One Elusive Bat

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Registered Phenomena Code: 009

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: OL-Site-009

Assigned MST: MST Echo-25 ("Dreaded Out")


Object Class:

Gamma - Yellow

Responsible Departments:

Biology.png Department of Cryptozoology

Hazard Types:

h-aggression.png Aggression Hazardh-sapient.png Sapient Hazardh-contact.png Contact Hazardh-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard

General Properties:

h-organic.png Organic Property

Containment Protocols: Due to the nigh-impossibility of successful capture of RPC-009, Project Ceram has been halted indefinitely. RPC-009 is to be allowed in the wild, as it has shown minimal to no risk to its own secrecy and the lives of civilians.

Annually, on the 23rd of April1, 5 adult goats are to be cruised down several rivers, marked for RPC-009 sighting, in an unmanned vessel; said vessel is to be viewed from afar. No electronic device or human being is to be near the boat during the protocol for the ease of observation.

100 61 Personnel are currently stationed across Seram Island for observational purposes with OL-Site-009 serving as their main headquarters. Assigned personnel are all already residences of Seram Island. Should RPC-009 derail from its usual behavior(Hunting more than once annually, attacking civilians, etc), personnel aware of this must report to the Authority through OL-Site-009. Project Ceram may be reactivated.

Containment Protocol Update 01/02/2018: Personnel must be cautious not to make contact with RPC-009's skin, as it is possible that it is a host of the Nipah virus. If contact was made, especially when attacked and caused an external bleeding wound, medical treatment is to be done to the victim immediately.

Containment Protocol Update 06/03/2020:

Personnel must not attempt to search RPC-009 without proper backup.

Description: RPC-009 is a humanoid entity that closely resembles a common primate2, with the exception of its forelimbs, which have elongated fingers(save from the thumbs), with each joined with a thin, hairless layer of skin, extending from each finger to the side of its body. This grants RPC-009 the capability of flight.

RPC-009 is a carnivore, with mammals such as goats being its primary target. It is presumed that it used to target humans, especially children below the age of ten, but not anymore3. RPC-009 usually begins hunting from around 19:00 PM until around 06:00 AM by flying above several rivers on Seram Island, With some identified rivers being its favorite spots. Once found, it will dive towards the target while sometimes letting out a loud shriek and attempting to physically harm/damage its target. The usual tactic from RPC-009 is from attacking the back, usually be done by grabbing the target using its hind legs or bitting the target's neck and proceed to carry them upward. It is uncertain whether RPC-009 will consume the target while on the flight or after landed. RPC-009 may return to the same river for hunting again after finished consuming the previous target.

RPC-009 used to hunt more than a day, but since the initial containment attempt conducted by the Authority, RPC-009 will not hunt more than a single day every year. It should be noted that RPC-009 tends to avoid direct interaction with humans and electronic devices and won't approach if it detecting such hindrance nearby. How it capable of detecting these are unknown. It has been changing its hunt schedule due to the Authority's interference since initial containment, with the 23rd of April being its current hunt schedule now.

During research conducted, it is possible that RPC-009 is a host for the Nipah virus, as the trace of it can be seen in person attacked by RPC-009. The virus is not anomalous in nature, as a normal treatment for such cases presumed to be capable of curing the victim if done properly and immediately.

Discovery: The Authority first aware of RPC-009 existence on 24/10/2017 when news media on the nation highlighted multiple cases of missing livestock on Seram Island, Indonesia. Local news media connected these cases with the local myth “Orang Bati”45, causing this to be trending news on the nation. The Authority decided to fully investigate this in search of the potential anomalous creatures.

The investigation of RPC-009 existence began on 26/10/2017, marked by the start of Project Ceram, which is RPC-009 investigation and hunt project, with search range started from the last place RPC-009 spotted until the entire Seram Island. The project lasted for 3 years. The following are the update listed by date:

Incident 009-1: On 13/01/2018, Personnel attempted to navigate the [REDACTED] river using two large vessels with a herd of livestock at 21:00 p.m. This is the 16th attempt to lure RPC-009 since the start of the project. At 22:57, personnel reported being attacked by RPC-009 and requested backup. When backup arrived, two personnel MIA(one presumed to be drowned and dragged by the stream), while 6 others were injured.

Update 16/02/2018: On 16/02/2018, a joint search team consisted of OL-Site-009 and Echo-25 personnel managed to capture a potential instance of RPC-009.

Update 23/11/2019: After nearly three years of Project Ceram with no clear result, MST Echo-25, which has been tasked to aid the Project over nearly a year, has submitted multiple requests of their sign out from the project.

Update 02/03/2020: On 02/03/2020, a meeting conducted between MST Echo-25 Representative, Captain H. Setya, and Project Ceram Head, Dr. O. Pratama. Several Personnel from both sides also attended the meeting. Meeting conducted on OL-Site-009 at 20:00 PM local time with the focus of considering whether Project Seram remain conducted or not.

Incident 009-2: Shortly after the meeting concluded, Agent T. Hughes reported being missing. Multiple cameras' footage showed that he exited the site right after he left the meeting. One of the trucks for carrying standard operation boat was also missing. His current whereabouts were unknown at that time.

On 03/03/2020 at 09:43 AM, the joint-search team found the missing boat drifted on [REDACTED]’s riverside. Its bow heavily damaged along with some minor damage on both gunwales. Multiple bullet casings and a note were found on the boat’s bottom, belonged to Agent T. Hughes. The note recovered seems to be rushed when written.

Update 06/03/2020: Decision regarding Project Ceram’s continuity has been made. Project Ceram has been halted indefinitely, with Containment Protocol remain to be carried annually. For more information, refer to the current Containment Protocol. If the circumstance changed, the project is to be re-activated immediately.

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