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Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-009

Item Type: Object1 | Lethality Rating: White

Hazard Types: Transmutation, Immeasurable, Incorporeal, Mechanical

Abstract: RPC-009 is a cross-dimensional refugee who is currently in Engineering Component Protectorate possession and is unavailable for study. However, the Department of Occult Concerns has in its possession several thaumaturgy items originally belonging to RPC-009. It is very likely that within several years, we will be forced to return said items, and so our research must be efficient and timely.

Safe Handling and Usage: Each RPC-009 sub-item must be treated with proper care. RPC-009-1 is non-anomalous in properties but must be handled delicately to preserve its features in order to indirectly study the reality of origin and the other items based on the markings and construction of the item. Standard literature text applies to handling of RPC-009-2, -4 and -5. RPC-009-3 is not to be used wastefully; we only have the one supply of it for our studies. RPC-009-6 and -7 are to be handled with the utmost caution, as anomalous artifacts which can be unpredictable in nature.


TEAM FORMED: [3/31/2014]

Specialization: Studying of novel thaumaturgy

Head Researcher: Pennington

Team Crew: Morris, Vasquez, Mccann, Cartwright, Macgregor

Objective of Studies: To study the magic system of RPC-009's acquired items and determine its levels of stability, mechanics, use, potential dangers, etc.


  1. To study the several items of RPC-009; no further research is realistic at this stage.

The Mind is the ethereal organ believed to represent the human consciousness itself, including all thoughts and individual experiences. It appears attached to the brain and only exists inside the skull, but is still visible translucent within the Preist's Eyes.

I believe that the Mind is a related to the infoplane, acting as the connection between physical reality and the memotic ground. I would dub this the "infomesh". I'll need to bring this to Dr. Eckhardt's attention the next time I see him.

Dr. Vasquez

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