001-A is the designation for a series of devices developed by the Authority designed to remotely activate RPC-001. All further information on RPC-001 and RPC-001-A is classified Level 5/Administration.

Addendum: A Message from GD-CMDR:

You will never be drilled on how to enact the Sleeping King Protocol. It is not a complicated process, and explaining exactly what the activation of RPC-001 does would be counterproductive. Just know that if the call comes and Sleeping King is invoked, you must strive with every fibre of your being to activate your nearest RPC-001-A. Do your duty. Act. The survival of Humanity- of art, culture, history, truth, reason, love, all of it, everything that makes us, us, depends on it. Once RPC-001 is activated, do not worry. Help is on the way.

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